Academic Center - Advising (Communication)



Counselor to Student-Athlete: Counselors communicate with each of their advisees on a weekly basis for all first year students. For upperclassmen, contacts are still regular and are on an as-needed basis. The Academic Center maintains an "open-door" policy for counselors, so student- athletes can stop by at any time. Formal contacts may be documented at the discretion of the Counselor.

Counselor to Coaching Staff: Counselors are in contact with the coaching staff daily. Informing coaches of progress reports, class attendance, study hall productivity, tutoring comments, and eligibility status takes place continually. The athletic counselor occasionally acts as an intermediary between the athlete and the coach or an athlete and a faculty member when conflicts in time, travel or other situations arise.

Counselor to Faculty: Whenever possible, Athletic Academic Counselors encourage student-athletes to communicate directly with their professors. However, instances when the counselors may need to directly confer with the faculty may be as follows:

  • Progress Reports are sent directly to faculty and returned to the Academic Center. Counselors follow up with the faculty by sending a Progress Report Update to the faculty thanking them for their assistance and informing them of actions that have been taken in response to their reports.
  • Academic Contact Reports are used in situations where a problem exists between a student-athlete and a professor that necessitates the intervention of the Athletic Academic Counselor. A description of the problem is included, as well as any negotiated solutions or recommendations to remedy the situation.
  • Travel Letters: Student-Athletes are instructed to inform their professors of any absences necessitated by travel or competitions. It is the student's responsibility to reschedule exams and make up work before their departure. The student-athlete should deliver a letter from the Director to his/her professors, asking for the professor's assistance and cooperation and listing dates and time departure and subsequent competitions. If conflicts occur that cannot be resolved between the student-athlete and the professor, the Athletic Academic Counselor may intervene as deemed necessary.