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Freddie Braun's Blog #7

Freddie Braun

Freddie Braun

Oct. 13, 2009

Louisville, Ky. - Boom goes the dynamite! As the radio broadcaster said once we scored against USF. It was a great game for us as the defense let only one shot on goal and four shots total. Our offense did have some opportunities including myself, missing a diving header - completely. The game was tied until the 85th minute when JT Murray connected a pass to Colin Rolfe who dribbled three defensemen to score the winning goal. He celebrated by pulling his jersey out to the fans to show his pride of the name on his jersey and ran to the bench. With great excitement beating the third ranked team in the country, everyone expected a win and that there could be no different result.

On Saturday night, we played Syracuse who does not have the best record but is always ready to battle. In the first half we came out slow and we did not play our best. Although we were up 1-0 at half time that came from an own goal, we needed to raise the intensity. We had a halftime speech about what we wanted to get out of this season and if the season rested on our first half play we will not make it very far. We are team that is going to go far in the tournament and it consists of making every minute count. In so doing, the second half was much different than the first. It started off with a cross from Mark Knight to my feet in the box scoring a goal in the 55th minute. Then Kenney Walker made a nice bending free kick off the post and in from 30 yards out. Securing the game in the 87th minute assisted by Buck Tufty was Brent Rosendall who has done a tremendous job coming off the bench and scoring goals.



This up coming week is going to be a lot of fun. We play Kentucky on Wednesday night at 7:00 that is a Red Out night. So come out wearing all your red shirts and come support us! Then on Saturday, we play St. John's at their place. This is an interesting atmosphere where their field is turf, and it's on top of a parking garage. Imagine that. We are sitting on top of the league right now with 16 points and continue to spread the gap from the rest of our opponents. Congratulations to Phil Edginton who received the defensive player of the week for his second time this year.

As the Lions still only have one win, I am very disappointed that the Detroit Tigers decided to choke in the last few games of the season. On a positive note, I would like to let you know that coming soon I will have a twitter account and a facebook page about "Kicking It With Freddie." On the facebook account you will be able to post and reply to each other comments and I would like to hear your thoughts.

Until the next Kicking it with Freddie, "Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting" - Napoleon Hill

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