Student-Athlete Profile - Aja Sherman, Softball

June 8, 2004

Aja Sherman #15 Aja Sherman
5-6 * Junior * 1B/RHP
Las Vegas, Nev. (Durango)

Aja's Bio

Post college ambition: Photography

Person with greatest influence on my athletic career: brother

Biggest thrill in sports: while sitting in a board room with the team and waiting to see if our team would be going to regionals and then we made it and went to UCLA.

Athlete you most admire: Brother

Hobby: Photography

Pre-game superstition: Never step between the lines before warmups!

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Favorite TV Shows: Will and Grace

Favorite Foods: Ice cream, Italian food

Favorite Class: Photography

Favorite Book: Rivers End

Favorite Movie Quote: "Its the hard that makes it great" from League of Their Own

My "Stupid Human Trick": I can make one eye cross and one eye straight at the same time

People I would most like to meet: My grandparents

Three words that describe me: Perfectionist, dedicated, organized

Best advice I have gotten about sports: There are always two things you can control, your effort and your attitude

If they made a movie of my life it would be called ... "Death Stare" and star Cameron Diaz

If I could have dinner with three people (current, historical, fictional) it would be: Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson and Tom Hanks

I chose U of L because ... of the amazing support for women's athletics and facilities

The best part about being an athlete is ... competing

What people should know about me but probably don't: I must have a lucky slider

The moment I realized I was good at my sport was ... my second year of playing when I was chosen for the All-Stars

If I won the lottery, I would use the money to ... buy a new house for my parents and pay off all their debt and get them a new car.

The strangest thing that ever happened to me while I was competing was ... when my stirrup got stuck on the first base fence while going after a foul ball.