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Student-Athlete of the Week: Daniel Keller

Daniel Keller was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week.

Daniel Keller was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week.

July 22, 2014

Daniel Keller

Post-collegiate Ambition: to be an investment banker

Person with Greatest Influence on Athletic Career: my dad

Biggest Thrill in Sports: scoring in the Sweet 16 vs. Maryland

Athlete You Most Admire: Andrew Luck

What Impresses You Most About Your Coach: his motivational skills

What Has Been Your Biggest Obstacle to Overcome: redshirting

Hobbies and Outside Interests: reading, football, basketball, and tweeting

Pre-competition Superstition: tape my left wrist

Favorite Professional Team: Indianapolis Colts

Favorite Movie: Casino Royale

Favorite TV Shows: Suits and Mad Money

Favorite Musical Group: Coldplay

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti and meatballs

Favorite Book: The DaVinci Code

Favorite Professor: Dr. Jay Brandi

Favorite Class: FIN 301 - Corporate Finance

Favorite Funny Movie Quote: "It's the pancake breakfast, we do it every month." - Anchorman

A "Stupid Human Trick" I Can Do: blow bubbles with my tongue

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Warren Buffett

Words That Best Describe Me: driven, friendly, and social

Best Advice I Have Gotten in Sports: "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser."

What People Should Know About Me but Probably Don't: I'm a perfectionist

If They Made a Movie of Your Life, Who Would Star in it and What Would It Be Called: George Clooney in "The Real DK"

If You Could Have Dinner With Three People, Who Would It Be? Chuck Pagano, George Washington, and Manti Te'o's girlfriend

Why I Chose UofL: athletics

Best Part of Being a Student-Athlete: competing every day

Moment You Realized You Were Really Good at Your Sport: when I beat my dad in the backyard

If I Won the Lottery, I Would Use the Money For: charity and donating to UofL

Strangest Thing That Ever Happened to Me While Competing: The coach on the adjacent field had a heart attack and the sideline ref was helping him when the other team scored a goal which should've been offsides, but the assistant ref wasn't looking.



What Is Your Favorite Place You Have Ever Visited: Atlantis, Bahamas

Favorite Season: autumn

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