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A Message From Coach Walz


March 5, 2014

Head coach Jeff Walz hit the recruiting trail early Tuesday morning to ensure Louisville women's basketball maintains its status as a national brand.

Before he left, the seventh-year head coach wanted to express his deep gratitude for all of the fans who were part of the record-breaking crowd in Monday night's game against Connecticut, that capped a phenomenal 2013-14 regular season and celebrated the Cardinals' decorated and highly successful senior class.

Support at games has been remarkable, as Louisville was ranked in the top-three nationally in attendance each of the last four years. More impressively is the fact that the Cardinals have averaged more than 9,000 fans per game for the fourth-consecutive season.

Below is a message from Coach Walz:

Card Nation -

Despite the disappointing outcome of our match up with No. 1 UConn Monday night, I could not be more pleased with the outpouring of support given to our program by the fans.

The pageantry of our Inaugural Native American night, the bittersweet emotions that come with celebrating our four amazing seniors on Senior Night and the electrifying atmosphere created by the largest crowd to ever see a women's basketball game at the University of Louisville made for an unforgettable night.

On behalf of the team, our staff, the athletic department and the University of Louisville, I just want to take a moment give a heartfelt thank you for joining us in the World's Most Spectacular Arena - the KFC Yum! Center for a very special event. I hope we can count on you for your continued support of Louisville Women's Basketball in the coming years, beginning with the NCAA Regional we are hosting March 30 and April 1, 2014.

I also would like to personally thank our most loyal season ticket holders who have either witnessed every game in person or missed only one or two games.

Again, thank you for your unrivaled support, and Go Cards!

2013-14 Season Tickets Holders

Africa Hands

Aimee Roos*

Albert A. Kirkpatrick

Alejandro Vela

Alexander Beauvois

Allen Aboff

Amy Purcell

Andre Warfield

Arthur Preher

Arvin Scott

Barb & Lyndell Carder

Barbara A. Thompson

Barbara Coles

Barbara Hinklin

Barbara Knight

Barbara Speck

Barry D. Barmore*

Barry J. Smith

Becky Gent

Becky O'Bryan*

Becky Washle

Belinda Gates*

Belinda Wright

Beth Walker*

Betsy Lindsay

Beverly Miller

Bill & Barbara Lavier*

Bill & Judith Werst

Bill Bowling

Bill Maggard

Bill Sherman

Bill Young

Bob Maxey*

Bob Reader

Brad Allgeier*

Brad Barber

Brian Brewer

Brian Van Hoose

Brian W. Husband*

Brianne Miles

Bruce Thompson

Bryan Boice*

Byron P. Spears

C J. Wychulis

Carol J. Dawson

Carol Olorunsola

Carol Porta

Carolyn Klinge

Carolyn R. Walker

Cecilia Lynch

Charles & Frances Unclebach

Charles & Lynna Kay McCulloch

Charles Cauble Jr

Charles D. Kamer

Charles E. Williams

Charles Graham

Charles Horrell

Charles Mehr*

Cheryl Miller

Chris Hagan

Christopher Smith

Cindy Bradley

Cindy Holley

Connie Price

Corissa C. Nichols

Cyndi Masters

Dan Wallace*

Daniel Boone

Daniel R. Garst MD

Danny Sidebottom

Darrell & Terry Lewis

Daryl Arend

David Austin Swindler

David Nedros*

David O'Connor

David Payne*

David Presnell Jr

David Rausch

David Tilford*

Debbie Duffy*

Debbie Stevens

Dennis A. Crouch

Dennis Henry

Dennis J. Hummel

Dennis Recktenwald

Derek & Martha Henderson

Dewain A. Haines

Diane & Bernard Bindner Jr.

Diane Meister*

Donald and Marla Steitz*

Donald Clouse

Donald Hall

Donald Humphrey

Donna Dickerson

Doris Schneider

Doug & Virginia Hampton

Dr. Nicole Luddington

Dr. Ronnie Sutton

Dwan Williams

Ed Folz

Eddie Griffith

Edward Carbin

Edward Drury

Elaine McGrew*

Ellis & Shirley Blanton

Elmo Martin

Emily Kinnard*

Estelle E. Greenwell

Esther A. Wilhoyte

Eugene H Roos Company

Evelyn Tucker

Fred H. Sheehan

Gary & Diana Maslowski

Gary A. Ress

Gary S. Edelen*

Gaynell B Luttrell

George & Martha Scobee*

George W. Reese*

George Wilson

Gerri & Adam Jackson

Gilbert Sturtzel

Ginny Mackin

Glenn & Teesue Fields*

Greg Cardwell-Copenhefer

Gregory Rich

H Dale Carrier

Harold Linn

Homer D. House

Horace D. Wilson

J Alan Cunningham

Jacquelyn L. Lucas

James A. Bradley

James C. Ellis

James E. Smith

James Engle

James Freeman

James H. Hudgins

James Jaworski

James Keene*

James Koshewa*

James W. Taylor

James Wendler

James Wright*

Jamie Wadell

Jan Krause

Jane Feger*

Janice Miller*

Janice Theriot

Jason Bond*

Jason Mohn

Jeff & Charlotte Shekell

Jeff McAdams

Jennifer Leonard*

Jenny O'Bryan*

Jeri Swinton

Jerry M. Prather

Jill Gravens

Jim & Beverly Kirchner

Jim & Karen Spinks*

Jim Davis

Jim Higgins

Jim Weber*

Joe N. Roe*

John & Ann Schaap*

John B. Mattingly

John F. Bancroft

John Hardin

John R. Baldwin*

John Russ

John Schroeder

John Sheehan

John Wafford

Jonathan & Vivien Jacoby*

Joseph Stuecker

Joyce Seymour

Joyce Whittaker

Judith P. Greiner

Judy Geralds

Juli Wagner*

Julia Dietrich

Kamaria Walker

Karen Pierce*

Karl Phillips

Kathy Korfhage

Keith Carter

Keith Schneider

Kenneth F. Hohman

Kenneth Schneider

Kenton & Brenda Stout

Kevin Doyle

Kevin J. Cecil

Kevin Schreiber

Kevin Strader

Kevin Zipperle

Kim Jones

Kim McKercher

Kyle L. Patton

Kyle Miller

Kyle P. Blair

Larry & Nancy Wise*

Larry Crain

Larry Newby

Larry Wood

Lary & Florence Saltzman*

Latosia Davis

Laura Smith

Leonard Carpenter

Leonard Marshall*

Letitia Walter

Lisa & Paulette Breit

Lisa Allen*

Lisa Sponcel*

Lorraine Cunningham

Luther Oberhaus

Lynn Baird

Lynn Taylor

Marilyn Bowman

Marion L. Leonberger Jr.

Mark Kern

Mark Lanke

Marsha & Greg Cloud

Martin Keene*

Marvin Kerrick

Mary Ann Delaney*

Mary Devine*

Mary Gwen Wheeler

Mary Hartlage

Mary Sullivan


Matt Costello

Max Battcher

Melanie Cox

Melanie Wheat*

Melody & James Brown

Michael & Carol Cuyjet

Michael & Jackie Mindel

Michael & Lisa Clark

Michael Heideman

Michael Kerpestein

Michele & Adrian France

Mike & Ellen Potter

Mike Darif

Mike Steinel*

Molly Mershon

Monica Bohn

Mr. and Mrs. Carey Guess

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chase

Ms. Von Macklin

Nancy J. Owens

Nancy Skinner

Nathan Gilley

Neal Lang

Norbert & Barbara Olges Jr

Norman & Judith Stillwell

Norman Hardy

Norton Basketball Doctor

Pat Delahanty*

Patria Fielding

Patricia & Raymond Stone

Patty Bailey

Paul Real

Paul W. Rehm

Paula Radmacher*

Paula W. Wolf*

Philip A. Higdon

Philip Young

Printing Emporium

Ray & Cheryl Stout

Rebecca Beasley

Rhonda Naderman

Rhonda Pugh*

Rich & Charlene Palmer*

Richard Craig

Richard H. Johnson*

Richard Laemmle

Richard Peak*

Richard Pearce

Richard W. Everett*

Rick Guillaume

Robert & Carolyn Stansbury*

Robert & Janice Oakley

Robert A. Bell

Robert A. Steltenpohl

Robert Buchanan

Robert C. Unseld

Robert J. Morrison

Robert Roth

Robert Stenger

Rocky B. Comito

Roger & Amanda Neal*

Roger Giltner

Rolene Brown

Ronald E. Willoughby

Sandra Easley

Sandy Dorsett

Sandy Vest*

Scott C. Montgomery

Scott Grant

Sharon Shelton

Sharon Silvers

Sonya Smothers*

Stephen & Cheryl Carroll

Stephen & Janie McNeill

Stephen J. Owen Sr.

Stephen M. Worland

Stephen O'Neil

Stephen W. Voelker

Steve Freeman

Steve Richardson

Steven P. Vest

Sue Knabel

Susan Coomes

Susan O'Daniel*

Susan Wolter

T K. Cunningham* Tara Patterson

Tasso Harris

Teri Roth & Associates Inc

Terry L. Thomas

Terry Roach

Terry Singer

Theresa Burch

Thomas D. Henrion

Thomas Furlong

Thomas Raderer*

Thomas Roma

Tiffany Lichtefeld

Timothy McKenna*

Tom & Karen Nolan

Tom Luber

Tom Miller*

Tom Peterson

Tom Pope

Tom R. Duncan

Troy Harrison

Valerie Brown*

Vernon Smith

Vic Lowe

Virginia Bornschein*

W E Rice III

Walter H. Enlow

Whitney Lewis

William & Sherry Riley*

William A. Whitman

William B. Lyon

William D. Hamilton

William F. Franck*

William Fihe

William H. Engle

William J. Borntraeger & Dennie Hurst

William M. Norvell III

William P. & Elaine Conway

William Schreiber

William W. Newton

William Weber

Wyatte Wynn*

Jackie Mindel *

* = 100% attendance



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