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University of Louisville Men's Basketball Post-Game Quotes


Feb. 7, 2007

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Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino
"Well, to be perfectly honest, they were a much better basketball team than us. I think we could have played them ten times and they would have won nine. We had to play almost a perfect game and we knew that going in and that is why the Villanova game was so difficult. But the two big guys being 16 of 20, those two big guys are almost impossible to stop because of their size. We did some good things but we just could not defend them. They were too strong. They executed too well. They are two potential lottery picks. We knew that going in that it would be a very difficult game. We would have had to play almost perfect to win and we were far from perfect."

"They never take bad shots. Your runs aren't good enough with them because they don't take bad shots. Pressure can get to them a little bit, but you have to shoot a good percentage to get it on consistently. We were not shooting a good percentage shots."

"I am sure their defense is very good. We are having a very difficult time and I tried to tell T-Will this. It is not his 3-point shooting isn't hurting us. It is his two-point shooting going to the basket and shooting an incredibly low percentage at that. What I told him that that what he needed to do was to penetrate, to pass and find people. Sosa finally got it at the end of the game. We put Will Scott into the game and I told the guys that he's not into the game to play defense and for them to penetrate and find him. They ignored him. That is a sign of inexperience and youth. You can't take anything away from Georgetown, they were a much better basketball team."

(On U of L having so few turnovers) "That is great by us even those it is not a pressure team. Georgetown doesn't force turnovers -- that is not their game. Everything they do is with fundamentals in mind. They don't have to gamble with defensive passing moves. They're not going to protect the basket. They are going to limit you to one shot. So they do everything fundamentally sound and you have to have great strength in the front court to play with this team and obviously we do not."



"We knew we had difficulty scoring on them because we would have difficulty scoring on them because and we are not the greatest outside shooting team but we were hoping to make it a fast game and have our press to be a factor. But Green and Hibbert were 16 for 20. You are not going to win too many games doing that. They don't turn it over very much either. They're a very good basketball team."

(On Georgetown's ranking) "The rankings are such that they (the poll voters) rank but they don't watch. There are not 20 teams better than Georgetown. Georgetown is a top 7 or 8 team in the country, no question. If you watch, you understand that they have two lottery picks and also some other outstanding players. You realize that. It doesn't mean they can't lose it you have a strong front court, you can neutralize those two guys and then maybe you have a chance."

Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III
(On the big guys -- Hibbert and Green) "They were (outstanding) I felt like particularly when we had to our guys did a good job of hitting the boards and getting the rebounds. Coming into the game we wanted to try to limit their second chance- we gave up sixteen offensive rebounds, that's too many. I felt like we got big rebounds when we needed in both Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert on the offensive end I thought were very good."

(On stopping Louisville runs) "It's just maturity. As season has progressed, we've gotten better. We've been in this environment- in very difficult environments a lot this year. We went on the road to a lot of places. You go to Duke, Vanderbilt, Michigan with the thought that it would help pay off this time of year. The crowd gets into it, they go on a run and our guys are used to that. We did a good job of just settling down. They're going to make runs; they're a very good team, a balanced team. In many ways I think they are a lot like us in that on any given night they have different people that can step up and hurt you. They can hurt you on the inside. They can hurt you on the outside. And they are obviously well coached, so they are going to make runs. I think our guys did a good job of staying poised, relaxed and trying to get what we wanted to get at both ends of the floor."

(On Roy Hibbert's second half minutes) "We're past fishing, seeing what people will do. I just thought we needed to keep him in there. His presence at both ends was felt. At the defensive end he was a presence. I didn't want David Padgett to get into comfort zone and start to go off. I thought Roy's size would kind of contain him a little bit."

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