Student Athlete Profile - Cristina Gonzalez, Women's Golf

March 31, 2005

Cristina Gonzalez
Women's Golf
Durango, Mexico
(American School of Durango)

Cristina's Bio

Post college ambition: To get a good paying job involved with sports

Person with the Greatest Influence on Athletic Career: Her Mom

Athlete you most admire: Annika Sorenstam

What impresses you most about your coach: How she adapts to everyone's personality and she is always going.

Hobbies and outside interests: Listening to music and fixing things

Favorite Movies: Beautiful Mind & Finding Nemo

Favorite TV Shows: Mythbusters & CSI

Favorite Foods: Tacos, Mexican & Sushi

Favorite Musical Group: Coldplay

Favorite Classes: Psychology & Physics

Favorite Book: Where is Waldo

Favorite Professional Team: Dallas Cowboys

Person she'd most like to meet: Jack Nicklaus

Words that best describe her are: Determined, Independent, Honest, Impatient

Best advice she's gotten about sports: I am my worst enemy

What people should know about her but probably don't: Her name is Cristina, not "Rosa"

Why she chose U of L: Athletic facilities, the coach and teammates

Best part about being an athlete: All the great places I get to visit

If she won the lottery, she would use the money for: Her brother's education