Student Athlete Profile - Robert Rotaru, Men's Tennis

Jan. 28, 2008

Robert Rotaru
Men's Tennis
6-1 * Junior
Toronto, Ontario
(Waterloo District HS)

Robert's Bio

Post-college ambition: To be a professional tennis player and something to do with marketing.

People with the greatest influence on his athletic career: His family

Biggest thrill in sports: The challenges it brings

Athlete he most admires: Rodger Federer

What impresses him most about his coach: His dedication to the team.

What has been his biggest obstacle to overcome: Being away from his family on big holidays.

His pre-competition superstitions: Visualization

Hobbies and outside interests: Watching movies

Favorite movie: Training Day

Favorite TV shows: George Lopez

Favorite musical artist: Sum 41

Favorite foods: Pizza

Favorite class: Com 250

Favorite book: Lord of the Flies

His favorite movie quote: "Every one else is a sheep, you have to be the wolf," from Training Day.

Favorite professional team: Toronto Maple Leafs

A "Stupid Human Trick," that he can do: Double jointed thumbs

Person he'd most like to meet: Brad Pitt

If they filmed a movie of your life, who would star in it and what would it be called: Brad Pitt and it would be called "The Beautiful Life of Tennis."

Words that describe him best are: Outgoing, Energetic, and Quick

Best advice he's gotten about sports: "Never Give Up!"

What people should know about him but probably don't: He is really down to Earth once you get to know him

If he could have dinner with three people (current, historical or fictional), who would it be: Michael Jordan, Tom Cruise, and Johnny Depp

Why he chose U of L: Great atmosphere, the tennis facility, and a top business school

Best part of being an athlete: Traveling everywhere.

The moment he realized he was really good at his sport: When he won his first tournament.

If he won the lottery, he'd use the money for: He would spoil his parents and his sister

What is your favorite place to visit is: Hawaii

What is your favorite season of the year: Summer and also winter, for skiing and snowboarding.