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University of Louisville Men's Basketball Post-Game Quotes


Nov. 22, 2009

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Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino
"Morgan State is a very good basketball team. They are a team that beat Maryland last year and they have a lot of big bodies. We wanted to take away their scorer, who is one of the better scorer's that we will see this season. Our guys did a good job, not only getting him into foul trouble but holding him to nine points. Our guys did a really good job tonight of driving and getting to the foul line. That was the difference. Last night we were shooting jump shots. When teams respect your shooting so much and they close out on you, you have to drive and dish. Our guys realized the mistake they made the night before and corrected it. They did a great job of getting the close outs and getting into the lane and getting fouled."

(On the defense) "We did a nice job. We made a few mistakes fouling them down the stretch because they are a good free-throw shooting team. We are learning and getting better and its baby steps with this team because we are extremely young and our older guys are not better defensive players and that is also a problem. They are really good offensive players but not as good defensively. It is just going to take some time and some patience."

(On the three-point shooting) "The three-point shot is a great weapon when you take it the right way whether it is inside to out, off of dribble penetration and kicking, or off of an offensive rebound which is the best way to get it. Last night we were taking challenge, we were 1-11. Out of those 11 shots, five came from the two seniors. Tonight was much better and that is why we shot a better percentage."

(On three straight games being played) "The one thing this basketball team is not going to do is fatigue. They could possibly mentally fatigue but our practices are very difficult so they are not going to fatigue. We have to make sure that some of the other guys who do not play that much do not get out of shape from having three days off so we are going to run around Minardi Hall tonight for about an hour."

Morgan State Head Coach Todd Bozeman
"Obviously if a team shoots 41 free throws, they're going to be tough to beat. When you look at the stats, we were even with them on three pointers and I think we made more field goals. Free throws kind of beat us up. When you're on the road sometimes that happens. Obviously they're a good team, they shoot the ball well from the three point line. I just told my team that all this means is that we're not going to go undefeated. We just have to come back and get ready for the next game. Louisville is a very good team. They're going to have an outstanding season, I'm just glad we don't have to play them again."



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