University of Louisville Compliance - Summer Camp Policies & Procedures

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The following items are mandatory and are required to be kept on file in the Athletic Compliance Office.

    Camp/Clinic form with description submitted prior to the camp or clinic. (FORM 1)
  1. Copy of camp brochure or advertising copy approved prior to printing.
  2. Copy of documentation on all items listed from audit checklist. (FORM 2)
  3. Camp/Clinic staff compensation form submitted no later than 30 days following completion of all camps. (FORM 6)
  4. Camp/Clinic payment ledger submitted no later than 30 days following completion of all camps. (FORM 5)
  5. Camp/Clinic group and individual discount forms submitted prior to the camp or clinic. (FORM 3 & FORM 4)
  6. Evidence of insurance for coverage of the camp or clinic.
  7. Documentation of camp/clinic expenses and revenues (spreadsheet format). (FORM 7)

The following items are subject to review by the Athletics Compliance Office and/or Internal Audit. We highly recommend that each item below is turned in to the compliance office.

  1. Copies of completed camp/clinic applications.
  2. Copies of checks and/or receipts of cash payments for camp or clinic.
  3. Copies of deposit records for camp or clinic.
  4. Documentation record for all refunds.
  5. Documentation of campers receiving transportation from nearest airport or bus terminal.

Procedures for completion of camp payment ledger.

All revenue received from camp tuition fees will be properly documented and deposited.

  1. Name of camper.
  2. Amount owed by camper.
  3. Method of payment. (e.g., cash, check)
  4. Note any discount if applicable.
  5. Amount paid by camper.


  • For each camp, if payment is made by check, write the check number and amount on the camp application; copy the check and attach the copy to the camp application.
  • If the payment is made by cash, issue the camper a receipt for amount of cash paid; attach a copy of that receipt to the camp application.
  • Follow this procedure for all camp payments made by each camper. For example, if a camper pays a deposit and then follows up with final payment, each check or receipt must be attached to the camp application.

Insufficient Funds

  • Send collection letter(s) to camper.
  • Keep all collection letters on file in case of bad debt.

Free or Reduced Admission

  • Attach copies of check payments and applications to a completed "Individual Discounts" or "Group Discounts" form at the end of last camp.
  • Make sure to note any discounts on the payment ledger.

Camp Refunds

  • List all campers who have received a refund on a separate spreadsheet.
  • List the reason for the refund next to each camper.
  • Note the refund on the payment ledger in the "Any Comments" column.

Policy concerning pay scale for guest coaches and student-athletes.

  1. All camps need to have written documentation concerning job descriptions and pay scale for guest coaches and student-athletes.
  2. Payment to guest coaches and student-athletes needs to be done by check only. This payment must be paid out of the sports camp account, rather than a coach's personal account.
  3. Camp director will complete the "Camp/Clinic Staff & Compensation" form and submit to the athletic compliance office.

Policies for free or reduced admissions.

  1. A written policy regarding discounts or free admission for campers should be submitted to with the "Camp/Clinic Description" form.
  2. Please make sure to note this on the payment ledger.