Student-Athlete of the Week - Katie George

Katie George was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

Katie George was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

Sep 5, 2013

Post-collegiate Ambition: sports broadcaster and beach volleyball player

Person with Greatest Influence on Athletic Career: Melissa Starck-Bean

Biggest Thrill in Sports: being the underdog and upsetting a higher seed

Athlete You Most Admire: Kerri Walsh

What Impresses You Most About Your Coach: how passionate she is about our game

What Has Been Your Biggest Obstacle to Overcome: my blood clot

Hobbies and Outside Interests: hanging out with my family and friends

Pre-competition Superstition: hairstyle and shoelaces

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter

Favorite TV Shows: Nashville and Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Musical Group: Luke Bryan

Favorite Foods: steak (medium rare)

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Favorite Professor: Scott Sallade

Favorite Class: HSS 597

Favorite Funny Movie Quote: "If you ain't first, you're last." - Ricky Bobby

A "Stupid Human Trick" I Can Do: talk in various accents

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Seth Meyers

Words That Best Describe Me: competitive, motivated, and funny

Best Advice I Have Gotten in Sports: "Never let someone tell you, you aren't good enough."

What People Should Know About Me but Probably Don't: I'm Lebanese

If They Made a Movie of Your Life, Who Would Star in it and What Would It Be Called: Amy Poehler - "The Life and Trial of Katie George"

If You Could Have Dinner With Three People, Who Would It Be? Abraham Lincoln, Ironman, and Marilyn Monroe

Why I Chose UofL: Homegrown and Anne Kordes

Best Part of Being a Student-Athlete: being supported by such a great community

Moment You Realized You Were Really Good at Your Sport: being named National Player of the Year by

Strangest Thing That Ever Happened to Me While Competing: I had to wear a martial arts helmet because of my blood clot



What Is Your Favorite Place You Have Ever Visited: New Orleans

Favorite Season: Summer

    American Athletic Conference NCAA University of Louisville
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