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University of Louisville Men's Basketball Post-Game Quotes


Nov. 21, 2009

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Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino
"We struggled a lot shooting the basketball tonight, because we took challenged shots, something we've been trying to stay away from - we were 1 of 10 from challenged shots. We didn't create good ball reversal and we didn't take the off the bounce, and we paid for it by being sluggish. We didn't get into our press because of shooting a low percentage. Your energy level is not as high on offense when you don't have success on offense. We were 1 for 10 from the three point line and we kept taking challenged shots, rather than driving the close out. Anytime we throw a skip pass you want to drive or close out and take the guy on and create a better shot. We didn't do that tonight which is disappointing."

(On 18-0 run) "We were playing good defense. We're getting to the offensive glass, we're just painfully young. We're making a lot of young mistakes. I wish we weren't playing three games in a row like this, we don't have time to teach anything."

(On second half rebounding) "I've got to watch the film to see exactly what went wrong. I think we were trying to leak out and for some reason when we play at home; we try to make spectacular things happen rather than staying fundamental. When we do that, we just need to dig in and make fundamental plays."

(On improving) "We're playing a team that's much better tomorrow, in terms of their experience. We want time to teach. There's nothing I can do about it. You want time to teach with all the mistakes you make, but you've got to get ready for the next opponent. That's the disappointing thing about these types of games."

East Tennessee State Head Coach Murry Bartow
"We're never pleased with losing. With our best player out, Mike Smith, I thought our guys competed hard, fought hard; certainly a step up from our last game. 20 turnovers too many, and 33 percent shooting is not good enough. Coach Pitino is a great coach... another great Louisville team. Samuels was a top force inside. We tried to post double him, and keep him as far away as we could. We're a pretty small team. We fought hard on the glass, gave up a few too many offensive rebounds. I'm very proud of our effort. We fought hard. We competed hard; Just a few too many turnovers. We didn't shoot well enough. They weren't making their three's. This is a team that takes a lot of three's. A lot of those didn't go in, but I'm proud of our effort. I thought we fought and competed pretty hard."

(On offensive rebounding in the second half) "We're a pretty good offensive team. We send a lot of guys to the glass. We've got a lot of weaknesses on our team right now. One of our strengths is offensive rebounding. We've been getting 17 a game. That's really strength of ours. We're not a great shooting team. There are a lot of misses, and a lot of opportunities for offensive rebounds, but we've got to shoot the ball a little bit better. We fought hard; we got to the glass, and got a lot of second opportunities."

(Aside from Samuels, any special game plan?) "No, obviously we wanted to double team Samuels, so every time he touched the ball we post doubled him. Played everybody else head up, and tried to fix our defense a little bit. We played some zone, half the possessions and the other half man-to-man. We have a lot of respect for three point shooters. We tried to challenge them and cover them as best we could."

(On the difference in intensity tonight and the last game played) "We obviously showed more passion and more fight. This is a great venue, one of the great places in college basketball. We talked a lot about that leading into the game a TV game in Louisville. If our guys aren't ready for that, then they need to go play badminton or do something else. I've played in this building a lot. I think it's one of the best fields in college basketball; great fans. I think our guys were excited about who they were playing, where we were playing. Obviously it was a TV game; there were a lot of factors. I was really disappointed in our effort the other night, so we wanted to redeem ourselves from that. I'm not pleased with losing, but I think for our team it's a step up."



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