Assessment Tools


  • Career Key - Career exploration, career planning, and making career decisions is a challenge. How do you find job satisfaction and success and a good life-work balance? This site will make it clearer.

  • Individual Counseling with UL Career Center

  • My Majors - This website helps you determine what major might best fit your interest and future aspirations.

  • * Discover: Greatly improve your chances at making successful career decisions by approaching these decisions in a systematic way. Look at your interests, abilities and values, personality and investigate what is involved with different careers. Look at what majors go with what careers. Put it all together in your own personalized career plan that you can print out.

  • * The Strong Interest Inventory is a paper and pencil interest test that measures your level of interest in broad occupational areas by comparing your interests with people who are happily employed in over 100 occupations. It can give you some idea of what occupations may be enjoyable for you.

  • Career Voyages - This website enables you to research which industries are growing, the skills necessary for a job in particular fields, and salary expectations.

    * Contact the University of Louisville Counselor, Mr. James Brown to schedule an appt. to do Discover or the Strong Interest Inventory. Mr. Brown can be reached by phone at (502)852-6585.

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