Student-Athlete of the Week - Ashley Herbst

Ashley Herbst was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

Ashley Herbst was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

July 25, 2013

Post-collegiate Ambition: open a bakery

Person with Greatest Influence on Athletic Career: my grandfather

Biggest Thrill in Sports: the pressure

Athlete You Most Admire: Tim Tebow

What Impresses You Most About Your Coach: dedication to the program

What Has Been Your Biggest Obstacle to Overcome: fitness

Hobbies and Outside Interests: baking and watching sports

Pre-competition Superstition: underwear

Favorite Professional Team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite Movie: Grease, Titanic, and Mrs. Doubtfire

Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Gossip Girl, and Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Musical Group: Lady Antebellum

Favorite Foods: crab

Favorite Book: The Hunger Games

Favorite Professor: Dr. Hancock

Favorite Class: HSS 184 - Healthy Lifestyles

Favorite Funny Movie Quote: "Yeah, no, don't put me down for cardio." - Pitch Perfect

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Blake Lively

Words That Best Describe Me: outgoing, funny, and organized

Best Advice I Have Gotten in Sports: have a short-term memory (goalie)

What People Should Know About Me but Probably Don't: I'm the next Betty Crocker

Why I Chose UofL: the support of athletics

Best Part of Being a Student-Athlete: getting to do what you love everyday

Moment You Realized You Were Really Good at Your Sport: 7th grade when I was pulled up to varsity

If I Won the Lottery, I Would Use the Money For: helping my family and college loans

Strangest Thing That Ever Happened to Me While Competing: bus breaking down before Notre Dame game; rode in hotel shuttle bus

What Is Your Favorite Place You Have Ever Visited: Los Cabos, Mexico

Favorite Season: Spring



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