Student-Athlete Profile - Jazz Covington, Women's Basketball

July 14, 2004

Jazz Covington #12 Jazz Covington
Women's Basketball
6-3 * Freshman * Center
Adel, Ga. (Cook HS)

Jazz's Bio

Post-college ambition: Architecture and maybe the WNBA

Person with greatest influence on my career: Rhonda Covington (mother)

Biggest Thrill in Sports: Will be winning a national championship at U of L

Athlete I most admire: Ben Wallace

Hobbies and outside interests: Music

Favorite movie: Run Down

Favorite TV Show: Cosby's

Favorite musical group(s): Troup, Anthony Hamilton, Jodeci, Mary J. Blige

Favorite type of food: Collard greens, ribs and yellow rice

Favorite class: Math and art

Favorite book: Skinny Women Are Evil by Monique

Favorite funny movie quote: "Step into the light Caroline"

Person I'd most like to meet: Brother in Germany

Three words that describe me best: Fun, focused, quiet

Best advice I have gotten about sports: It's just a game!

If they filmed a movie of my life ... It would star Vivica A. Fox and be called "All That Jazz"

If I could have dinner with three people (current, historical, fictional) it would be: Morris Chestnut, Omar Epps and Al Green

Why I chose U of L: All of the wonderful people, the campus and the city

Best part about being an athlete: Getting to know A LOT of people

The moment I realized I was really good at my sport was ... Am I good? Probably at around the age of 10 when I played with the older GUYS at the park

If I won the lottery, I would use the money for: Charity. Then I'd give my Mom the best life she can ever have and lastly I would buy a gym or something.

The strangest thing that ever happened to me while I was competing in my sport: I yawned while I was at the free throw line and while I was playing defense.