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No. 19 Louisville Races in Iowa as Weather Alters Schedule


April 12, 2014

SOLON, Iowa - Facing windy conditions, the 19th-ranked Louisville rowing team completed a series of morning races on Saturday at Lake MacBride.

Due to expected inclement weather later in the day, the event schedule was altered with the afternoon slate cancelled. During the morning session, the Cardinals earned four runner-up finishes behind No. 2 Ohio State and a pair of third-place finishes from its six crews at the event.

"We're starting to make some progress in our fours with the lineups and the speed, and we have a lot of depth in the program throughout," said Louisville head coach Derek Copeland. "Unfortunately, we've missed some practice on the water because of weather and we need to make that up. We didn't get the results today we wanted, but we're looking forward to making some big advances in practice. Disappointments can often serve as a springboard for future success, so I think it'll be a lot of fun for us as we learn more about our team in the next six weeks."

A highlight from the morning for the Cardinals was the second-place finish by the novice eight crew, which trailed No. 2 Ohio State by only 1.5 seconds and finished ahead of Indiana. Louisville also earned second-place finishes in the varsity four, second varsity four and third varsity races and third-place results in the varsity eight and second varsity eight events.

"The finish by the novice eight crew was a good one and shows great progress in that group," said Copeland. "To be that close to Ohio State and ahead of Indiana is a huge step forward in our novice program."

Up next, the Cardinals will travel to Clemson, S.C., for the Clemson Invitational on April 19-20.

vs. No. 2 Ohio State, Indiana, Iowa - Results
Saturday, April 12

Varsity 8+
1. Ohio State - 6:33.7
2. Indiana - 6:38.6
3. Louisville - 6:45.4
4. Iowa - 6:54.0

Second Varsity 8+
1. Ohio State - 6:42.4
2. Indiana - 6:49.7
3. Louisville - 6:58.0
4. Iowa - 6:59.0

Varsity 4+
1. Ohio State - 7:28.8
2. Louisville - 7:34.2
3. Indiana - 7:36.7
4. Iowa - 7:41.4

Second Varsity 4+
1. Ohio State - 7:55.2
2. Louisville - 8:05.9
3. Iowa - 8:09.2
4. Indiana - 8:24.7

Third Varsity 4+
1. Ohio State - 8:03.5
2. Louisville - 8:18.6
3. Iowa - 8:29.7

Novice 8+
1. Ohio State - 7:13.0
2. Louisville - 7:14.5
3. Indiana - 7:16.2
4. Iowa - 7:25.9

Louisville Lineups - vs. No. 2 Ohio State, Indiana, Iowa
Saturday, April 12
Varsity 8+:
Sophie St. Martin (coxswain), Darya Marchanka, Sam Sinnett, Morgan Dunham, Amy Van Syoc, Elise Valantine, Hanna Spittel, Jami Montesano, Hannah Ritter.

2nd Varsity 8+: Andrea Zorn (coxswain), Lizzie DeVries , Lucy Wilshier, Kylen Pattermann, Cynthia Doyle, Amanda Zalno, Kara Savegnago, Ashleigh Hodge, Abbie Wade.

Varsity 4+: Annie Pape (coxswain), Katie Nord, Jenny Marler, McKenzie Clifford, Kylie Noltemeyer.

2nd Varsity 4+: Chiara Ponko (coxswain), Emma Melton, Kelsey Webb, Paula Gollnick, Maddy Staubitz.

3rd Varsity 4+: Karina Baldwin (coxswain), Katie Miller, Alexis Speliotis, Maleena Hackbarth, Blythe Magnuson.

Freshman/Novice 8+: Tiffany Chea (coxswain), Gabi Biedenharn, Hannah Ruegsegger, Madeleine Chesney, Josie Stoner, Nicole DiTommaso, Meredith Price, Lauren DiTommaso, Jordy Borneman.



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