Student-Athlete Profile - Daniel Burton, Baseball

Feb. 20, 2007

Daniel Burton
6-0 * Senior * 1B/OF
New Albany, Ind.
(New Albany HS)

Daniel's Bio

Post-college ambition: To play professional baseball or get a job in information technology

Person with the greatest influence on his athletic career: His father

Biggest thrill in sports: Anytime he gets to play in front of a big crowd

Athlete he most admires: Muhammad Ali

What impresses him most about his coach: His positive leadership approach and vision to build the program

What has been his biggest obstacle to overcome: Dealing with failure in baseball

Hobbies and outside interests: Basketball

Favorite movies: Tombstone, Pulp Fiction, Dumb & Dumber

Favorite TV show: 24

Favorite musical groups: Tool, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin

Favorite foods: Grandma's mashed potatoes

Favorite book: Pitino's first book

Favorite professional team: Cincinnati Reds

Favorite sports announcer: Paul Rogers

A "stupid human trick" he can do: Make a playing card disappear

Person he'd most like to meet: Jesus Christ

Words that describe him best are: Ambitious, motivated, competitive, sarcastic

Best advice he's gotten about sports: "Slow your mind down."

If they filmed a movie of his life, who would star in it and what would it be called: Daniel Burton - "Me"

If he could have dinner with three people (current, historical, fictional), who would it be: God, Phil Jackson, Tiger Woods

Why he chose U of L: Because his family can watch him play and because he can go home easily if needed

Best part of being an athlete: Being around his friends and teammates every day

The moment he realized he was really good at his sport: At the 12-year-old state tournament, he went 4-for-4 with two home runs

If he won the lottery, he'd use the money for: Investing in his own business