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Student-Athlete of the Week - Lyndsay Ward


March 17, 2010

Name: Lyndsay Ward

Sport: Women's Lacrosse

Post-college ambition: Make the USA Team Handball squad

Person with greatest influence in athletic career: Older brother Garrison

Biggest thrill in sports: Winning

Athlete you most admire: Wayne Gretzky

What impresses you most about your coach(es): Her dedication to the team

What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome: The transition from high school to college

Hobbies and outside interests: Hiking, surfing, listening to music

Pre-competition superstition: Listen to the same song

Favorite movie(s): Into the Wild

Favorite TV show(s): It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favorite musical group/artist: Led Zeppelin

Favorite foods: Pizza, PB&J, chicken fingers

Favorite class: Glass Blowing

Favorite book: Dharma Bums

Favorite professional team: New York Yankees

Favorite sports writer or announcer: Phil Simms

Person you'd most like to meet: Robert Plant

Words that describes you best are: Outgoing and friendly

Best advice you've gotten about sports: "Be confident."

What people should know about you but probably don't: I speak French

If you could have dinner with three people (current, historical or fictional), who would it be: Johnny Damon, Michael Jordan, Jack Kerouac

Why you chose U of L: Because of the amazing facilities and the beautiful city

Best part of being an athlete: The support from the city

The moment you realized you were really good at your sport: When I was getting recruited to play in college

If you won the lottery, you would use the money for: To help my parents

What is your favorite place you have ever visited: Dublin

What is your favorite season or seasons of the year (spring, summer, etc.): Spring



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