Student Athlete Profile - Beth Daunhauer, Rowing

Nov. 8, 2006

Beth Daunhauer
Louisville, Ky.
(Seneca HS)

Beth's Bio

Post-college ambition: To continue rowing, attend graduate school and then work in the nutrition or coaching fields

People with the greatest influence on her athletic career: All of her rowing teammates and coaches

Biggest thrill in sports: Placing second in the Petite Final at the 2006 NCAA Regional

Athletes she most admires: All of the UofL rowers

What impresses her most about her coach: He's very passionate about the sport and he knows how to prepare a team to win.

Hobbies and outside interests: Running, swimming and hiking

Pre-Competition Superstition: She must have her hair braided

Favorite movie: Glory Road

Favorite TV shows: Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond

Favorite musical group: Goo Goo Dolls

Favorite foods: Fruit, oatmeal, yogurt and granola

Favorite class: Exercise Psyiology

Favorite professional team: Seattle Seahawks

Person she'd most like to meet: The US Rowing National Team coach

Words that best describe her best are: Driven, hard working, competitive

Best advice she's gotten about sports: "Be patient and practice like you want to compete."

What people should know about me but probably don't: She loves to watch basketball.

Why she chose U of L: It's a wonderful city and the fan support of UofL athletics is amazing.

Best part of being an athlete: The opportunity to learn so much from so many people.

The moment she realized she was really good at her sport: When she qualified for the World Indoor Rowing Championships her sophomore season

If she won the lottery, she'd use the money for: To purchase the rowing team a new boathouse

The strangest thing that's ever happened to her while she was competing: Seeing all of the crazy things that float down the Ohio River.