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Dawn Aulick
Dawn Aulick

Learning Specialist

Dawn Aulick is in her fourth year as the Olga S. Peers Academic Center Learning Specialist at the University of Louisville. She assists student-athletes with individual instruction in study skills, self-assessment and learning strategies, time management and organizational skills. She helps educate student-athletes regarding their individual learning profiles, styles and strengths and weaknesses.

She serves as a student advocate and liaison with faculty and Disability Resource Center to ensure all accommodations are given according to each student's exceptionality. In addition to the above duties, Aulick is a member of the University of Louisville's Athletic Performance Team.

Aulick is a Louisville native, but completed her bachelor's degree in Special Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities at East Carolina in 1999. She returned to Louisville, where she completed her Master's of Education degree in 2002. She has worked in both the public and private school educational settings for 8 years.

She currently resides in the Louisville area with her husband Eric, and children, Braden, Chase and Lily.

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