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Academic Center - Advising (Recruiting)



Academic Center Counselors make themselves available to meet with student-athlete recruits and their families during the regular week provided they are given adequate notice of such visits by the coaching staff.

Recruiting Weekends: The football team schedules official NCAA recruiting visits for potential recruits on certain weekends throughout the year. Counselors who advise football student-athletes will be available to meet with the recruits and their families. The typical recruiting weekend generally operates as follows:

  • Time Frame - 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • Academic Brunch - Student-Athletes, families, coaching staff and academic advisors meet formally for a meal.
  • Tours - Volunteer guides from various departments of the University conduct campus tours for the recruits and their families.
  • Division Meetings - various academic divisions (i.e. School of Business, Speed School, etc.) meet with interested student-athletes to discuss their specific programs and answer questions.
  • Group Meetings - Counselors from the Academic Center address all the recruits and their families regarding the services offered, requirements, etc.

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