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Freddie Braun

Freddie Braun

Dec. 1, 2009

Louisville, Ky. - Unfortunately the season is over.

The first round of NCAA tournament started last Thursday. Due to the selection process we were placed to play at Indiana. We drove to Bloomington on Wednesday in order to have a good nights rest and be with the team. As we waited anxiously in our hotel the next day, homework and studying was put aside for the day. The weather in the morning was chilly with a slight bit a rain. In my four years at Louisville, everytime we traveled to Bloomington I have experienced the coldest weather. I was hoping it wasn't going be the case Thursday night. By game time the weather was around mid 40's and the rain had stopped.

We had great support from our family and friends. The stands were half Hoosier and half Cardinal fans. We were applauded with cheers and chants as we walked onto the field with our all white uniforms. We knew it was now or never to continue on with our season. In the beginning of the game, Colin Rolfe and I had shots that went high and wide to start our attack. It wasn't until the 25th minute where our best chance came from a Mark Knight shot that was saved by the Indiana goalkeeper. These missed chances to score gave Indiana the opportunity to sit back and wait for their break. In the second half Indiana had three shots on goal and made two of them. Since we did not capitalize on our opportunities Indiana won the game 2-0.

Now that the season is now over I think back to all the great memories here at Louisville. Although we fell short of our goal of a National Championship, we had an amazing season. Cheers to one of the best senior class and soccer teams at the University of Louisville. We have accomplished a lot and broke many records. I hope our fans and followers will remember this season. I know this program will grow in the future and will become national champions. We all hope you enjoyed watching us.



Here is the last shout out of the year. I would like to thank Kim Pemberton for allowing me to do this blog. She thought that someone other than herself needed to write about the team's success. Also, I would like to thank all family and friends for being there at every game. This team was one big family. To all the athletes in other sports who supported us, to the people behind the desk for their time and money investing in the program to make this all possible, to my coaches Ken Lolla, Brian Maisonneuve, Jeremy Proud, Simon Bird for giving us the best experience on and off the field. And a special thanks to Caleb White for creating amazing videos for the team. The biggest shout goes out to my teammates. It has been one of the best years of my life and hats off to you all.

As for me, I have had so much fun writing this blog. I want to continue Kicking It With Fredde so hopefully this is not the last. Stay in touch on my facebook page for more information of what will be happening in the future.

Until the next Kicking It With Freddie, "every defeat, every disappointment, and every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit"

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