Student Athlete Profile - Cory Thorne, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country

Dec. 7, 2005

Cory Thorne
Men's Track & Field / Cross Country
Portsmouth, N.H.

Cory's Bio

Post-college ambition: Continue running, possibly the Olympics

Person with greatest influence on his athletic career: His high school track coach and teacher, Stan Lyford.

Biggest thrill in sports: Winning the 2000m steeplechase at the Nike Outdoor Nationals with a meet record time of 5:49.

Athlete he most admires: Steve Prefontaine

What impresses him most about his coach: The amount of knowledge he has about the sport and his constant positive attitude.

Hobbies and outside interests: Playing other recreational sports, cooking and poker.

Pre-competition superstitions: He says he will do well if he eats lasagna the night before a race.

Favorite movies: Without Limits, Remember the Titans, Gone in 60 Seconds.

Favorite TV shows/channels: Comedy Central, American Choppers, ESPN

Favorite musical group: Beatles

Favorite foods: Lasagna, Water melon, steak.

Favorite class: Math

Favorite book: Things Not Seen

Favorite professional sports team: Boston Red Sox

Person he'd most like to meet: Adam Sandler

Words that best describe him are: Dedicated, energetic, lazy

Best advice he's gotten about sports: "You're only going to be as good as you want to be."

If they filmed a movie about his life, what would it be called? Change of Plans

If he could have dinner with three people (current, historical, fictional) who would it be: Steve Prefontaine, Michael Jordan and Ben Franklin

Why he chose U of L: Because of head coach Ron Mann and assistant coach Brice Allen

Best part about being an athlete: Traveling all over the country

If he won the lottery, he would use the money for: New car, new house and a vacation to Europe