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Louisville-Marshall Postgame Quotes


Oct. 1, 2011

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Postgame Quotes

Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong

(Opening Statement)

“You practice what you play. Last week in practice we didn’t practice well so we got it today. As a coaching staff we accepted that and we saw our results today. The only way this team is going to move forward … as a coaching staff, we have to do a better job of coaching. Offensively, we can’t turn the ball over we cannot have penalties at critical times. We have to be able to run the ball. Look at us on defense, don’t give them the big play. Go stop them. We didn’t do that today. And then in the kicking game, we go out there and kick the ball out of bounds, give up a field goal, miss the field goal, get an extra point blocked. We have all kinds of problems. This program is nowhere near where it needs to be. We have a long ways to go and we have eight weeks to go and eight games and we have to get it fixed.”

(What could the staff have done differently?)

“When you take over a program, you have to learn how to win and then when you learn how to win then you have to learn how accept the win and we didn’t do. Take the rival game it happened two weeks ago. Guys are still patting themselves on the back and we are still talking about it. That’s what happened today, that’s what you saw today. Guys still lingering over that win. There was no passion. We went out there and were flat. We dropped the ball, we jump offsides, we have procedure penalties, we give up two third downs on defense.”

(Based on what you saw in practice, were you worried coming into today?)

“I was worried and I told them that last night and today at halftime. The way we played in the first half is the way you guys practiced last week and until we get some leadership in this program from our coaching staff and our players, it won’t ever change. So what we saw is what we got.”

( Is this a wake-up call going into conference play?)

“We have so many issues we have to solve just playing as a football team. Just being committed as a football team and playing with the right attitude. That’s what we don’t have right now.”

(What were the problems in the running game?)

“It’s simple. It’s blocking. As an offensive line, just go block people. We didn’t block people. We didn’t put a helmet on everyone. We got backs- backs run behind the pads and sometimes it may not always be there but you have to run over people. We don’t get that, we just don’t run hard and we don’t block anyone.”

(Is this typical of a young team?)

“This should never happen. You are four games into the season now. I tell our young guys, you have played enough now that you are no longer young. It might be a rollercoaster year, but still when you are at home you have to commend our fans commend card walk and it was unbelievable. When you are at home you have to defend your home surface. Take the two losses this year and you look at last year South Florida, West Virginia, Cincinnati and Kentucky, that’s six losses at home. That cannot happen in y our home stadium and you have to defend your house.”

(On Teddy Bridgewater’s performance)

“Our whole team didn’t play well I am not going to single one guy out. Just look the whole team no one played well.”

(What is the common thread in the six home losses?)

Guys not getting ready to play and guys not playing well at home.

(On calling time outs?)

“I wanted to burn them a little bit, that’s why I called time out, and maybe next time we will play better."

Jarrett Davis, So., WR

(On what the coach was like in the locker room)

“It was a bad loss because we lost in our home stadium again. We just have to keep our heads up, keep striving forward. We have to practice harder and we have to prepare harder. We just have to come out and play”

(On coach using final timeouts to let them take in the feeling)

“It’s not a good feeling when you can’t do anything about it. It does hurt”

(On whether there was a hangover from Kentucky win)

“I don’t think we got so caught up in that. I just feel like we didn’t prepare as good as we should have this week against marshal.”

(On whether this game can get them refocused)

“Yes sir, I can tell you what we are going to come out and we are going to play hard. You will see Louisville come out. We are going to change. In the Big East conference, we are going to start playing really hard. We are already playing hard, but it’s going to change.”

(On whether two weeks off was a bad thing)

“Like I said, we didn’t prepare for Marshall as good as we should have. Sometimes, we weren’t as locked in as we were when we played against Kentucky. I feel like the bye week did set us back a little bit.”

(On whether they underestimated Marshall)

“Yea, like I said, we weren’t as locked in as when we played Kentucky and I think we kind of took it more lightly since it was Marshall coming into our stadium. We might have been a little high off the Kentucky win.”

Josh Chichester, Sr., TE

(On why the offense came out so sluggish)

“I couldn’t really tell you a specific reason. I just know that we need to get back to work and continue to try to build off of this. And continue to become a better team.”

(On what the difference in practice was)

“What I see in my eyes is different then what (Coach Charlie Strong) sees in his, but I’m pretty sure what he saw wasn’t enough for us to come out with this victory. As a whole, we just all have to come together and practice better and showcase better on Saturday or Friday.”

(On whether guys were still celebrating the UK win)

“I honestly don’t think so because UK, like I said, was two weeks ago and we had that 24-hour rule to accept all that hype that we got in the win against UK. Tonight just wasn’t our night and the outcome showed.”

(On whether the game will serve as a wake-up call)

“This is definitely a wake-up call for everyone. We know we are a better team it just didn’t show tonight. We know we have to prepare for next week.”

(On what he thought about Teddy Bridgewater not having enough time to throw)

“Yes, clearly that was a problem because he got sacked a couple times. We just have to hold up our own. We have to play better and practice better and hopefully the outcome will get better.”

(On what the Coach Strong said in the locker room)

“That’s between us and we are just going to continue to move forward.”

(On the penalties)

“You know sometimes there are things that get called. We just have to conquer adversity and get through it.”

William Savoy, Sr., DE

(On being flat in practice all week)

“I don’t know … it starts with the leadership though, me as a senior and the other seniors, we have to get it going. If everybody comes out low, as a senior you have to bring the energy to practice, and we didn’t do that this week.

(Could you see the lack of energy in practice?)

“I could see it in practice. We were not as focused as we should be. Maybe some of the team was hyped up from beating Kentucky. You have to get past that, it was a good win, but we have the whole season left.”

(Coach keeps saying he is waiting for someone to be a leader. Could that be you?)

“Yes sir, me and the other seniors are going to make sure that happens. We have a whole season left, and we are going to make sure we come out on top.”

(When the coach tells you that you aren’t focused, why you can’t turn it around even after he warns you?)

“It’s more of a group effort, one guy can get focused but it is a team effort. Until all of us are collectively focused it doesn’t matter. It’s 11 guys on the field. We have to collectively get focused.”

(They didn’t have a lot of rushing success, why do you think they did today?)

“Simple, guys didn’t come out to play. We know as a defensive line if we come out to play, nobody can run the ball on us.”

Teddy Bridgewater, Fr., QB

(On third quarter penalties)

“I probably could have done better managing and communicating with the offensive line.”

(What did the coaches say about the lack of focus this past week?)

“Coaches always preach that you have to be focused, with us having the off week and lack of focus they felt it was a big issue.”

(What did you see on your touchdown run? Did you know you were going to jump over him, or was that instinct?)

“It was instinct. I thought because he was a defensive back he may try to go low, so I tried to get over him.

(What can you learn from the home loss when you take your game on the road to North Carolina?)

“The biggest thing is we have to be a better team at home. Coach mentioned that we are 5-2 on the road since Coach Strong has been here, but we are like 2-5 at home and it’s all about defending your home turf. The fans did their part, they were loud for us…we just have the win the game.”

(How has the game slowed down, or become easier since you have gotten more and more time on the field?)

“The game has slowed tremendously. You become more comfortable when you are in there. I feel with the preparation the coaches give us, the keys and the cues, we are well prepared.”

Marshall Head Coach Doc Holliday

(On time of possession)

“I thought we dominated the time of possession in the first half. Unfortunately, when we got in the red zone, we couldn’t get it in the end zone. That’s a good defense out there, I think they are giving up 74 yards rushing a game, and they got a good bunch of young kids running around, too. I thought when the time came for the offense to make a play they did. I thought they grew up today, that offensive line and the running game has gotten some criticism over the past, and that’s well deserved. We gained over 100 yards today, and when you do that, you become more balanced and our offense is a lot better.”

(On winning without two suspended receivers)

“It sends a great message; we are a better team because of it. Unfortunately, we had two receivers that made a mistake and let the entire Marshall football program down. They weren’t out there today, but it was great to see Jazz King step up and have a touchdown catch. Wayne Bonner played well, and that’s what good teams do, and we will be a better team because of it. Those guys will be back on Sunday and we will get it corrected and move on. That was maybe the greatest thing that could have happened to this football team at this point.”

(On Andre Booker’s play in the game)

“I love Booker – his legs get going so fast he should have scored down there. He tripped over his own feet. I know one thing about Booker, he has a great big heart and the kid loves to play. He went out and played X because Dobson didn’t practice all week. We had guys out there that hadn’t played at all, and that’s what good teams do. They find a way to win the football game, and those guys went in there and played well and that’s going to help us.”

(On replacing the kicker)

“Well, he missed two, and I just felt that I wanted to give the other guy a shot.”

(Did you feel like it was getting away from you late in the first half?)

“I never really felt that. One disappointing thing to me was when we missed that short field goal at the end of the half and they took the ball right down the field because of a couple of missed tackles, but I never thought it was getting away from us. I felt the kids were playing extremely hard and they were playing confident. I told them at halftime to keep coming out and doing what you do. There were two freshman quarterbacks going against each other, and what it came down to was who made the lesser mistakes, and fortunately Cato did today.”

(On Cato on the last drive)

“It will help his confidence. Cato is going to get better. That kid that played out there for Louisville was there all spring and Cato didn’t have that luxury.”

(On third down performance)

“I think the one thing on third down was that we weren’t third and long a bunch. We were able to run the football quite a bit and come up with third-and-4 and third-and-3. I was the most proud of this team at the end of the game when we needed to pick up a third down to win the game and we did.”

(Do you think you got stronger as a team?)
“I don’t think conditioning was an issue. I thought our kids played hard and I didn’t see anybody running around tired out there. Our strength coach has done a great job with these kids.”

(On the maturation process)

“Winning is the greatest thing in the world for confidence. This should give our team a real confidence boost going into the conference schedule. Going to Central Florida, we have to feel pretty good about ourselves.”

(On adjusting to the hurry up)

“We see a lot of that, and at times, they had some success with it but I think our defensive staff does such a tremendous job. All the credit in the world goes to my coaching staff. Those guys did a hell of a job making sure those kids were prepared. I didn’t know if they were going to do it as much with Teddy, and I had a feeling the other kid wasn’t going to play and he didn’t. Bridgewater probably didn’t do it as much because he is younger just like Cato is.”

Omar Brown, Sr., FS

(On if they were frustrated being behind)

“It was frustrating, but at the same time, we know we’ve been in this situation before, and if we kept our heads straight, we would come out with this win.”

(On what it feels like to get a significant road win)

“It feels great. It’s a great confidence builder for our team.”

(On adjusting to the hurry up)

“I didn’t think the hurry up affected us that much. They were moving the ball, but they never really had us back on our heels.”

(On overall thoughts of the victory)

“I just think we came out here with a lot of energy and just played to give it our all.”

(On momentum heading into conference play)

“This win gives us a ton of momentum going into conference play, which is important.”

(On what adjustments they made at the half)

“We did more assignment corrections rather than adjustments. We hurt ourselves in the beginning, so we just went in there and cleaned up a few little things and came out in the second half and played well.”

(On big defensive plays in the fourth quarter)

“You know that’s what our coach talked about by extending the play offensively. They tried to extend the play and on defense we stopped them from doing that.”

(On what the win means to the program)

“We are a great team and once we lock in and focus we can come out with a “W.” Having this win going into conference play is great momentum for us.”

(On being on the other side of big plays)

“It felt good. We still had a couple of plays we had to overcome offensively and defensively so that was a plus for us.”

(On the last interception)

“We were just real focused out there. We knew it came down to us because the offense did their job and it just came down to us to make the play.”

(On second half defensive play)

“We felt like we did against Southern Mississippi, we were losing but we knew the game wasn’t over yet. We came out and kept our heads up and played hard.”

Tyson Gale, Sr., MLB

(On the no-huddle offense)

“It’s not something we were really expecting, it was a pretty quick tempo they came out with. They were on the ball with the play but I think we adjusted well. We’re 1-0 in the conference and had a tough non-conference schedule, and now we’re ready to go get this championship.”

(On being on the other side of the big plays)

“It was awesome, you look at those two games and a play here and there from our guys and we win those games. And today we made those plays. It’s a testament to our guys. We work hard every week.”

(On big defensive plays)

“They were a big run team. They had some success against Kentucky two weeks ago, so we knew they were going to come out and try to run the ball. We hang our hat on not letting people do that, and the last couple of weeks we got away from that. So it’s something we really worked on this week and it worked out for us.”

(On Jermaine Holmes’ play)

“He’s still learning but he came in and made a tackle for loss for us, he’s going to make plays for us. He still makes freshman mistakes but he’s going to learn, he’s a great player and he’s helping us right now.”

(On the lack of ‘WildCard’ formation)

“We were surprised. It was something we saw big against Kentucky. Number 10 had a lot of success running the ball, he ran for 100 yards or something. They came out and got in it and we were able to stop them and force them out of it. But we were expecting more of it.”



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