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Going with the Flow with Greg Cochrane

Greg Cochrane

Greg Cochrane

Nov. 25, 2012

Louisville, Ky. - Hey everyone! With Winthrop defeating SMU, we knew that this was the team we would play in the NCAA second round. We wanted to get on top of Winthrop early to try to put them on the back foot, and we did just that. About 54 seconds into the game I scored off of an assist from Will Vitalis. From there, we went on to score 4 more times. Dylan Mares recorded a hat trick and Zack Foxhoven scored the 5th and final goal. With the win, we now move on in the tournament to play Northwestern on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. in Cardinal Park We would love for you guys to come out and support us again. We cannot thank you enough.

After the game, there was a random drug test issued by the NCAA. I was one of the lucky few to get selected. Now I am a senior, and during my 4-year career I have never once been randomly selected. A couple days prior I was also selected for my first random drug test by UofL athletics and now by the NCAA. What luck I have. It isn't that big of a deal when selected, but the problem comes when you do not have to go. Instead of celebrating the win with the team in the locker-room, I spent the next two hours trying to go. What makes it even worse is when your parents and girlfriend come in for the game, and they have to wait for you. It was a total buzz kill.

When games end we usually get an after match meal from Qdoba. There are stands with alcohol burners underneath, and you slid the trays of food overtop to keep warm. When everyone was finished, David Horne took the food tray off to dump out the hot water, but he didn't remove the alcohol burner. He dumped the hot water and burner fluid onto a bush outside of Card Park, thus catching on fire. David panicked and tried to put it out with his foot, and his shoe caught on fire! Eventually the bush fire was put out and Card Park was saved, but I never seen a man so rattled in his life. For a man with a lot of intelligence, he makes some questionable decisions.



Lastly, a quick shout out has to go to Marlon Hairston. As a team we went to Outback Steakhouse. Everyone knows that the brown bread is pumpernickel. But he asked if it was chocolate bread. He couldn't be serious with that question. Freshman...
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