Internship Program

The Louisville Sports Performance (LSP) program is focused on delivering the finest training program to reduce injury risk, enhance athletic performance and increase competitive success.

The Louisville Sports Performance (LSP) program offers a 12-week internship program to graduate students, or undergraduate seniors serious about pursuing a career in collegiate strength and conditioning. Applicants must be completing a degree program in Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Nutrition or Physical Therapy, and ideally will have already received their CSCS certification (NSCA). Experience as a collegiate athlete and is also recommended.

First and foremost, the internship experience immerses participants in the day-to-day operation of a major Division I strength and conditioning program. Interns are expected to perform a wide variety of tasks that include: various and assorted administrative duties, data management, weight room and equipment maintenance, workout implementation and supervision, pre-workout preparation, post-workout analysis, assistance with warm-ups, cool downs, performance testing and tracking, and regeneration activities, supplement provision, research, and other projects.

All interns are required to participate in weekly meetings with the LSP staff, and to complete readings and assignments related to the weekly discussion topics. Interns are also expected to complete a major project that is presented to the LSP staff during the final week of the internship.

**The LSP internship is a volunteer opportunity. Assistance finding housing in the Louisville area will be provided.

Curriculum Topics

  • Movement Preparation (mobility & stability)
  • Functional Movement Screening/Corrective Training
  • Movement 101- Theory & Application
  • Olympic Lifting- Theory & Application
  • Strength/Power Development- Theory & Application
  • Energy Systems Training
  • Regeneration/Restoration
  • Louisville Sports Performance
  • Program Design- Annual Plans, Macros/Micros
  • Program Design- Practical Application
  • Performance Testing
  • Performance Nutrition
  • The Art of Coaching- Motivation/Leadership

**The LSP internship can be customized to meet the specific hourly needs for academic course credit.

Application Process

Interested applicants should download the Internship Application Form:
Undergraduate Application Form Get Acrobat Reader
Graduate/Professional Application Form Get Acrobat Reader

To apply submit application, resume, statement of interest in the U of L Sports Performance program, and list of three references to:

Teena Murray
Director of Olympic Sports Performance
University of Louisville
Dept. of Athletics
2100 S. Floyd St.
Louisville, KY 40292
Fax: (502) 852-2497
Email: teena.murray@louisville.edu

Successful applicants will be contacted by email.


"For 2 years, Louisville Sports Performance coaching staff gave me coaching responsibilities and a high quality teaching on different topics (fitness monitoring, nutrition, strength and conditioning development, rehabilitation). It was the best preparation as a coach that I could have got before getting a full time strength and conditioning position with a professional soccer team."

Tony Jouaux, Head Strength Coach, Chicago Fire (MLS), Grad Assistant 2010-2011

"My experience with UofL Olympic Sports Performance completely changed my career path as a physical therapist. Had it not been for the exceptionally talented and dedicated staff, phenomenal facility, plentiful resources, and cutting-edge concepts and techniques, I would not have been able to excel in my field as quickly as I did. Being able to fuse knowledge and skills from both the medical and strength worlds in order to collaborate and provide the best possible care to athletes is what made my experience unique and invaluable. Spending a summer with UofL Olympic Sports Performance was the best decision I made as a PT student. I was fortunate enough to learn a tremendous amount from leaders in the strength and conditioning world, make life-long colleagues, and jump start my career in a specialty niche."

Kristin Holbrook, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist/ Athletic Reconditioning Specialist, Ohio State Athletics, Intern Summer 2009

"Louisville Sports Performance is without a doubt the most valuable internship I have ever had. This has not been the only opportunity to intern at other high level facilities and programs I have had. I can tell you that I have not taken as much out of all of those combined as I have out of the University of Louisville. This is largely due to the knowledge of the current LSP staff. You are truly learning under the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking staff in the field. I would highly recommend this internship for any who could obtain it. You will not learn or be challenged more elsewhere; I can almost promise you that."

Rob Morton, Undergraduate Student at McMaster University, Summer Intern 2013

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