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Louisville Scrimmage Postgame Quotes


Oct. 13, 2012

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Head Coach Rick Pitino
(Opening Statement)
“For a first day, I thought the Red Team was very well organized, and looked like a really good team in terms of distributing the basketball. The other end of that is that the White Team didn’t look very well organized. That’s what these games are for is to look at things that you like, and things that you need to work on. I was very impressed with Chane Behanan’s play. He still has to get in the gym and spend more time on his shooting because he has some weakness there. He also has to stop spin-dribbling, because the spin dribble is the sign of a turnover every time because the defense plays that. The White Team played hard and without rest. The whole Red Team I liked. For a freshman, Montrezl (Harrell) looked very good. I thought Peyton (Siva) played like a professional tonight. He really just ran the team and was totally in control of the game. His jump shot looks good although they all look good, so I’m very pleased with that. For the first day, and without a lot of practice, I thought the team looked pretty good especially the Red Team.”

(On both teams’ low shooting percentages)
“Well, I think we are going to shoot better. I think Wayne (Blackshear) is going to shoot better. I think when you don't get a break and you're out there, I don't think that’s an indicator. I wouldn't say that we are going to be a great 3-point shooting team, but I think Luke Hancock, once his shoulder gets better, he will make a lot of shots. A lot of our bigs took 3s tonight which they won't normally do.”

(On where Montrezl Harrell will play)
“I think Montrezl will play a lot of back up five. I did not see much difference between how he and Gorgui did as far as play. Gorgui is a few inches taller, but in terms of their games, I think they are fairly equal.”

(On Luke Hancock)
“I think Luke is terrific. Every time he jams his shoulder, he has scar tissue that hurts. He falls and then he dives on the floor, then he comes back and tries to draw a charge, so a pretty tough kid, very tough kid. Most kids would have been out another 1-2 months, but he's come back, really, really tough young man. In another month’s time, he is going to be a really good basketball player and we need him to play backup point guard. He'll play that because he understands the game, and he sees the game well.”

(On how teams looked tonight)
“I thought that the Red Team did really well. I thought that the White Team had no playmaker on the court, so they had to do everything by themselves. What'd they have less than double digits assist? So, it’s good to see that now.”

(On how the team can improve)
“Well, we have been working hard on execution even though it’s the first week. We've had those two hours a week and we used it too. We want to see us improve our shooting and it'll be something we work heavily on in the coming days.”

(On Luke Hancock making the team better)
"He's not a young kid. He's been through it. When I called (Miami head coach) Jim Larranaga, and I said what do we have in this young man, he said, 'With five seconds to go in the game, if you have to get the ball inbounds against a press, have him inbound it. If you need somebody to take a shot, have him take the shot. If you need somebody to make the play, have him make the play. If you need a steal or rebound, he'll make it.' He's a big-time gamer is what he said. And for this basketball team, he's much needed because obviously, you can see outside is not a major strength. I personally don't believe it's a weakness when we have the right guys on the floor. I call Russ, Russdiculous. Tonight, he was ridiculous. I don't know what he was doing out there. The other guys look like they've been practicing 3-4 weeks, the red team. They did a lot of great things. Gorgui's not in the shape he needs to be in, but he'll get much better by next week as well. When you add Luke to that team, you get a pretty good unit there."

(On when the team is allowed to start practicing)
"Yesterday was the opening day. We get two hours per week starting on the 15th of September. Prior to that, you get two hours a week individually with no more than four people. What we need right now is a lot of work on our shooting. We need a lot of work on our passing ability. I think you're looking at a very good basketball team. Unlike last year, we don't have a lot of home games in the beginning. We're going to be tested right away from the opening game. We're going to be tested right away with road games with Charleston and Memphis and the Battle 4 Atlantis. Although I'm very pleased the Red Team has only been going two days and looks real good, we've got to be ready early and that's why we're pushing this thing a little bit."

Montrezl Harrell
(If playing in front of a big crowd gives him confidence)
“Yes, it really does, because I like playing in front of big crowds. I just like to have fun and play the game of basketball.”

(On chemistry between the first unit)
“Well, I have been practicing with them all week, so I have been getting the feel of it, like how Peyton (Siva) wants things ran or how Gorgui (Dieng) likes to get the ball in the post. So, for me to get into an organized game, I think that I did pretty well.”

(If practice is as competitive as the game)
“It’s pretty much an everyday thing for us. We try to come in make each other better every day.”

(If he always plays with that much intensity)
“Yes, that’s how I try to play every time I step out on the basketball court. I try to bring the intensity needed to be effective.”

(On looking comfortable at the four and five positions)
“I am very comfortable down there because that’s where I have played all my life. If they block my shot, I'm just going to go back up with it. I'm not scared of that happening.”

Luke Hancock
(On the play he injured his arm)
“I just stretched it out a little further than I would have liked. It hurt for a minute, but it calmed down after going through a couple of tests and then I was ready to go. Coach took me out of the game a little bit early, but I got out there for basically three quarters of it and I'm ready to go; I feel good. It was a loose ball and I shouldn't have dove for the ball at this point. I should have just let it go and when I dove for it my arm became a little more extended than I would like.”

(On how often he ices his arm)
“Every time I work out or every time I shoot - I went in for a rehab this morning, got my arm stretched and, when I was done, I iced it so it’s no big deal to put ice on it.”



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