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Louisville vs. Cincinnati


Jan. 22, 2011

Louisville Head Coach Walz

(On what he told the team when the game was tied 6-6 four minutes in) "I really didn't have to say much. I thought we were playing hard. We were getting good shots. We just weren't converting them. We had two in the post for layups that we let slip out of our hands that should have been easy baskets, but unfortunately we dropped it. We just continue to play, continue to push the ball in transition. It was exciting for me to see us finally fight through some adversity, and not quit on the defensive end of the floor. That's where we've had our problems the past week. You go to Notre Dame, go to UConn, and we didn't score for two or three minutes, and we just stopped guarding. Tonight I thought we did a better job of that."

(On the run) "We continued to play the same way, it's just a mentality. You've got to have a mentality that you understand you are going to make every shot. You've got to be able to fight through the offensive droughts, but you can always defend."

(On sympathy for Cincinnati's seven-man roster) "Sure, Jamelle [Elliot, Cincinnati's Head Coach] is a friend. I understand. It is frustrating. You're out there, things aren't going well, you look at your bench and half your team is hurt. It is demoralizing. I know exactly what she's going through."

(On Keisha Hines) "There were two [fouls] that I'm okay with. She's just a step late on Mad Dog, our trap, our press. She should come up with the steal, but she's just a step late. I like the effort. Then there was one in the second half where she goes over there and tries to stop the dribble drive, it ended up being her fourth foul. She was just trying to cut the baseline off--I'm okay with that. But her third foul was simply the fact that she didn't box somebody out. They get the rebound and then she clobbers them. If you do your job and box out, you're not going to pick up a third foul. That's what we're trying to get Keisha to understand. With all of our players, you're going to foul. The way we're trying to play, if you're aggressive, you're going to pick up some fouls. What you have to be able to do is not come up with the crazy fouls that you can control."



(On the lack of Cincinnati's depth affecting Louisville's play) "You just keep playing the same way. We're trying to get better every game. You can't sit there and try to change the way you play because someone only has two players on the bench. There are games, if you look at our box scores, where we may have played eight, nine players, but you're really playing seven who play a lot. Unfortunately for [Cincinnati], that might not be their top seven. I think they've got three of them, who started at one point in time, on the bench who are hurt. You can't change the way you try to play. But at the same time, we got to a certain point where we stopped pressing. I've been there before. I understand. We got to a point where I thought we had worked our game enough to improve our own play that we didn't need to continue to press."

(On the depth of Louisville's team) "It's great. It's an exciting feeling, because we've got competition. Competition is a great thing. There are some players that play to be the best they can be--Candyce Bingham is one of them, and Angel McCoughtry. They competed because they wanted to be great. You've got others, that if they see there's no one behind them, they coast. Now we've got players behind every single player, so there's no time to coast or you'll get passed by. Competition has really helped our team."

(On Marquette) "Marquette does a very good job. Terri [Mitchell, Marquette's head coach] does a fantastic job of teaching a match-up zone. They're very active in it. It's really hard to figure out at times if they're in man, or if they're in zone. They've got a great post player, a freshman, and then they've got two outstanding guards. We're going to have our hands full. We're going to have to defend, and we're going to have to do a much better job of boxing out.

Junior Forward Monique Reid

(On what Coach Walz said to team with score tied at six) "We just have to pick up the intensity and we did. Our best game is scoring in transition so we just kept running them. Since they only had seven players that was the game plan. We wanted to get them tired."

(On a sense of urgency to win this game) "I think for me personally, yes. I came off two of my worse games of the year. That was a little extra motivation for me. I just wanted to go out and play harder than I have played to get my confidence back up. I feel like I did that."

(On being second in the nation in attendance) "We love our crowd. Coach always gives thanks to them and always tells us to be thankful because most teams don't get this. We're very appreciative and thankful."

Junior Guard Becky Burke

(On goals for this game) "We always have goals at the beginning of each game. He writes them on the board. We want to have a certain number of deflections. We want to hold the other team to a certain number of offensive rebounds. We want to limit our turnovers and force them to commit a number of turnovers. We try to do that before every game. We didn't keep them under the number that our goal was in offensive rebounds. We usually go over our goals the next day to see if we met them or not. "

(On finishing the season strong) "Notre Dame and UConn are obviously at the top of the BIG EAST. They have separated themselves from everyone else right now. These next four or five games are games that could go either way. We talked about making a run and making sure we finish strong in order to put ourselves in a good position for the BIG EAST Tournament."

(On losing two games on the road) "We approached it like we approach all the other games. We watched film on the other two games and we know those are good teams, but we try to get out there and do the things we didn't do against those teams. It didn't really matter about the score, we just try to go out and get better. We're not really playing against Cincinnati, we're playing everybody else that we're about to play. Regardless of the score we want to try to work on the weaknesses that we had in the other two games."

(On sense of urgency to win this game) "I definitely think there is a sense of urgency when you play at home. It is so important in this league to protect your home court because it is so hard to steal a game on the road. You have to take care of business at home."

(On being second in the nation in attendance) "It's just really awesome that so many people come support us. They're not just sitting there, they are getting into the game. That's definitely a tribute to our people in marketing and everybody else that works so hard to get everybody here. It's definitely special. On the road it is different because you have to get yourselves fired up and you have to play for each other and your team. If your team is not getting hyped up and ready to play it doesn't matter who is in the crowd."

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