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Student-athletes must receive academic advising from both their athletic academic counselor and from a unit or faculty advisor. Student-athletes with a declared major should have an assigned faculty advisor.

Because student-athletes have a limited time frame in which to schedule classes, they are given first priority for pre-registration. Approximately two weeks prior to the pre-registration period for the general student population, student-athletes must schedule an appointment with their athletic academic counselor to create a course schedule that will satisfy the student's academic goals and program requirements, meet NCAA guidelines and regulations, and fit in with his/her practice and competition schedules.

Student-athletes should take the recommended schedule to his/her unit academic or faculty advisor for approval if required by the unit, and return the form to their Athletic Academic Counselor.

All student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours. Student-athletes may not drop or add a course without the written approval of their Athletic Academic Counselor.

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