Student Athlete Profile - Jennifer Craven, Volleyball

Dec. 15, 2004

Jennifer Craven
5-9 * Junior * S/DS
Louisville, Ky. (Assumption HS)

Jennifer's Bio

Post college ambition: To get a job, get married and have kids

People with the Greatest Influence on Athletic Career: Parents and coaches

Biggest Thrill in Sports: Winning state title all four years in high school and winning two national titles in high school

Athlete you most admire: Sarah Drury

Hobbies and outside interests: Sleeping

Favorite Movies: Sister Act, A League of Their Own and Finding Nemo

Favorite TV Show: It was Friends

Favorite Musical Group: Simple Plan

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Class: Sociology

Favorite Funny Movie Quote: "White men can't jump"

Words that describe me best: Hard worker, outgoing, friendly

Best advice I have gotten about sports: Never quit

What people should know about me but probably don't: I am a really nice person

Why I chose U of L: I wanted to stay close to home so I could have more support from my family and friends

Best part about being an athlete: You feel special when little kids come up to you and want your autograph

If I won the lottery, I would use the money for: Buying a new car, buying new sweats and give money to all of my friends and family.