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Mission Statement: The L-Club, in conjunction with the Cardinal Athletic Fund, is a social club that exists to provide former Cardinal Letterwinners the opportunity to continue their involvement in Louisville Athletics by responding to the needs of the coaches, department of athletics and the alumni association. This fellowship of letterwinners strives to keep Cardinal spirit and loyalty alive to strengthen the tradition of Louisville Athletics.

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L-Club Introduction

The University of Louisville's Letterwinner's Club has been a strong influence on Cardinal tradition for over 70 years. Our members are committed to the well-being of our letterwinning brothers and sisters, the Louisville athletic department and the over 500 current student-athletes on campus.

L-Club Contact Information

Mailing Address:
University of Louisville
Student Activities Center - Room E-301
Louisville, KY 40292

Street Address:
2100 South Floyd Street
Student Activities Center - Room E-301
Louisville, KY 40208

Fax Number: (c/o L-Club)
(502) 852-0816

L-Club President - Suzanne Burns

U of L Athletics Contact - Zach Brooks
(502) 852-7079

The L-Club consists of those former student-athletes who have graduated with a Letter from the University of Louisville. Currently, the L-Club recognizes letters in almost 30 sports, including such past sports as Rifle, Fencing, Gymnastics and Archery.

The Board of Directors is devoted to making sure our family of letterwinners is provided with a stage to reach out to teammates to maintain the bond that was created while on campus. Special events are planned as stewardship opportunities for our members as everyone is encouraged to attend. Regular events bring back hundreds of former athletes illustrating their loyalty and commitment to their alma mater.

Perhaps the biggest focus of the L-Club is the betterment of the University and the current bunch of student-athletes competing on campus. The Board of Directors regularly earmarks thousands of dollars to help with the ever-increasing costs of athletic scholarships. Currently, we are concentrating on building a relationship with the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) and becoming more involved with the CardsCARE and Cardinal Life After Sports Mentor programs to help better prepare our student-athletes for life during and after their days in a Louisville uniform.

By working with the Cardinal Athletic Fund, the athletic department's fundraising arm, since 2002, the L-Club has been able to play a part in the development of one of the fastest moving athletic programs in the country. Members not only have the opportunity to take advantage of benefits within the L-Club structure, but also have access to CAF benefits as well. This partnership has allowed our members an even greater ownership in Louisville Athletics by playing an integral part in the growth of our student-athletes.

We hope you'll help us make Louisville a great place to play intercollegiate athletics and a special place after the playing days are over. For information on joining, call Zach Brooks at (502) 852-7079 or e-mail him at zach.brooks@louisville.edu. To update your contact information, please follow the UofL Athletics Alumni Update link.