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Since the hiring of head coach Dan McDonnell prior to the 2007 season, 43 Louisville players have signed professional contracts after being selected in the Major League Baseball Draft, including a school record nine Cardinals in 2010.

Below is a look at all of the former Cardinals who have been selected in the MLB Draft and signed professional contracts.

Year Rd. No. Player Team Pos.
2015 11th 333 Josh Rogers New York Yankees LHP
12th 373 Robert Strader Baltimore Orioles LHP
  24th 713 Sutton Whiting Chicago Cubs INF
2014 2nd 46 Nick Burdi Minnesota Twins RHP
8th 244 Jeff Gardner Washington Nationals OF
10th 314 Cole Sturgeon Boston Red Sox OF
12th 359 Jared Ruxer Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim RHP
15th 456 Joe Filomeno Texas Rangers LHP
27th 817 Grant Kay Tampa Bay Rays INF
36th 1077 Kyle McGrath San Diego Padres LHP
2013 3rd 79 Dace Kime Cleveland Indians RHP
3rd 94 Jeff Thompson Detroit Tigers RHP
  7th 218 Ty Young Tampa Bay Rays 3B
11th 322 Coco Johnson Miami Marlins OF
  11th 336 Chad Green Detroit Tigers RHP
15th 460 Cody Ege Texas Rangers LHP
  19th 573 Adam Engel Chicago White Sox OF
2012 3rd 107 Matt Koch New York Mets RHP
9th 294 Derek Self Washington Nationals RHP
12th 374 Justin Amlung Chicago Cubs RHP
2011 4th 129 Tony Zych Chicago Cubs RHP
5th 175 Ryan Wright Cincinnati Reds 2B
  49th 1484 J.J. Ethel Los Angeles Dodgers C
2010 Comp B 114 Thomas Royse Chicago White Sox RHP
11th 326 Neil Holland Washington Nationals RHP
  11th 348 Adam Duvall San Francisco Giants INF
  12th 371 Phil Wunderlich Tampa Bay Rays INF
  12th 376 Josh Richmond Texas Rangers OF
  13th 406 Andrew Clark Texas Rangers 1B
  26th 798 Jeff Arnold San Francisco Giants C
  36th 1099 Dean Kiekhefer St. Louis Cardinals LHP
  49th 1489 Bob Revesz St. Louis Cardinals LHP
2009 3rd 86 Chris Dominguez San Francisco Giants 3B
  3rd 92 Justin Marks Oakland Athletics LHP
2008 13th 406 B.J. Rosenberg Philadelphia Phillies RHP
24th 725 Zack Pitts St. Louis Cardinals RHP
26th 788 Derrick Alfonso Milwaukee Brewers C
33rd 999 Justin McClanahan Toronto Blue Jays 2B
2007 Comp A 56 Trystan Magnuson Toronto Blue Jays RHP
  11th 364 Isaiah Howes New York Yankees OF
  20th 629 Logan Johnson Chicago White Sox 2B
  28th 850 Boomer Whiting Washington Nationals OF
  38th 1161 Chris Cates Minnesota Twins SS
2003 13th 397 Mark Jurich Atlanta Braves OF
46th 1349 Josh Bolen Tampa Bay Rays OF
2002 13th 399 Adam Haley Arizona Diamondbacks SS
2000 12th 347 Sean Green Colorado Rockies RHP
  20th 602 Brian Bentley Boston Red Sox RHP
1999 7th 211 James McAuley Kansas City Royals C
1997 18th 551 Danny Haas Boston Red Sox OF
  23rd 699 Matt Berger Chicago White Sox 1B
1995 21st 572 Brian Hommel Milwaukee Brewers LHP
1992 10th 269 Dan Kopriva Cincinnati Reds 3B
1991 12th 313 Rod Biehl Houston Astros LHP
1990 13th 351 Greg Graham Boston Red Sox SS
1985 16th 410 Kerry Griffith St. Louis Cardinals RHP
1984 13th 319 Scott Reburn Cincinnati Reds RHP
1981 12th 292 Ed Miles Chicago White Sox OF
1980 10th 237 Rick Siriano Atlanta Braves OF
  10th 248 Joe Roberts Texas Rangers OF
  19th 478 Monty Holland Cleveland Indians RHP
  35th 784 Kevin Malone Cleveland Indians 2B
1979 11th 279 Mark Jurena Baltimore Orioles OF
1978 5th 105 Mike Miller Atlanta Braves SS
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