Comments from Bobby Petrino, Head Football Coach, on Joining the BIG EAST

Bobby Petrino
Bobby Petrino

Nov. 4, 2003

"Certainly we're excited about the announcement. I think it's a great thing for our football program, the entire school and the entire city of Louisville. What it does for us is puts in a different pool of recruiting. We're going to be able to recruit young men who have that ambition to be able to play for a national championship. I know that this league is something that will be great for us as a football program and we're looking forward beginning rivalries with Pittsburgh and West Virginia and the new teams coming in and of course we got started with Syracuse this year and that was good. I'm very much looking forward to it. Personally I'm looking forward to going to the Garden and watching our basketball team play."

On being able to play for a national championship.
"It's all out there for us now. We have the facilities, the city, certainly have backing by the administration. Now it's up to us to go out and be able to bring in the recruits and do a good job of coaching to put us in the position to go out and win a national championship."

"It's time now for everybody in the city of Louisville and the
state of Kentucky to talk about Louisville when you talk about football and not the Big Ten. Once we get there it will really help us in keeping the best players in the city and the state here."

On expanding the recruiting base.
"When you play in certain areas you need to recruit players from those areas. We've been looking into some offensive linemen from New Jersey and Pennsylvania which are good for a certain type of athlete. I think our main area of recruiting will still be in the south and have a big emphasis on speed."

On South Florida joining the BIG EAST
"I think it's great for our players to be able to go home, and be able to get them up here - and open that pool for recruiting. South Florida has done well in basketball and football as well as other sports, so I think it's a great thing."