Marshall High-Performance Training Center

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This is where champions are made! The Marshall Center is the training headquarters for U of L's 21 Olympic sport programs- servicing over 375 student-athletes. The state-ofthe- art facility sits in the heart of Louisville's world-class facilities at Cardinal Park. The two-level structure boasts over 9,500 square feet of training space for up to 100 athletes at any given time.

On the equipment front, the Louisville Sports Performance staff has every tool imaginable at their immediate disposal. They also have every training surface imaginablefrom grass, to field turf, to Astroturf, to rubber, to sand. And, they have a variety of nonimpact conditioning options for unloading athletes and keeping injured athletes moving forward.

Size: 9,500 Square Feet


Location: Cardinal Park- adjacent to Trager Field Hockey Complex

Construction Date: Completed in September 2008


  • 6- 25 yard lanes of Astroturf
  • 20 Hammer Strength Power Racks
  • 17,000 pounds of custom Werksan training plates
  • 90 pairs of custom Intek dumbbells
  • 4 PowerPlate Vibration Plates
  • 4 Hammer Strength Dual Adjustable Pulleys
  • 4 Sets of Customized UCS Plyo Boxes
  • 8 Hammer Strength Glute-Ham Benches
  • 25 Keiser MP3 Cycles
  • 3 Woodway Desmo High-speed Treadmills
  • 2 VersaClimbers
  • 'Iron Cardinal' Recognition Board
  • All-Time Record Board
  • 6- 42" Plasma TV's
  • POLAR Heart Rate Conference & Recruiting Room

The most effective training relies on data not guesswork. The LSP staff embraces technology that elevates training quality and enhances performance potential.

First, POWER PLATE whole-body vibration plates are used extensively in training- from pre-workout for nervous system activation, to within training to optimize strength and power development, to post training to improve flexibility and accelerate recovery.

Second, in the Marshall Center every HAMMER STRENGTH power rack has a built-in weightlifting analyzer (TENDO). This device provides the athlete and coach with immediate feedback on bar speed and power output- ensuring that training quality is always optimized. Analyzers are also used for tracking strength and power development and recovery/fatigue.

Third, in the area of metabolic testing (VO2max and anaerobic threshold), the Sports Performance staff uses an IMETT system interfaced with a high-speed WOODWAY treadmill. The IMETT software analyzes testing data and develops individualized sportspecific conditioning plans.

Finally, the LSP staff uses the POLAR Team2 system extensively. This real-time heart rate tracking system allows for direct measurement of training quality and quantity every day of the season. Information gathered is then used for short and long-term planning and prescription of individualized player needs (ie: supplemental conditioning, extra regeneration, etc.).