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Louisville Baseball Post-Game Quotes


Feb. 26, 2012

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Louisville Head Coach Dan McDonnell
(On the pitching performance of Travis Tingle today) "We had used a lot of arms on Friday and Saturday, so we really needed a quality start today and Travis gave us that. As everyone who saw Oakland play this weekend can tell you, Oakland is an aggressive, quality offensive club that won't go down easily. They foul off a lot of balls and they make you throw a lot of pitches. They seem to have a lot of quality at-bats from inning to inning, so for Travis to get into the seventh was exactly what we needed today."

(On what he saw in the Cards' 4-0 week) "We're seeing the depth we have on our pitching staff. Cole (Sturgeon) got out there for the first time today, which was nice, and (Joe) Filomeno came back today and threw a very good ninth inning. Offensively, I thought we had a pretty good week. We had a couple of lulls out there and we had a few innings where we didn't seem to be as competitive as I'd like to see. There are times when we don't get the runner in from third, but I also realize that we can't be perfect. We will talk a lot before the next game (Tuesday at home against Eastern Illinois) about what we've learned from the good and the bad. Our goal is to get better, but it's nice to open this homestand with four nice wins."

Louisville Senior RHP Travis Tingle
(On his outing today) "Today, it was my fastball. People ask me what my best pitch is and I say my fastball. I can put wherever I want it and I can usually work with the umpire's zone with it and then work my other pitches in from there. It's always good to throw at home in front of the home crowd. It's easier to throw when you know the mound and you're in the ballpark where you practice."

(On what the team has done well in the six-game winning streak) "We're seeing some good offensive numbers and better production early compared to last year. They're giving our pitchers a lot of help and we don't have to pitch tight like it's a one-run ballgame. When we give up a run or two, they come back and get the runs back to lift us up. We're really gelling as a team right now and that's great to see, especially this early in the season."



Louisville Junior 2B Nick Ratajczak
(On the team is doing in order to find success early in the season) "We're really preparing well. Every day in practice we're doing the little things we need to do in the game. Whether it's situational hitting, pitchers and their pickoffs or whatever it may be, overall we're doing what we need to do right now. We have to continue to be more consistent and keep doing this throughout the season."

(On what the team needs to improve upon the most moving forward) "We have to keep the pedal down throughout the game. Like today, we scored three runs in each of the first two innings and then it's like we let off of the gas pedal. We need to be more consistent and keep doing what we're doing."

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