Student Athlete Profile - Missy Briery, Field Hockey

Aug. 24, 2006

Missy Briery
Field Hockey
5-4 * Junior * M/B
Delmar, Calif.
(Torrey Pines)

Missy's Bio

Post-college ambition: To work with deaf athletes and with college athletics

Person with the greatest influence on her athletic career: Kari DiGiulio (high school field hockey coach) and Doug Gilbert (high school basketball coach)

Biggest thrill in sports: Pulling out a win at the very end of the game after being down the whole game

Athletes she most admires: John Lynch and Diana Taurasi

What impresses her most about her coach: Her ability to be your friend, mentor, and coach at any given time

What has been her biggest obstacles to overcome: Moving away from home to come to U of L

Hobbies and outside interests: Surfing and coaching basketball

Favorite movies: Remember the Titans, Wedding Crashers, Top Gun, The Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls

Favorite TV shows: American Idol, Project Runway, CSI and Survivor

Favorite Musical Artists: Panic at the Disco, Rascal Flatts, OAR, The Fray, James Blunt, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, Missy Elliot, Jimmy Eat World

Favorite food: Ice cream

Favorite class: American Sign Language

Favorite funny movie quotes: "Stop looking at me swan" - Billy Madison

Favorite professional team: San Diego Padres and Chargers

A "stupid human trick" she can do: Move her throat similar to that of a frog

Person she'd most like to meet: Chris Daugherty from American Idol and Angelina Jolie

Words that best describe her are: Caring, loving, crazy, easy-going

Best advice she's gotten about sports: "Always put your whole heart into it! Never give up!"

What people should know about her but probably don't: She practiced martial arts for nine years

If they filmed a movie of her life, who would star in it and what would it be called: I Hope You Dance starring Julia Stiles

If she could have dinner with three people (current, historical, fictional), who would it be: Chris Daugherty from American Idol, Princess Diana, and Superman

Why she chose U of L: Team Cardinal

Best part of being an athlete: The friends you make along the way and the competition!

If she won the lottery, she'd use the money for: I would donate some of the money to the American Cancer Society, donate some to Make A Wish Foundation, and I would travel around the world.

The strangest thing that's ever happened to her while she was competing: In a high school basketball game, I realized the girl I was guarding was my best friend in the 5th grade.

The moment she realized she was really good at her sport: When I helped my high school team win CIF my junior year.

Pre-Competition Superstitions: Stepping over the sideline after a moment of silence with Beth Latham.