Former U of L athletes Jen and Kisha Hoffman Win CBS's The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business

Jennifer Hoffman was an All-American middle blocker at U of L and trained with the USA National Team. (Photo courtesy of CBS)

Jennifer Hoffman was an All-American middle blocker at U of L and trained with the USA National Team. (Photo courtesy of CBS)

May 8, 2011

Second chances do not come easy. They traveled to five continents and 23 cities covering 40,000 miles. They never won a single leg with their competition taking first in nine of the first 11 legs of the race. They placed second in three consecutive legs leading up to the finale. But in the end, former Louisville athletes, Jen and Kisha Hoffman took home first place and the one million dollar top prize in The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. The duo became the second all-female team in Amazing Race history to win.

"We did not win a leg this whole time," said Kisha. "We said last leg, this is what counted, and we did it!"

"I told her on the bridge that we are doing it for mom," said an emotional Jen - a perfect ending to Mother's Day. "There aren't any words to describe out mom. She's absolutely amazing so it's just going to be a great thing to give her something that she has given to us."

Kisha, a U of L basketball player and her younger sister, Jennifer, an All-American volleyball player struggled early in their first appearance placing eighth and seventh respectively in their first two legs. However, the duo picked it up charging ahead to a second place finish and two third place showings over the next four legs. In the ninth leg, the sisters took home their only first place finish on their first appearance.

Immediately after their victory, their first race hit rock bottom when the sisters were faced with a water detour of swimming or synchronized diving. Both sisters struggled as neither of them were proficient in swimming. Later on in the race the sister's feared they were eliminated before host Phil Keoghan sparked new life into the duo handing them another clue at the pit stop. The sisters charged ahead catching up, but finished fourth overall due to an untimely bathroom break.

The sisters were faced with their biggest fear right off the bat in February in the season premier. Presented with a road block consisting of scuba diving, fans immediately became nervous given their past history in water related tasks. The sisters were determined not to make the same mistakes again and Kisha handled the scuba diving task with ease, although Jen had taken swim lessons in preparation for The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. However, Keoghan surprised the sisters at the first pit stop with another clue, meaning a double leg.



This time around, the sisters did not dwell on the past and remained focused on the tasks and stood in fourth place at the end of the second leg. The duo has been consistent throughout with 10 finishes of fourth place or better and came off of off three straight second place finishes narrowly missing first place on all three occasions before charging to the finish.

Jen faced her biggest fear in the final leg with an underwater challenge. However, she kept her composure on the personal submarine and pushed her fears aside to find the buried clue keeping the sisters right on the Globetrotters heels - precious time which proved to be the difference and redeeming herself from her untimely bathroom break in their first race.

Next, the duo had to assemble a vacation trailer in strong winds, which wreaked havoc as the tent kept blowing apart. Their last task was to ride bicycles into a strong wind which proved difficult for the duo but the Globetrotters could not catch up.

"We just want to say congratulations," said runner-up Flight Time of the Globetrotters. "They were the most consistent team throughout the race and they never struggled. They were never towards the bottom and never finished first until it mattered. We got beat out by a couple of girls, but that is okay."

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