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Monitoring the progress of the student-athlete is a daily exercise requiring a great deal of time and paperwork. Several forms of monitoring are employed both on a daily, weekly and semester basis. The following systems are recommended:

Time Planning Meetings: These meetings occur early in the semester and are required for all freshmen and student-athletes. Student and counselor meet to discuss and fill out time management forms, a semester summary sheet for each class, and a weekly assignment due date schedule. These forms are reviewed and updated on a weekly basis during meetings between the counselor and the student.

Student Conferences: Counselors attempt to schedule meetings on a regular basis with all student advisees. Special meetings may be arranged at the discretion of the counselor. These conferences may or may not be documented, at the discretion of the counselor.

Daily Attendance: Class attendance is currently being supervised and monitored by the Assistant Athletic Director in conjunction with the coaching staff.

Study Hall: Depending upon the team requirements, student-athletes are required to attend monitored study hall on a weekly basis. All students who attend study hall must sign in and sign out on the weekly study hall hours sheet. The weekly study hall form includes dates, times, total hours, and study objectives for each session.

Tutor Talks: The Tutor Talk Form is a written summary of a tutoring session between a student-athlete and a tutor. The form explains what course was reviewed, how punctual and prepared the student was, what specific material was covered and an evaluation by the tutor of the student's progress.

Progress Reports: During each semester, Progress Report Forms are sent to all faculty members who have student-athletes enrolled in their classes. The form for each class lists all the student-athletes enrolled in the specific course. The faculty are requested to provide an estimated grade, indicate any attendance problems, and make suggestions or comments in regard to the student-athlete. Individual copies of the Progress Reports are provided to the appropriate counselor daily.

Academic Summary Reports: Academic Summary Reports are compiled after each semester. The report includes the number of credit hours earned the previous two semesters, the current number of credit hours the student-athlete is enrolled in, the previous semester grade point average, a cumulative grade point average, and the current academic status of the student-athlete.

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