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Louisville vs. Mississippi Valley State


Dec. 2, 2010

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Louisville Head Coach Jeff Walz

(On getting off to a slow start in the game) "Unfortunately we started both halves extremely slow, that's something we haven't actually done. We've normally started the first half extremely well, all season long. We did not come out with much bounce in our step. We weren't very excited. I thought once I put Shelby [Harper] in the game, she did a great job of bringing energy and getting everybody going."

(On using Monique Reid as an off-the-bench player) "She'll come off the bench on Sunday. I thought she played well in her 14 minutes. I thought she played hard, and we're going to just keep doing that. For two years now, I look at her and she's about at 16-18 points a game. I played her about 12 minutes up at Fort Wayne, and she had about 14 points. I play her 14 minutes tonight, and she's got 12. Why play her 28? She's only going to be getting me four more points. Now that's my challenge to her. If she wants 28 minutes, she's going to have to perform. She has made the mistake of showing me she can get 12 points in 14 minutes. She went 5 for 6 and she's active, she gets things done. She did the same thing at Fort Wayne. We're going to continue to use Mo the same way; we're going to bring her off the bench. She plays hard, she'll get her minutes. When she gets to the point where she gets tired, I have got to get her out. Then what we've got to have is Antonita Slaughter shoot the ball the way she has been. Charmaine Tay is starting to play like I thought she would when we recruited her. Asia Taylor has to continue to perform. We don't need great nights from them, it's not like they've got to score 30, but Antonita and Asia are going to have to rebound the basketball. Tonight, I didn't think they did a great job of that in the first half at all. We're going to have to make some improvements on that, but they did shoot the ball.

(On if they can use lessons from tonight in their game against Kentucky Sunday) "I thought we defended well in the second half. The screen on the ball that they run is similar to what Kentucky likes to run. We've actually been working on that for a few days, and I thought we did a much better job in the second half of defending. Shooting the basketball; we're going to have to make open shots on Sunday. We've got some shooters now. We've got more kids who are capable of making open shots. We're going to have to continue to try to run the floor, push things in transition when it is open for us."

(On Shoni Schimmel) "She played well. She started off the first half a little slow, the same way the second half. Once she got into things, I thought she did a great job. She turned the ball over twice. She turns it over the first six seconds in the game and then within about the first minute of the second half. She has to come out and be prepared to play from the start."

(On Kentucky's players) "Victoria Dunlap is a kid on film who works as hard as Angel [McCoughtry] worked. She's a State Farm All-American for a reason. There's never a question of what she's going to do. She goes out there and gives it everything she's got. That's exactly what Angel did. There's a lot of similarities. They don't play the same position, but I think she's just as important to their team as Angel was to ours. A'dia Mathies has been playing extremely well. She does a great job of getting to the free throw line. She attacks off the bounce extremely well. We're going to have to do a good job of staying in front of her and not fouling her, because she is getting to the line 14 and 16 times a game some of the time. It's going to be a challenge for us. [Keyla] Snowden shoots extremely well from the three-point line. They're a very good team. They're ranked in the top 10 for a reason. We've got to come out and execute the game, know where their shooters are, know who's a shooter, know who's a driver. We're going to have to rebound the ball."

(On how playing top five teams has prepared them for Kentucky) "Everybody is a little different. Everybody in the top 10 has talent, there are great players. You've got Amber Harris at Xavier who is a 6'5" wing player. Well, Kentucky doesn't have a 6'5" wing player, but they've got better depth in the guard spot than Xavier. We're going to have to make sure we know our scouting report. We're going to have to know who does what. Then, we're going to have to play them to the scouting report."

(On the expected crowd for Sunday) "I think we're up to about 17,000 or 18,000 sold already. We'd love to get another full house in here, which I think we can. It would be great to try to sell this place out twice in one year."

(On how the trap and zone will work against Kentucky) "If it doesn't work, we're in trouble. We'll practice a few other things. There are some things we've been working on, but we're going to have to continue to get better at our 1-2-2 three quarter-court trap. We're going to have to continue getting better in our zone. We're going to have to rebound the ball extremely well, that's the one concern I have."

Junior Forward Monique Reid

(On her jaw injury) "It wasn't really a fracture, I was taking a charge and took an elbow to the face and it shifted my lower jaw to the left. It was dislocated, but they popped it back in place. I'm a little sore, but I'll live."

(On which Kentucky player worries them the most) "Probably (Victoria) Dunlap, she is their best player. We just have to work in the post and focus on her, but also work and defend the shooters. But if we box out and take care of the ball, we should be in a good position."

(On playing off the bench) "I never really even thought about it. It really doesn't matter to me. As long as I get to play I'm fine, it's really not a big deal. I kind of like coming off the bench because I get to see everything, like the way their forwards are guarding our forwards. That way I get to come in and make my moves. I like it because I get to view everything, but who doesn't like to start?"

(On her performance tonight) "I was really happy, I thought I played very well. I guess you are blind until you actually see it on tape, because if anyone scores 20 points you think 'I did really good, I'm great.' But you have to watch film, and there are little things that I messed up on. But watching film, working on it and going hard at practice- I'm going to fix all my problems."

(On the slow start to the game) "Well, I think Coach (Walz) made a couple of subs, and one sub that really brought the excitement was Shelby (Harper). She made a layup and it could have been 2-0 and everyone would have gotten up. They all love Shelby and the excitement she brings. Her hustle just gets everybody up. The layup that she made got everyone together and we started to pick it up."

(On Kentucky's A'dia Mathies) "I think she is a good ball handler and she knows how to get to the basket. Our thing is that we need to contain her and stay in front of her. From what I have seen she is not really a great dribble, pull-up shooter. We have to stay in front of her and not let her drive, while also not letting her get wide open threes. I have known her for a while, we go way back. Tia (Gibbs), her sister, she and I all played against each other in high school."

(On preparing for Kentucky) "We are preparing right now, we have film right after this. At practice, we have been a little bit, just working on their offense. We never overlooked tonight's game though. We went over a little bit of Kentucky stuff, but we were just focused on tonight's game. Sunday is Sunday, and we were focused on tonight."

Sophomore Guard Tia Gibbs

(On learning from a big win) "Today was all about us. We were really working on our defense because a lot of the stuff that they run, Kentucky also runs. So if we can work now to defend that, we will be ready for Sunday."

(On preparing Louisville's defense for Kentucky) "They have a really good driving team. They have some shooters, but they are really good at driving. If we move our feet on defense, our zone will stop the drive. As long as we stop penetration and make some rebounds, we should be fine."



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