LCare's Elite Team Gathers for Leadership Talk

Coach Pitino meets with Team Elite
Coach Pitino meets with Team Elite

Oct. 24, 2012

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - - The University of Louisville Athletic Department's men's leadership group had the opportunity to learn about leadership from one of the greatest coaches in college athletics when Head Men's Basketball Coach Rick Pitino met with Team Elite.

Pitino spoke to the group about leadership and his lessons to help them improve as team leaders now as well as when they transition into their professional careers. Through personal stories and experiences he shared his insights about motivation, focus, communication and adversity. Coach then opened the floor to answer questions from the group.

Football student-athlete, Aaron Nance, asked Coach Pitino his advice on how to get an entire team to work towards a common goal and see the value in the big picture. Pitino discussed the idea of the "Team Ego" over each individual's own ego. As a leader it is your responsibility to motivate your teammates towards the team goal and help them realize individual goals will fall in line if team goals are accomplished.

"Coach Pitino is one of the most notable coaches in college athletics. He talked about how important it is for leaders to listen and learn. Listen to your teammates, coaches, and those who have come before and made mistakes. I think a lot of people think leaders always have to be loud, vocal and in the spotlight. Coach made me realize that the most effective and admired leaders are humble yet confident and listen more than they speak," commented Luke Lovelace, a fifth-year senior on the Men's Track and Field team.

Twenty-nine male student-athletes from each of the Cardinal men's teams have been selected by their coaches to participate in this leadership development program. Throughout the year, Team Elite will hear from notable coaches, business, and community leaders regarding leadership lessons. Team Elite is part of the athletic department's LCare program, the comprehensive student-athlete development program.