Student Athlete Profile - Lacy Wood, Softball

June 30, 2004

Lacy Wood #13 Lacy Wood
5-5 * Sophomore * 3B/C
Louisville, Ky. (Butler HS)

Lacy's Bio

Person with greatest influence on my career: Coach Sandy Pearsall

Biggest Thrill in Sports: Making state finals in high school

Athlete I most admire: Ivan Rodriguez

Hobbies and outside interests: Hanging with the youth group

Pre-competition superstitions: Praying

Favorite movies: Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Mary Poppins

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite musical group: Dashboard Cofessional

Favorite type of food: Mexican

Favorite class: Criminology

Favorite book: Waking the Dead by John Elderidge

Favorite funny movie quote: "Leave the gun, take the cannoli" (From The Godfather)

Person I'd most like to meet: Jesus

Three words that describe me best: Outgoing, different, fun

Best advice I have gotten about sports: All it takes is all you've got.

If they filmed a movie of my life ... It would star Audrey Hepburn and be called "These Are The Times"

If I could have dinner with three people (current, historical, fictional) it would be: Jesus, Lucille Ball and Johnny Bench

Why I chose U of L: The great opportunities and the great coaching staff

Best part about being an athlete: Traveling

The moment I realized I was really good at my sport was ... When it happens I'll let you know!

If I won the lottery, I would use the money for: World Peace