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Student-Athlete of the Week - Andrea Zorn

Andrea Zorn was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

Andrea Zorn was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

May 19, 2014

Name: Andrea Zorn

Sport: Rowing

Post-college ambition: To get a PhD in archaeology

Person with greatest influence on athletic career: My dad, Ted Zorn

Biggest thrill in sports: The last 100 meters of the race

Athlete you most admire: Mahé Drysdale

What impresses you most about your coach: Ability to keep us hungry for competition on the hardest days to stay motivated

What has been your biggest athletic obstacle to overcome: Knowing my value wherever I land

Hobbies and outside interests: Hiking, traveling and enjoying my friends' company

Pre-competition superstition: Getting pumped

Favorite professional team: All Blacks (New Zealand national rugby team)

Favorite Movie: P.S. I Love You

Favorite TV show: I don't watch TV

Favorite music artist: Jack Johnson

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite class: ANTH 508 - History of Anthropology

Favorite professor: Dr. Jonathan Haws

Favorite funny movie quote: "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die" from Despicable Me

A "Stupid Human Trick" you can do: I'm double jointed

Words that best describe you: Kiwi, little, wanderlust, nerd, and archaeologist

What people should know about you but probably don't: I volunteer on the sustainability council and I support buying local

If you could have dinner with three people (current, historical, fictional) who would it be: Christopher Sims, Karl Marx and Harry Potter

Best part about being an athlete: The UofL family

The moment I realized I was really good at my sport: When I won 5 national medals

Your favorite place to volunteer or do community service: Habitat for Humanity

The strangest thing that ever happened to you while you were competing in your sport: My boat sunk

What is your favorite place you have ever visited: Stanmore Bay, New Zealand



What is your favorite season: Summer - so chill
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