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NCAA Baseball Regional - Louisville, Ky. - Post-Game Quotes


May 30, 2009

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Louisville Head Coach Dan McDonnell
(On the outcome) "We had a couple great catches, Josh had the huge homerun, and we manufactured the run late. It was a great baseball game, and fortunately, we came out on top."

(On the pitching) "Another great night on the mound. Dean Kiekhefer was phenomenal, and Derek Self came in for the last three innings, and he made the ninth look as easy as the seventh."

(On the advantage gained by the win) "You still have to win and you still have to play well. Everybody in the country would say they would rather be in our shoes, being 2-0, but it doesn't guarantee anything. You have got to play well in the first inning, and we will be playing a team coming off a win with nothing to lose."

Louisville OF Josh Richmond
(On his hitting) "Coming into tonight I haven't been swinging the bat as well, so every at-bat today I tried to go up and have a short swing, and lucky tonight I fell into a lot of fastball counts. On the full count, I figured the fastball was coming and I just wanted to keep a short swing on the ball and lucky he threw it a little bit up and a little bit in and I stayed short. I haven't done that in a long time. It felt pretty good."

Louisville C Jeff Arnold
(On the call to steal third base) "When it comes to stolen base situations like that, choosing the right time, Coach McDonald is the best in the business. We felt that if I got a good jump, there would be a good chance I could steal the base."

(On the subsequent run scored) "I was fortunate that the throw wasn't perfect. Their catcher did a great job the whole game, and the whole loss should not be pinned on him for any reason."



Middle Tennessee Head Coach Steve Peterson
(Opening thoughts) "You knew something big was going to happen, whether it was a homerun or something else. I thought Bryce really threw outstanding as well."

(On the Louisville pitching) "Their lefty (Kiekhefer) made us look sick all night with his breaking ball, and the reliever (Self) came in with an outstanding fastball. Both sides pitched very well."

(On the game winning run) "It's unfortunate that Drew threw the ball away. He thought he had an out at third, and being an ex-catcher, I know the feeling. But he thought he had an out. A big part of Louisville's game was the stolen base, and we knew a submariner is not the best as far as holding runners. Drew threw a bullet down to second base, he just had a great jump. But that's baseball, that's the way it goes. It was a heck of a ballgame."

Middle Tennessee P Bryce Brentz
(On his approach to the Louisville batters) "Our plan was to go after them. Hitters like that want pitchers to challenge them, and a lot of times, pitchers don't challenge them all year. Drew and my mindsets were to go after them. If made a mistake, we knew we would pay for it, and we almost paid for it in the first at-bat."

Middle Tennessee C Drew Robertson
(On the game winning run) "The ball hit him square in the back. I came up and I knew he was trying to be aggressive with either a squeeze or something else. Cody did what he needed to do and left it in my hands. I thought I had a good opportunity to throw him out, and try and get the momentum back, but obviously I hit him right in the back with it."

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