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Student-Athlete of the Week - Alex Burtch

Alex Burtch was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

Alex Burtch was selected as the Louisville Student-Athlete of the Week

Feb. 13, 2012

Post-collegiate Ambition: Become a coach at a university

Biggest Thrill in Sports: Winning the 800 freestyle relay at 2011 Big East Championships

Athlete You Most Admire: Greg Jennings

What Impresses You Most About Your Coach: His hair

What Has Been Your Biggest Obstacle to Overcome: Getting mono my junior year of high school

Hobbies and Outside Interests: League of Legends

Pre-competition Superstitions: Clif Energy Gels

Favorite Professional Team: Detroit Tigers

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski

Favorite TV Show: Entourage

Favorite Food: Papalino's Pizza

Favorite Musical Group: 311

Favorite Book: Johnny Got His Gun

Favorite Professor: Steve Sohn - Communications

Favorite Class: HSS 394 - Introduction to Exercise Science

Favorite Funny Movie Quote: "What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze?"

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Jeff Bridges

Best Advice I Have Gotten in Sports: From mom..."I'm not paying for you to mess around at swim practice"

Words That Best Describes Me: Hungry

If You Could Have Dinner With Three People, Who Would It Be? Paula Deen, Gordon Ramsay, & Emeril Lagasse

Why I Chose UofL: Facilities, a great team, and great coaches

Best Part of Being a Student-Athlete: Free tickets

If I Won the Lottery, I Would Use the Money For: My honeymoon and retirement

Strangest Thing That Ever Happened to Me While Competing: At age 7 I lost my suit after diving in

What Is Your Favorite Place You Have Ever Visited: Hilton Head, South Carolina

Favorite Season: Spring



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