L-Club - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the L-Club?

    The L-Club is the elite letterwinners club for the University of Louisville and is made up of more than 850 dues-paying members. The club provides social venues for members to catch up with old teammates and the opportunity to stay involved with the athletic programs at the University of Louisville. The L-Club provides a stage for former student-athletes to help current student-athletes.

  • Who is eligible for the L-Club?

    Anyone who has earned a varsity letter is eligible.

  • What types of benefits do I receive for my L-Club membership?

    Benefits include reserved seating sections at football and men's basketball games, admission to the L-Club rooms at Papa John's Cardinal stadium and Freedom Hall, social events, volunteer opportunities, and much more. For a more detailed list, go the front page of the L-Club website and click on "Benefits".

  • How can I become a member of the L-Club?

    Upon graduation, student-athletes are granted 5 years FREE membership. After those five years, an annual donation of $50.00 to the Cardinal Athletic Fund is required. For an L-Club application, visit the front page of the L-Club website and click on "Membership Application". Then either fax it in to (502) 852-0816 or mail it to:
    The University of Louisville
    Student Activities Center - Room E301
    Louisville, KY 40292

  • Are members of certain teams given complimentary membership?

    Yes - members of the National Championship Basketball teams of 1980 and 1986, as well as the 1991 Fiesta Bowl Champions, receive free membership in the club. These provisions were voted on by the Board of Directors.

  • How does my Cardinal Athletic Fund membership affect my L-Club membership?

    Your CAF contribution now covers your membership in the L-Club with no extra dues necessary. i.e- if you currently give a donation to the CAF, you will no longer be required to pay an additional $50 dues to the L-Club. Conversely, if you pay $50 for an L-Club membership, you will also receive membership at that level with the CAF. It is suggested that you become a member at the $100 level to receive a subscription to the Louisville Sports Report, the direct connection to UofL Athletics news.

  • I've already paid my gift to the Cardinal Athletic Fund - can I give an additional gift to the L-Club?

    Yes - although the CAF oversees the L-Club and you already receive benefits from the CAF, additional restricted gifts can be made to the L-Club specifically for special projects, L-Club Room Maintenance fees and other necessities.

  • Is my L-Club membership gift tax deductible?

    Yes - Under applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), the amount of a contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of the amount contributed over the value of any goods or services provided to the donor by the University. In addition, the IRC provides that 80 % of an amount paid to or for the benefit of an institution of higher education shall be treated as a charitable contribution if, as a result of the payment, the donor receives the right to purchase tickets for seating at an athletic event in an athletic stadium at the institution. In order to deduct 100 % of your gift you must waive all ticket benefits applicable to your CAF/L-Club donation.

  • How can I get football tickets in the L-Club sections at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium?

    The L-Club occupies two separate areas of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium - one is deemed a non-donor area and the other requires a per seat donation. The non-donor sections (sections 105 & 204) provide site-lines of the 20 to 25 yard line. The donor sections (sections 107 & 207) require a $200.00 per seat annual gift to the CAF (a letterwinner discount of $500) and provide a view of the 45 to 50 yard lines. The L-Club sections are reserved for members only and all club members receive a discounted season ticket price as well.

  • How can I get basketball tickets in the L-Club sections at Freedom Hall?

    The L-Club currently occupies half of section 123, all of section 124, and uses section 308 as an overflow section. All L-Club section seats require a per seat contribution to the CAF of $400.00 per seat. These annual seat donations reflect a 20% discount off what the general public would have to pay for similar seats. It is not guaranteed that you will receive seats, as all seats are sold on a season ticket basis and seats must open up in order for new requests to be filled. A request form must accompany all new requests - a printable request form is accessible by going to the front page of the L-Club website and clicking on "Basketball Request Form". All current basketball ticket holders requesting upgrades and moves will be filled prior to filling any new seat requests. In order to qualify for new basketball season tickets, you must be a football season ticket holder. It is recommended that you make your required gift when sending your request form.

  • What criteria are used when assigning new basketball seats in Freedom Hall?

    The Cardinal Athletic Fund's priority point system and level of support are the two largest factors. Points are accumulated based on lifetime giving and number of years associated with the CAF. However, other criteria involved in the process include those associated with your letterwinner status: Hall of Fame, All-America (athletic and/or academic), National Champion, etc. Former basketball players (men & women) receive priority over other letterwinners.

  • How do I upgrade my current basketball or football seats?

    Download the "Basketball Request Form" off the front page of the L-Club website, fill it out in its entirety and mail it in to the L-Club/CAF office or fax it in to 502.852.0816. It's suggested that your payment be included with your request form. You will be contacted in the Fall after the season ticket renewal deadline (early October) if changes can be made.

  • What is the deadline to request an upgrade?

    August 1 is the deadline. Any requests after that will not be accepted.

  • What is the deadline for making my priority seat donation and membership gift?

    May 1 is always the priority deadline. If you do not make your priority seat donation for football and basketball by this date, you risk losing your season ticket privileges. Once you lose your tickets they will be reassigned to a new member and you must re-enter the request process.

  • How do I gain access to the L-Club Room?

    The L-Club room is open to all members and a membership card is required for entry. No entry will be allowed without your membership card due to strict fire codes. The room is open two hours before kick-off for you and 3 guests, during halftime for you and 1 guest, and an hour post game for you and 3 guests. Card passing to friends is not accepted and will result in the loss of room privileges.

  • How do I become a member of the L-Club Board of Directors?

    You must be an active member of the L-Club and be elected by the general membership. Elections are held at the May L-Club meeting. A board of director's term is for three years. It is recommended that you attend a few board meetings prior to elections to introduce yourself and become familiar with the club's business structure.

  • How does being a member of the L-Club help the student-athletes at UofL?

    The L-Club helps fund scholarship needs for student-athletes including the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Education Foundation and the Hickman/Camp General Scholarship Fund as well as the Clark Wood Scholarship Fund. Members act as liaisons between the L-club and the athletic programs and help coaches with many tasks throughout the year - including the planning of letterwinner reunions. Members also serve as mentors for current student-athletes through the Cardinal Life After Sports Program to help the development of their professional careers.

  • What is the liaison program and how can I become a liaison?

    A liaison is a member of the board of directors who is assigned to stay in contact with a particular sport. Liaison's volunteer their time to help their coaches with certain projects such as reunions. To become a liaison, contact the L-Club president.

  • What is the Mentor Program and how can I become involved?

    In conjunction with the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program within the Student Athlete Services Department, the L-Club and its professional members are teaming with the "Life After Sports Mentor Program" to better prepare graduating student-athletes with life after their days in a Louisville uniform. If you're interested in becoming a mentor and helping our student-athletes, contact Valerie Owens-Combs at (502) 852-2473.

  • How can I update my information with the L-Club?

    Visit our website at and click on the button that reads "UofL Athletics Alumni Update". You can also go to your particular sport link and click on "UofL Athletics Alumni Update". contact Valerie Owens-Combs by phone at (502) 852-2473 or via email at

  • I have friends who have never received information from the L-Club. How can I make sure you get their information so they can join?

    Have your friends call us at (502) 852-2473 with their updated information, or you can give it to us over the phone. Please help us locate as many former athletes as possible - it is very difficult to keep up with so many people. Also see, "How can I update my information with L-Club" above.

  • I have lost my L-Club membership card, how do I go about replacing it?

    To replace your card, you must call Valerie Owens-Combs at (502) 852-2473 or via email at You will be asked a series of questions to ensure security.