Student-Athlete of the Week - Shannon Smyth


Sept. 4, 2008

Name: Shannon Smyth

Sport: Women's Soccer

Post-college ambition: To play professional women's soccer in Europe and coach Division I soccer

Person with greatest influence in athletic career: Each of her family members

Biggest thrill in sports: Competing at the World University Games with Ireland

Athlete you most admire: Roy Keane and many others

What impresses you most about your coach: Her 24/7 dedication to our team getting better

What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome: Learning physical and mental preparation go hand-in-hand

Hobbies and outside interests: Reading and traveling

Pre-competition superstition: White tape on my left wrist

Favorite movies: Crash, Juno and so many more

Favorite TV shows: SportsCenter

Favorite musical artist: For now, it's Daniel Wesley

Favorite foods: Ice cream

Favorite class: English

Favorite book: Quiet Strength

Favorite funny movie quote: "Not now chief, I'm in the zone."

Favorite professional team: I try to keep up with the Milwaukee teams and the Premier League in Europe

Favorite sports writer or announcer: Bob Uecker

A "Stupid Human Trick" you can do: Make a shamrock with my tongue

People you'd most like to meet: Misty May and Kerry Walsh

Word that describes you best is: Passionate

Best advice you've gotten about sports: "Dream Big."

What people should know about you but probably don't: I'm a sucker for a good chick flick

If you could have dinner with three people (current, historical or fictional), who would it be: Jesus, my grandparents and Roy Keane

Why you chose U of L: Great teammates, great coaches and great facilities

Best part of being an athlete: Having teammates like sisters

The moment you realized you were really good at your sport: When I made the ODP Regional Team



If you won the lottery, you would use the money for: Traveling and charity

The strangest thing that has ever happened to you while you were competing in your sport: Getting elbowed in the face and losing part of my sense of smell

What is your favorite place you have ever visited: Bangkok, Thailand

What is your favorite season or seasons of the year (spring, summer, etc.): Summer and Fall

    American Athletic Conference NCAA University of Louisville
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