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Louisville vs. Eastern Kentucky


Nov. 28, 2012

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Head Coach Jeff Walz (On Louisville's slow start to the game) "We are a tired group and I was concerned about that. We need a day off and the kids need a chance to try and get acclimated back to school and get some rest. If you go back and look at our travel schedule it's been a little crazy. I think that had something to do with it. We were 0 for 10 to start. We had some good shots we just missed them. And then we give up back-to-back threes where we just mentally were not there. I think we were more mentally tired than physically tired. With what we are asking them to try and get done you can't be mentally tired."

(On giving up only 11 points in the first half despite the slow start) "We gave up 10 (points) to one person. If we guarded her it may have been a good half for us. I thought after the first four or five minutes we started to do some good things. We did a very nice job of getting the basketball up the floor. But what we have to do a better job of standing around on offense. We do a lot of standing. Tonight is probably the worst game offensively I think we've played all year for the fact that we just stood and watched each other. We'll watch some film on Friday and show them some areas that we have to improve on. Hopefully you'll see some improvement on Sunday."

(On the play of Jude Schimmel) "Jude played well. I've seen her do this before. She did this down in Mexico against Oregon State. She had seven assists and no turnovers. I have kind of challenged her a little bit this week to understand that now teams know how well she can pass the ball and they're going to make her finish. I thought she did a really good job of that tonight. She had a few in the paint that she pulled up and shot. She's probably the best we have at going off on-ball screens, how low she gets and she can change speeds. She passes the ball extremely well and I was very pleased for her.

(On Sunday's game versus Kentucky) "It's a big game. Obviously it's our next so the next one is always a big one. We'll have two top 10 teams here playing and I don't know the last that has happened in women's basketball here in the state. It's an opportunity for a great basketball game and I hope that we can pack this place. I think if you're a basketball fan in general you'll want to come out and see this basketball game. Both teams are playing well right now. It's going to come down to which team can take care of the basketball and who's going to execute. It should be a very, very good game. Since I've been here I don't think we've ever had both of us in the top 10."

(On what the objectives for tonight's game were) "Our first one was to try and take care of the basketball - do a better job of that. I thought we did a really good job of that. We only turned it over 13 times. We only turned it over four times in the first half and three of them were in the first two minutes of the game. We started off 0-10 (field goals). We got good looks. We just weren't making shots and that happens sometimes. I was just pleased with the way we continued to fight."

(On what makes Kentucky good) "I haven't had a chance to watch them on film yet. They're going to do what they do and that's press and try to turn you over with their defense. They're going to run in transition. They're a very talented basketball team, very deep, so we're going to have to try and get the game in our tempo. At times we'll want to speed it up and at times we'll want to slow it up."

Junior guard Shoni Schimmel

(On slow start at the beginning of the game, any effects of jetlag?) "We just weren't mentally prepared for this game. We came out and picked it up a little bit. We lollygagged for the first few minutes. I think our bench gave us a good spark, and for them to be able to provide that from the bench was great for us."

(On how exciting is it to see Jude Schimmel perform and making plays) "It is awesome. It is great to be able to play with her, but also to sit and watch her do her own thing is awesome."

(How team is developing and what needs to happen before game this Sunday against Kentucky) "I would say first we need a day of rest. That is what we need because we have been going hard the past couple of weeks. For us to get that day of rest will help us a lot. We will come back mentally prepared for this game on Sunday because it is a big game for us. We have to go out there and do the best we can. For us to be mentally prepared will be the best thing for us."

(On how team is developing) "We are developing as a team each game by game. We go out there and play every night to learn from things. This was a big learning experience for us because it wasn't our greatest game. We fought and still got the win, so it will help us learn."

(On what she remembers from the Kentucky game her freshman year) "I remember a lot about it just because it was the big UK versus U of L game and for me and Becky (Burke) to just go off and shoot threes. So, for us to do that was huge for us my freshman year. It's my junior year and we've grown a lot and last year we kind of lost down there so for us to come back and kind of get that payback is where I'm coming from."

Sophomore forward Sara Hammond

(What can you take from a game like this when you face Kentucky this Sunday) "We just can't take the team for granted. Not saying anything against Eastern Kentucky, like we are going to blow them out, but I think like Shoni (Schimmel) mentioned earlier we were thinking mentally that this will be a win for us. A team like UK that is a top ranked team with a defense that pressures you and denies the ball. I think we have to come mentally prepared and bring energy. Like you said, we started out flat and it took us about five minutes to get energy going and a spark off the bench. We have to bring energy from the start."

(On Monique Reid coming off the bench) "She brings us instant points. You can tell she scored like five points in the first two minutes she was out there. She knows how to score, and she will tell you that. Her experience, scoring ability, and ability to get to the free throw line while making baskets and converting and-ones which we will need come Sunday. UK has bigger post players this year, so she will really have to step up because we know how good and athletic their guards are."

(On what playing versus UK means to you as fan and a player) "Living two hours away from Lexington I knew how big it was. This is, to me, the best rivalry there is in any sport. As you have seen in men's basketball how intense it is, it is the same in women's basketball. We are two top 10 teams just like the men are, so it will be a battle. Growing up watching it, I always wanted to be able to play in it. We are excited. We went down there last year and we didn't execute like we should have. We will get a day off, then come back in two days and practice hard to be ready for them."

(On how she had good fan support considering she is from Richmond, Ky near Eastern Kentucky University) "I know Coach (Chrissy) Roberts from EKU, she recruited me and like you said they are 30 minutes down the road so I know a lot of their players as well. I played AAU with them, they are great kids, great athletes. Last year when Coach (Jeff) Walz recruited me, he said he would try and get a close game for me and get some people from my home to come watch me. He scheduled EKU for last year and there were about 2,500 people from my home town that came last year. Yeah it was great and I appreciate coach for scheduling that and they are a great team and play in the OVC (Ohio Valley Conference), and I wish the best for them the rest of the season and I was glad to get to play against them."

Sophomore guard Jude Schimmel

(On how her game has improved from last year) "Honestly the biggest thing for me was the adjustment from high school to college. I've had to adjust to the strength and the speed of the game, but my biggest improvement is probably my confidence and my mentality on the game. I'm more positive and just feel ready."



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