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Student-Athlete of the Week - Colleen O'Malley

Colleen O'Malley was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

Colleen O'Malley was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

March 13, 2014

Name: Colleen O'Malley

Sport: Lacrosse

Post-college ambition: Work for an NHL team

Person with greatest influence on athletic career: My dad - Richard O'Malley

Biggest thrill in sports: Scoring the game-winning goal

Athlete you most admire: Mia Hamm

What impresses you most about your coach: Her passion

What has been your biggest athletic obstacle to overcome: Speed of the game

Hobbies and outside interests: Watching movies and playing other sports

Pre-competition superstition: None

Favorite professional team: Philadelphia Flyers

Favorite Movie: Shooter

Favorite TV show: Nashville

Favorite music artist: Eminem

Favorite food: Cheese quesadilla

Favorite book: The Hunger Games series

Favorite professor: Dr. Mary Hums

Favorite funny movie quote: "Bye Buddy, I hope you find your dad" - Elf

Favorite iPhone/Android app: Instagram

A "Stupid Human Trick" you can do: Wiggle my ears

Person you would most like to meet: Mark Wahlberg

Words that best describe you: Loud and outgoing

Best advice you have gotten about sports: "Play until you physically can't"

If they filmed a movie about your life, who would star in it and what would it be called: "The Undateable Life" featuring Brittany Spears

If you could have dinner with three people (current, historical, fictional) who would it be: Mark Wahlberg, Heath Ledger and Jennifer Lawrence

Why you chose UofL: Facilities, coaches, and team

Best part about being an athlete: The gear

The moment you realized you were really good at your sport: Sophomore year of high school

Your favorite place to volunteer or do community service: Fields of Growth

The strangest thing that ever happened to you while you were competing in your sport: Finding my mouth guard in my sports bra

What is your favorite place you have ever visited: Denver, Colorado

What is your favorite season: Summer (beach)



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