Comments from Rick Pitino, Head Men's Basketball Coach, on Joining the BIG EAST

Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino

Nov. 4, 2003

"We are very excited as a university. It's exciting on a number of fronts, first and foremost, the University President and the academic community are excited to be a part of this league. You can see the excitement when you talk to Dr. Ramsey about this affiliation. Second, is in football. As the program builds under Coach Petrino, there has always been a roadblock to greatness. They have had great teams and a great football tradition, but you really couldn't participate in the NCAA championship because of the alignment of bowls. Basketball as well as Women's basketball will compete in the deepest, most talented conference in the history of basketball. There will never be a night where one has an easy opponent."

"The ones that benefit are the all the local fans. Because they are going to be jumping at the bit because the schedules are going to be so enticing and so stimulating for all of them in terms of outstanding competition."

"We are very excited with this move. It is something that I could not have imaged in a million years when taking this job."

"With all the TV markets, and the mass media markets, the media coverage is going to be unbelievable for the conference."

"It is not going to affect our program in any way from a negative standpoint. If anything it's a positive move and I am behind it 100 percent."