Congratulate the Team!

Congratulate the Team

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gr8lakes: Congratulations CARDINALS on your National Championship -- see you next year in the tourney! (UM'81)

Royal Wetzel: What fortitude and courage. Someone always stepped up when it came to the hard times. Hope everyone comes back to do it again next year. Congratulations.

Havin Turner- Charleston, SC: Congratulations to Coach Pitino, his staff, and to this OUTSTANDING Team!!!! DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! TEAM WORK WINS!!!!! THANK YOU FOR REPRESENTING YOUR UNIVERSITY AND YOURSELVES WITH SUCH CLASS AND DIGNITY!!!! GOD'S CONTINUED BLESSINGS TO THIS TEAM!!! May Kevin Ware have healthy and speedy recovery!!!!

Scott A. Lewis: Congrats CARDS from Jacksonville, Florida. Once a CARD always a CARD no matter where I am. God Bless to all of Louisville, you are missed.

TORONTO, ONTARIO: you guys played amazing Congratulations from Canada!

sy: wonderfull, i am a sailor but i enjoyed this real pleasure to see you champuion you are a big big champion


Louisville: You showed the world the true meaning of team. So proud to have such special young men representing the best university in the country. GO CARDS!!

Joyce Medina(Boca Raton): Your the best!!!!!!!!

Patrick Zezulinski (Mechanicsburg, PA): Congrats Coach Pitino, the other coaches & assistants & all the players on one incredible season that culminated in a National Championship. Though growing up in NY & not raised in a UofL household, I've grown to become a fan & have never been more proud to be one. So my question is to Siva: I've read your story from ESPN the Magazine before the season started & have heard it & been inspired by it. What does it mean to your family & any word of encouragement to future Cards on committment to the UofL? God bless Siva & thanks for the memories!!! #L1C4

Lisa: Great Job tonight boys! I'm really glad you guys pulled through as a team and really did what you guys needed to do! You guys came with the mind of winning and left with the prize! I am very glad! You guys are my favorite team! I believed in you guys from the first round to the last! I am so excited to see what you guys have in store for Next Year 2014. Congratulations to the School, the players! and most of all the coaches. Good job once again, and hope to see great things from you guys next year! GO LOUIIIEEE LOUUIIEEE!! <3 #cardinals <3

Winston Salem: Congratulations Louisville!!! Ya'll did it! My husband and I are huge NCAA fans and UNC fans but truely love the game and have been pulling for ya'll since UNC was knocked out. We are so glad to see that Wear's surgery went well and wish him well wishes and congrats again to all of you, ya'll truely deserved it! Love the heart ya'll played with this season, thumbs up! #LOVE

Alvin Upton - Washington DC: Sending a shout out to my Louisville Cardinals. We got you covered in Washington DC. Go Cards You Ro5e To The Occasion, now Cut The Net !!!!!!

Kevin Rochester, NY: This is one of the most memorable time of my life, Great Job to the Louisville Cardinals Men BB for a great year.


Toronto Canada: God Bless U guys! Amazing team, amazing men! U all started as boys and tonight u r men! #3 what a guy! CONGRATS!

Elizabethtown: Congrats to the CARDINALS! You guys are awesome and very deserving. Coach P you are the best basketball coach ever. You deserve all the credit in the world. You and those great young men! I love Louisville basketball! Good luck to the lady Cards tomorrow. GO CARDS!

Louisville: You did for us - the city of Louisville will never be the same...L1C4!!!!

Lamont Cox: I am so proud of all of you. Congrats and thank you for such a great season.

Brandenburg: Tray Benham Couch said he would get tattoo? Who better to do then Kentuckys Inkmaster?Tell his people to contact my people lets make this happen !!! On the house!! Lol

Ken Deeb (Dallas): Awesome Win!!!!

brandenburg, KY: Tray Benham Couch said he would get tattoo? Who better to do then Kentuckys Inkmaster?Tell his people to contact my people lets make this happen !!! On the house!! Lol

Chris Lindy (Louisville): To one of the great TEAMS in UofL and NCAA history. So proud of the effort, the brotherhood, the determination, and the first-class representation of our university. GO CARDS! L1C4

Christopher Parks(Louisville): Thank you. Thank you coach, thank you team for being a cardinal. Thank you.

Jonathan (Indianapolis): i take being a louisville fan so personal. you guys have given this program, university, city, and fans such a great sense of pride. legends for a lifetime. we all thank you for the hard work and mental & physical fortitude it took to get to the mountain-top.

Jim (Louisville): We've never lost a Championship game. LUUUUKKKKEEEEE!

Crowder (San Antonio): Congrats Cards! I have been a fan all my life and was the only louisville fan at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. We were overdue!

georgetown: THANK YOU, you guys made my whole year i got bragging rights now an i can tell all my uk loving friends where to stick it cause the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP JUST CAME BACK HOME TO THE VILLE GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doris Baines: I am so proud of you all. I have enjoyed watching you all year. I admire your spirit and respect you because you never quit and truly represent what team sports are all about.

SteveG - Denver, CO: Congrats Cards from MileHigh in Denver, Co. great season to you all. L1C4! #wonitforWare

San Salvador, El Salvador: I am working in El Salvador and you guys have fans here that helped me scream the whole game. You are amazing. Go Cards

Jay (Lewisport): AWESOME season Guys, Proud of you all, cannot wait till next year. Go CARDS...

will thomas louisville: gooooooo carrrrrds!!!!!

louisville: wow. what a year. first off i would like to say i was born in 1994 and have never seen louisville play this good since i was born. u are great go cards

The Wolny"s El Dorado Hills: We are so Proud and Happy for you all !!! Louisville first Cardinals forever !! Go Lady Cards Tomorrow !!! Cardinal Nation stand tall !!

Mary (Louisville): You ALL make be proud to live in Louisville! GO CARDS!

BC (Ville): Congrats on a great season, BE tourney, and NCAA tourney! You played with such heart, toughness, and smart play. Great job! Go CARDS!!!

Tom (Madison,In): Congratulations on being the 2013 NCAA National Champions... ##5 #GoCards

Lexington: Cards, You achieved the impossible and shared grace with class and dignity! May God continue to bless each and all of you as you move on to the next chapter of your lives!! Be Blessed!!!!

Meredith, Murray KY: LOVE YOU GUYS!! I represent for you down here in Murray. SO PROUD!! #1!

Lillian (Louisville): What a win!! So proud to be from the Ville. I <3 Siva

Tommy Wright (Southwest Asia): From a forward deployed location in Southwest Asia, congrats to the National Champions! #L1C4 representing in the desert!

Ellis Coleman: Cardic Cards always give me heart attack #L!C4 and #GoLadyCards and #KickSomeButt

Jessica Johnson (Bardstown): We are cards we are proud, We won it for Ware! We came we saw we conquered proud to be a U of L student! Proud to a fan, girls your up next! We cut the nets down and we brought it home, you played so great you guys I love you!!!!! Go CARDS!!!!!

Ellis(Waxhaw,NC): Louisville Overview of Athletics 1st Challenge~Allstate Sugar Bowl January 3, 2013 Louisville 33- 23 Florida 2nd Challenge~Men's Final Four April 6, 2013 Louisville 72-68 WSU 3rd Challenge~Womens Final Four April 7, 2013 Louisville 63-57 Cailfornia 4th Challenge~ Men National Championship Louisville 82-76 Michigan 5th Challenge~Womens National Championship Louisville 55-49 Notre Dame #GoCardinalAthletics #SupportCardaicCards #RiseToTheOccasion #JoinTheCardsNation #SayYesToTheCardChronicle

Jerome(louisville): im so proud of this team i just had my 2nd neck surgery and all this jumping around is killin me but i wouldnt change it 4 the world it has been a pleasure watchin this team in all my 30 yrs this is my fav thank u all GO CARDS!!! L1C4!!!

Steve Staser (Austintown,OH): The heart you guys showed all season long was awesome...Proud to be a Cardinal fan...Congrats guys #L1C4 #Winforware

Aaron(memphis): thank you, was some to watch this with my family this is a great ride

Jen (Indy): So proud of your hearts and dedication - you ALL were such amazing examples of grace under pressure, sportsmanship, and love for my two boys. Congrats and enjoy every minute of this accomplishment!

Brentt Zelivetz (New Albany): I am so PROUD to be a Cardinal fan. This has been the most fun basketball season I've ever witnessed!

Ryan Hamilton: Great Season, Cards! You all are awesome!


E: Congrats. But beyond winning the trophy, I couldn't be prouder to be a Cards fan. You are what Louisville is all about. #L1C4!

Les(Floyd's Knobs): Not bad for a football powerhouse!

Ezio Valente Italy: Just great, you made me remember my time in Louisville: I still shout go cards. We are the Champions. Campioni, campioni, campioni!!!!

Richard (Jacksonville, FL): Way to go CARDS!! Proud to be a fan and alum. You guys are the true definition of a team. L1C4 indeed. Go CARDS!!! Now let's cheer on the ladies.

Scott Legler: Thanks for bringing the banner back to Louisville! You've all been great to watch and follow all season! The GREATEST Louisville team ever! Congrats! Get well soon Kevin Ware! Go CARDS!

Lyndon ( Hancock, Ky ): Congratulations!Thank you for a wonderful season.You started as boys and have grown into fine young men...Be proud,Iam!!!

Johnny (Cincinnati): I grew up in Louisville and have been a diehard Cardinals fan since the 1980 National Championship team and I can honestly say that I have never EVER been more proud of a team as I am right now. I cried more tears of joy (and concern for Kevin Ware) than I care to count. I believe Peyton Siva is the best player to don a Cardinals jersey since Darrell Griffith and I truly could not be any more proud. Way to go, Cards. You did it and you did it the hard way. You EARNED it!

Will Jones (Los Angees): CONGRATS...#gocards

Donna: You guys are the greatest!!! Congratulations to all of you!!!

LOUISVILLE, KY: Congrats to our boys one another. We are so proud of the you! You have been a great team this year.

Russell (Murfreesboro,TN): Thank you guys for a great ride. What a team! Amazing!

Amber Carrier (Winston-Salem, NC): Congrats! What an amazing year. So proud!

Bobby Louisville: You all showed the world what i can only say in words. You make me the proudest fan. All my life i have loved Louisville basketball and this is why. We are a family card nation and everyone that wears the jersey. Go Cards!!!

John Payne Cincinnati OH: Great Season and fantastic game to bring the Championship back home to Louisville!

Ezio Valente Italy: Just great, you made me remember my time in Louisville: I still shout go cards. We are the Champions. Campioni, campioni, campioni!!!!

T (Louisville, KY): congrats! proud fan and alumni. cardinals rock.

William (Loyisville): Thanks for great memories!!! Thanks for bringing home the trophy!!!

Benita Duff, Anniston, AL: Thank you Cards for such a great season, I watched every game on TV and online. I knew you could do it, such heart and determination, a never quit attitude. Down here in Alabama a football state they just don't understand basketball. Thank you!

Robbie (Honolulu): Congrats on winning the 2013 National Championship! So proud to be a Cardinal Fan and Alum (Class 2003)!

Larry (Aiken, SC): Well done Cards! You showed a lot of heart and grit and now you're champs. Lets not wait 27 years for another one!

Renee (Louisville): CONGRATS!!! So proud of this team! You all have worked so hard and deserve it!! Great season!! 2013 NCAA CHAMPS!!!!

ted lee: The greatest Louisville team what a joy it has been watching this family what team is all about congradulations a Card in norman,oklahoma

Tony Poore (San Antonio): Go cards! Proud to be alumni of such a great university!

Jasper, IN: Love you guys! No doubt you will be remembered as a team that pulled for each other and really embodied the Louisville first mantra! For this Louisville grad, I am so proud of this team! God Bless for such a big accomplishment. Brad Schmidt- UofL Class of 1999

Louisville: West End Louisville Loves You! Thanks for an amazing season and ride!

Carl. Louisville: All of you will be forever remembered by Card Nation! Thank you fellas!

Eric (elizabethtown): Thank you Siva for all the great times, good luck in all u do. This championship has been a long time in the waiting. Thanks to all the guys. I can die a happy man!!!

John (Kansas City): National Champs, other than my daughter being born. The greatest day of my life.

Ronaldo, New Albany: Numb right now! Somebody pinch me w some pliers before I sleep for a week! Long time com'n, long time we'll be celebrate'n! Somebody tell IU fans they can't win next yr cause we ain't done yet! p.s. u 2 UK, get off me!

Donna R. (Louisville): So PROUD OF OUR CARDS!! Thanks for showing your Cardinal spirit, teamwork, and sportsmanship with class and style...CONGRATULATIONS! GO CARDS!!! YOU ARE THE CHAMPIONS AND DESERVE THE TITLE!

Gordon (Louisville): Unfreaking Believable. Could not of been scripted any better! Congrats to the best basketball team on the planet!! You all absolutely deserved it! Man I am so proud to be a Cardinal!!

Kevin Green: Congrats to you guys great season.

Da Ville: Go cards!!! Thanks for bringing home this championship!!!

Jeff (Louisville): The Best in the World. I've waited 27 years to say that and to expeience it with this team, just incedible. Get well Kevin and we will see you opening night next season! #L1C4

Doug Nobbs (New Hampshire): As a fan and Alumni I am thrilled with the results. During the game I was drinking from a mug from the last title. One down and one to go. I about a week I'll be thinking "when is practice starting". Thanx Rick. and now with 2 coaches in the HOF.

Kristina, Louisville: Congrats to the CARDS! LOUISVILLE is so proud of you!

Rocky Tallent Albany KY: Way to go cards!!! What a great season, the 2013 season will always be the year of the card!!!! (Sugar Bowl, Natl.Championship men's basketball)Let's Go Lady Birds!!!!!

Tracy Wozniak (Savannah, GA): Congratulations to the entire University of Louisville. The Cardinal athletics program is second to none. These men played with such poise and heart! Their love of team, school, and city make me proud to be an alumni!

Adam: Congrats! You guys earned it, played your hearts out every second of every game. I think I speak for the entire city of Louisville in saying you have made us all very proud to be Cards! Wish all the seniors the and early drafters the best of luck in all you do!

Debbie (Owensboro, KY): Congratulations, Cardinals! We are so proud of you, both on and off the court. You have shown the world what it means to be a TEAM. Go Cards!!

Patty (Coxs Creek, KY): WOO HOO!!!! Congrats!

Estelle B. (Savannah): Congratulations to the coaches, players and all on winning the 2013 National Championship. It was such a joy watching you. You represented the UofL well. I pray God continue to bless you as you honor Him in all that you do.

Bob Harris: This year has been the best ever. I missed the 1980 and 1986 tournament wins serving 20-years in the military. Thanks CARD's, what a show!!!

kevin,spartanburg sc: congrats on winning the title,now for smith and deing,PLEASE STAY FOR YOUR SENIOR YEAR!!!!

Deb (Murfreesboro, TN): What a year ... too awesome for words!!! Way to go Cards & Coach P!

Bev - (Las Vegas, NV): CONGRATULATIONS LOUISIVILLE CARDINALS!! We have never seen such an awesome display of team work, family, respect and love for each other as we have the past few weeks! I am proud to be a Louisville native and represent here in Sin City. Because of your display of dedication and commitment to each other and the team, we have had some great learning moments with our 8 yoa daughter about not giving up no matter what & that it's not always about you, but about your family or your team. It's not easy to find those lessons in this day and age, Thank you for being role models she can look up to! !!GOTTA LOVE THOSE CARDS!!

Vinita (Baltimore): I have been a Louisville fan for my entire life and barely remember the 1986 championship. Thank you for bringing it home this year!!!! The city needed this!

Jaime (Kentucky): Yeah Cards!! Congrats!! :)

mike & debbie jeffersonville, in: To all of you, you are something very special, your heart,soul and body of what every teams strives to become. It has been an honor to watch you through this journey. Congratulations, God Bless!!! GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louisville Cardinal Ky.: you guys turned it on last night. such a great team effort. any chance to talk Russ into staying???? yes i seen the SI interview with his pops

Louisville: Way to go Cards!!!

Jasmin(New Albany): Great job CARDS! <3 Awesome game... You are the National Champions and it was earned and deserved!!!! L1C4

David (Lakeside Park): Fan since 1976. Fantastic finish, great team. GO CARDS

Shelle (Louisville): Thanks for an amazing season. It's been incredible watching each of you grow! L1C4

Greg (Paducah): I have Louisville clothes older than me, Basketballs signed by Denny Crum, and hung out at Stevenson Hall in the 80's as a kid visiting my brother (the RA). This is one of the happiest times of my life. Thanks Louisville for this and congratulations on running a clean program!!!!!!

Rob (Lincoln, NE): Great season, great team; you guys are a true team and I'm so proud to be a Cardinal Fan!!!

Becky R: SO PROUD to be a CARDINAL!!!! Great game, aawesome team work, and great CARDINAL spirit.

Kelly (Cumming, GA): All season I've talked about how special this team was - my favorite of all time - and they proved it. So proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. L1C4!

Amy C - Bowling Green: I am SO proud to be a Louisville Cardinal! Thank you for an AMAZING season! I am SO proud of each and everyone one of you guys!

Columbus, IN: Way to go boys!!! Congrats and we are so proud of you!!!!! You played your hearts out!!!!! GREAT SEASON!!!!

K.J. Garau: Way to go, Cards! Congratulations! I've been waiting for 27 years to see another UofL championship and y'all made it a great one! I almost went into a CARDiac bypass, but it was stunning. Congrats & thanks for representing the River City so well.

Lou (Athens, AL): I've been a huge sports fan all my life because growing up that's all there ever was on the t.v. where I lived. I remember how much fun I had watching those games with my dad but more importantly I remember the bond that was made between my dad and I because of those games. Several years ago my dad passed away and I was left to watch those games on my own. But since the tournament started this year my mom developed an interest in the Louisville Cardinals and something special happened. That bond that had vanished between my dad and I was renewed with my mom. So thank you Louisville Cardinals for the memories you made together as a team and the ones you've given to me. Congratulations on your Championship! Go Cardinals!!!

Vancouver,B.C.,Canada: Congrats to a GREAT TEAM !!!!!!!!! I'm a 40 year fan of the team,residing north of the border,andI can say honestly, this is

Ted Kiesler Nashville, TN: Born and raised a CARD! What spirit you guys have. This one means so much for my family and deceased father a ticket holder for over 33 years! We are CARD NATION!

Jeremey C. (Louisville): I cannot express enough how proud I am of this team and what they have accomplished this year. You all have shown perfect examples of staying humble, and you have made Louisville very proud. Congratulations on a fantastic season and a great win against fantastic teams. We will miss you Peyton, Gorgui, and Russ, good luck to all of you! Just remember, you will always have a home in Louisville!!! GO CARDS!!!!

Jim Allott,Vancouver,B.C.,Canada: Congrats to one of our school's greatest TEAMS ever !!!!! Wow, every- one contributed,and great coaching, makes this extra sweet. I'm a 40 year, devoted Cardinal fan from north of the border who couldn't be happier Again, what a great TEAM effort from a group of young men who never quit,and believed in each other.. what a super feeling !!!!!

Rod (Floyd's Knobs): I FEELl the power of the 'VILLE Congratulations Big Red Birds! Drink that big Red Kool-Aid!

Mick Simmons - Radcliff KY: Awesome ending to a great season. Good bye to the Big East and hello to the ACC. So proud of each and every one of you. Thanks Coach for a wonderful season!

Candy (Louisville): Congratulations guys, I'm making red and black cookies for work tomorrow. Would love to meet uou all.

Bick, Jasper: Congrats!! To the 2013 National Champions "The Louisville Cardinals" & Thanks for all the great Basketball this year.

Dorothy (Shepherdsville): Awesome you did GREAT!!!!! Congratulations very proud of you. GO CARDS!!!!!!

Vicki, Louisville: What an awesome team and a great year for UL Basketball!! Congratulations on the National Championship 2013. Thank you all!!

barry p, louisville: Congrats Cardinals...GREAT season, Great Championship game. Yall make us proud to be Cards fans... #L1C4

ron (madisonville): You guys are awesome! So much fun to watch. I was 8 yrs old the last time the CARDS won the championship. It was worth the wait. Thank you so much guys. GO CARDS!!!!!

Debbie of Louisville: You made your city proud. Watched you in New York and knew you were a special bunch of kids. Congrats to all of you. Your opportunities will only broaden. Go Cards

Jennifer (Louisville): AWESOME! Way to go Cardinals! Thank you for an amazing season! Louisville is so proud of their Cardinals!


Jesse H ( Fremont, IN): Was at your 5OT game, rooting you on, I knew then that nothing was gonna stop you again! Awesome display of Team Work! THE CARDINAL WAY!!! Words can't describe the heart you guys play with... A true model of how championship teams should play!

Robin: I have never been more proud of a Cardinal team than this one . You have played with poise, dignity and respect for each other, your Coach and the game of basketball!!! One Class Act! GO Cards!!!

Kyler (Columbus, OH): Congrats on a great season! Nobody deserves it more! And get well soon Ware!

louisville: C-A-R-D-S CARDS!!!! way to go champs thanks for a great season full of memories that will be talked about for years to come...congrats we will be waiting for u back in the ville hurry up an get that trophy home where it belongs GO CARDS!!!

Janet R., Floyds Knobs & Louisville: You had the heart, soul and courage to Be Number ONE! Thank you for all you have given to your Fans. We will never forget. Continued success and blessings to you all! LOUISVILLE CARDS FIRST!

Scott (Louisville): Thank you for the memories!! I was 3 1/2 in 86. I now know what it truly feels like to be a National Champion. I am so happy for the team, for Kevin, for Coach Pitino... Go Cards! Love you guys!

Derek, Hodgenville,ky: Congratulations Cardinals!!! Very proud of you all for bringing the title back home where it belongs! 2013 National Champions! GO CARDS!!!

Latham, Philadelpia PA: Love being a Card and having played for Tom Jurich! Will Pitino officially trade out his UK ring for his UofL ring? Such a class act. Him and the entire program. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Martha Y. Louisville: To a group of young men who have given our city, university and fans the thrill of a lifetime!! Thanks for showing a country what true grit, poise and determination can get you! GO CARDS

Jaxson (Cozad,NE): Way to go Louisville!!!!!!!! Our TV went out at my house so we watched the end of it on the March Madness!! Defend it next year!! Go Cards!!!!!!!

Margaret C. (Louisville): Congratulations to the entire Cardinal team and organization. You have made my day, week, month, year...bracket!

Raymond Pary, Louisville, KY: Great Season and Final Win. Congratulations to the entire team.

Raymond Pary, Louisville, KY: Great Season and Final Win. Congratulations to the entire team.

Bloomingdale, IL: I have been waiting a long long time for this. That you guys so much for an unforgettable season! Congratulations guys! GO CARDS!!!!

Sonya (Louisville): I would very much like to say THANK YOU to Coach Pitino - for doing what you do so well as to have molded and delivered us such a deeply talented team. They are both BEASTLY and of clear character. Bred, born and raised in the Ville here, nice to once again feel THIS. Well played, and well deserved! This team will never be forgotten!!!!

Tim, Union: Congratulations to the team! This group of guys is the epitome of Louisville First! This team has been so fun to watch all year! The best team definitely won the game. Good luck to the women tonight. Bring home the other!!

Jared (Louisville): I have never been prouder to be a UofL fan than I am today, the pressure we put on these kids to perform at a professional level and for them to go out on a national stage and show the world that you can win with humility, respect, and hard work. I have been down on the message of sports over the last few years, but what a message this teams sends to young athletes everywhere. Congratulations boys, you deserve every minute of this!!!!

Mike (Dallas): Been keeping the faith in Texas. Luv you guys. GO CARDS!!!!

Karen M (Louisville): I've waited 27 years. Thanks for the great year!!!!

Gary Ross ('87): Congrats to the Cradiac Cards for bringing the NCAA Championship back to Louisville. Many parallels to the '86 team which won their last 17 games to win it all. Awesome baby!

jonathanb(cincinnati): Congrats gents! you truly are the best. proud to be an alum

Steve, Frankfort: If we can talk Russ and Gorgui into staying we may have two and a row, but congrats on this one now.

Summerville,Ga: Very proud to be a Louisville Cardinal.Congrats!!!!!

boro new jersey: My new favorite team. LOUISVILLE. MVP of 2013 tournement Luke Hancock.

Jeremy (Charlestown): Way to go Cards! Love to see a team and a coach that has so much love and respect for each other. Thanks for bringing the trophy back to Louisville.

Andre New Jersey: Congratulations on the victory Louisville. Luke Hancock stepped with 4 staight 3s towards the end of the first half. 5-5 the whole game.

Caesar (Greensboro): Watching the Cards since the 60's and this had to be the most enjoyable team ever to watch. You guys deserved it. Good luck in the future and GO CARDS

Steve, Frankfort: A battle tested team and a team that never quits way to go Cards!!!

Dean Patti Noe Beattyville KY: Congrats to Coach P and the ALL the Cardnals, you guys are the best and we are so excited and happy for the Championship GO CARDS from your # 1 eastern KY fans

Donna Jackson: Congratulatons--Well done

Pittsburgh: congratulations! so proud of you Cards!

Macedon NY: Awsome game! Wish I could of been there to celebrate with you! Go Cards!!

Roxane - Louisville: You are the BEST not only on the floor but in the compassion and spirit you always show. It is now Louisville's time to shine

Trish (Naples, FL): Brotherhood is a wonderful thing! Congrats and Great Job! How proud to be from "the Ville". Cardinal Spirit shining through!

Jeff Rivers (Salem IN): Great job Cards. Now for the Lady Cards to do the same tonight.

F (Louisville!): TRUE CHAMPIONS, in every sense of the word!!!!! So proud of every one of you and so thankful for the accomplishment you have bestowed upon yourselves and Card Nation!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dayton ohio: the ville is real deal way too go team you rally round ware,down in semi and finals the ville showed who was the boss the bosss the ville cut the nets down ville

Travis (San Francisco): Way to go, Cardinals! We had about 50 red-clad Cardinal faithful cheering you guys on from the City by the Bay. Thanks for a wonderful, thrilling season!!!

STELLA!!!!, Cleveland, OH: GO CARDS!!!1982,1986 I was there with ya! 2013 I maybe in The Land but my heart was with ya in THE VILLE!!!!CONGRATS!!!

Owensboro,Ky: Way to Go Cards....Great season....Congrats Coach P..

Amy Wallace (Atlanta): My young Cardinal poet wrote a tribute to the Champions... Loyal Outstanding United Intrepid Spirited Valiant Incomparable Laudable Leaders Enduring Courageous Amazing Resilient Diligent Selfless GO CARDS!!!

Baylee (Bardstown, KY): I am nine years old. I am a big cards fan! I am peyton's biggest fan. I am so proud of all u guys. You all deserved to win. Congrats!

Cal C.: Congrats to a great bunch of guys. This team will always be remembered!

Jim-Cincinnati: Was there any doubt? Not in the Jenkins house in Cincinnati! Congrats on a truly AWESOME season, we are proud of you all! Now, go get them Lady Cards!

Floyd: From a UK fan, AND, a fan of any team from Kentucky, except when they're playing UK, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP!! Let's hope the women follow the trend!

Lisa (Louisville): Great Job Guys. Congratulations! ! We are so proud of you and how you have worked as a team the entire year. You guys have worked hard and have earned this. Great job for winning it for yourselves and for ware! Way to work as a team!

Ronald (Rochester NY): Preparation, persistence, and perseverence. Coach Pitino and team showed all that is good in sports and reflect all that makes life good. Sacrifice and doing for others; congratulations God bless you all.


Louisville: Awesome Win CARDS!! I've waited 27years for this day...


N.Alfonso(Bowling Green): So proud to be a Cardinal and so proud of your witness for the Lord. You guys hold our hearts!!! CARDS BABY!!!!!

C4RDSF4N: Thank you! For every early morning workout; for every grueling practice; for every ounce of effort that each of you have given and for bringing the Champioship back to Louisville!

Nashville, TN: Way to go Cards, congratultions on all your hard work. Class of '83 Alumni here, my freshman year I watched Darryl Griffith and company bring the first Championship to The Ville. Thanks so much for making new memories for new generations.

Bubba (Oakland): Louisville native here! Y'all did me proud! Michigan ain't deserve it anywayz. i tell one of them punks in a heartbeat I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHO YO DADDY IS!!! Go Bird!

Laura (Lexington): Congrats on a victory well deserved!!! You guys played as a team and brought our city home another Championship with a great coach!!!

John (Louisville): Way to go CARDS! Great job Luke. Lets win it again.

Jenny Willingter (Houston): Congratulations guys for an amazing season and such tenacity and heart. A well deserved championship!!! We love you!!

Eric - Houston, Texas: Congrats Cards on a great win and very exciting season! The last time they won I was a student at the university. I am a class of 1988 Alumni and have been living in Houston Texas for 20 years. My three sons have grown up in Texas and actually like basketball much more than football. I raised them to be Cardinal basketball fans at an early age and am so thankful we could watch them win an NCAA title after all the years watching March madness together. I am extremely pleased that coach Pitino had the opportunity to win a championship while coaching at U of L. He is one of the best college coaches ever!

Shirley(Louisville KY): So proud of both our basketball teams. You played your hearts out all season and deserved to win.

jeremy yearns(louisville): i love this group of guys,so proud to been born a cardinal fan!!!

Vanessa Starr: EXTREMELY proud of this TEAM!!!!! Amazed at your humbleness. Wish you seniors the VERY BEST! Can't wait to see the rest next season! GO CARDS!!!

Teresa (Louisville): I'm SO happy and proud for you guys! I've had the pleasure of being a student at UL in 1980 and so have celebrated the early games/run. The affection I feel for the entire team/staff cannot be put into words. GO CARDS! Exactly what college athletics is supposed to be about....a TEAM! Love you all to bunches :)

Ann (Louisville): Congratulations Cards! You're a fantastic bunch of people! You deserve everything you earned this year!

kenneth B. Cincinnati: we let one get away from us last year,but you guys came roaring back this season and road the bull by the horns all through the tourney. U of L made it to back to back Final Four's during my years there. And it's been a long time comin' since we've had a chance to celebrate like this.Congrats to all of you!!

Luca Colloridi (Vicenza ITALY): Congratuletion!You are my favourite team of basketball...C:C:

Dave Mangis (Wilmington, NC): A&S-75 This was even better than the '80 & '86 wins. Congrats to the whole team. I only wish my Dad had made it another week to see this. I have called him during each game this year.

Stev (Edgewood): We love you! But we loved you regardless of the results last night. You have made your school, city & state INCREDIBLY proud!!!!

JJ (Dayton, Ohio): Great game, Cards! Thanks for bringing the Championship back to the "VILLE"! We Love ya! Go Cards!

shaun b lexington ky: I was born and raised in the the ville huge cards fan and i couldnt be prouder. he brotherhood you all show along with talent called for awesome season congrats

austin tx: way 2 go john hancock and peyton siva and they squad

Atlanta: We are so proud to be Cardinals! You guys were amazing! Congratulations- enjoy your victory and know you we're prayed for the whole way!

DB from d'ville: TY for an incredible run. Let's start the road to a repeat

Gary Scrime Hudson Falls, New York: Awsome!!! Been watching Cards hoops for a long time and you guys have become my favorite team. Congratulations, Hope Kevin has a successful and speedy recovery and Georgi sticks around for his senior year Go ladies tonight

Cynthia (Little Rock): So proud to be a Cardinal fan! Thanks for an amazing season and an incredible championship win! Love your attitudes and the way you conduct yourselves on and off the court! Go CARDS!

BrockA hardinsburg: C-A-R-D-S CARDS!!!!!!!! National CHAMPS!!!!

Mohsin (Chicago): Congratulations guys! You all showed true teamwork, grit and toughness to bring home the championship. We are all very proud of you!

Ian (Louisville): Outstanding job guys! Very proud to be a Cards fan and even more proud of your performance!! Let's do it again in a year, ok?

Neal (Louisville): So proud of these young men. Showed the toughness and skill required to get it done. It is amazing what people can accomplish when they work coohesively as a team. Great job guys. You will live on forever in the hearts of Cardinal Nation.

Tinsley (Louisville): Im so proud of you guys!!! Ya'll showed up and showed out. Congratualtions!!!!! Where all he haters at now!!!

J.T/Debbie: WAY TO GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Cincinnati, but from Louisville: Gentlemen, great job on an outstanding season! Since the heart-breaking OT looks to ND you showed dedication and hard work to overcome so many obstacles along the way! The whole CARD NATION is excited about what you have accomplished as individuals and as a TEAM! Coach P, good luck in the Derby! Kevin Ware, you are an outstanding individual and I wish the best of luck to you in your recovery! GO CARDS BABY!! Hope it feels like all the hard work, sacrifices, and effort has paid off!

San Diego: Great Job Louisville we out hear are all so happy about the win. I think my wife and I are the only people with Louisville Jerseys out here. GO CARDS

Geoff (Georgetown,In): The perfect ending to an outstanding season,couldn't be more proud to be a lifelong Cardinal fan. Enjoy the moment Card Nation, Go Cards!!!

Batesville Indiana: It has always been an honor to be a Cardinal Fan and being 2013 National Champions makes it even better. You played hard and deserve to be called Champs. Now lets get a Women's win tonight. Go Cards.

Theresa, Louisville: I am so very proud of each of you. My love for U of L has been going on for 50 years. Best game I have ever seen! Love to all of players and coaches.

Nina - Louisville: Congratulations! You guys did such an amazing job!!! What a great year for UofL :) Sugar Bowl champs for football season and now NCAA champs for the basketball season... way to bring it!!!

Kathy Louisville,Ky.: I just want to say that all of you are true champions on and offi the court> it has been an honor to be part of the wonderful university and this city L1C4

Dunnville, On: Congratulations Cards from Canada!

Chris - Louisville: Congratulations! Thank you Peyton for your amazing faith and leadership! You are truly a special young man.

Dale (Washington, DC): Great season CARDS! Congrats!!! Thank you for carrying on the Louisville tradition ('92A&S alum). You are an inspiration to many. Remember these lessons and stay humble.

GF Bloomington, Indiana: Proud to be flying my Cardinal flags around town. Thanks for leaving it all on the floor...this was such a fun team to watch. Thanks for the memories.

Gary Thompson Louisville: You guys are the best. Knew when Hancock hit those 4 3's. The game was ours. You all made my whole year. Now gotta get the Lady Cards a Championship. Awesommme!!!

SH (Louisville): So proud of the team. You never give up and I love that. You deserve this championship and I am glad you got it. I am going to miss the guys that don't come back but it has been a great four years watching Siva and the guys who came in after him play. So good luck in all that you attempt to do after college and a speedy recovery to Kevin-- we need you healthy and back on floor. See the rest of you next season for a repeat. LOVE MY CARDS!!!!!L1C4

Kathy (Louisville): What a great season. You are truly a special team. Way to bring the trophy back to Louisville again! So proud to be a Cardinal fan. What a year UL sports has had! Come on Lady Cards - let's do it again tonight!

Seoul, Korea: Congratulations on winning the championship. Really makes me feel good to be a UofL grad as I have waited 26 years for this moment. It was a great ride and I enjoyed every minutes of it. Do you have it in you to repeat?

Shelley (Louisville): Thanks for a great season, we are so proud of you guys! Those season tickets are worth every penny!!!! What are we going to watch until November:(

Steve Barnes-Louisville,Ky.: Great team!Way to go THE VILLE!!!

Dana Scott Williams (Pensacola): Great game! Congratulations on a wonderful season! You have a great coach, Rick Pitino!

Trey J. (Hoboken, NJ): Congrats Cards! Love you guys!

Donna from KY in NC: Thanks for the entertainment and huge effort, but especially for beating Duke after Ware broke his leg. I have to live in NC but I love Kentucky Men's Basketball, now I have 2 years in a row to celebrate! Thanks! PS hope Ware has full recovery.

Saint Louis: Through great times and adversity our Cards acted like the champions that they are! Congrats guys enjoy this and know that we appreciate all your hard work!!!!

Matt (Leitchfield,KY): Awesome job guys!!!! My First Cards Title!! Thank you so much!!

Chris (Villanova, PA): Congratulations Louisville from Pennsylvania!

London: Congrats Cards on your championship and Congrats to coach Pitino for finally being elected to hall of fame. Im a Big Blue Nation fan but also root on the cards when they dont play Big Blue

Kevin (Pittsburgh): Love you guys - great job, heart of a champion!

Louisville: OUTSTANDING!!!!! Love this men's team and the women could make it a sweep. GO CARDS!!!!!

Rick (Corydon): Congratulations. This post season, you showed the heart of a champion. You always found a way to win. That's the mark of a great team. Enjoy!

Nashville, TN: Congratulations to a great group of young men . You're a shining example of how to represent a city and university on and off the court. God bless you and Go Cards!

Matt (Louisville): Congrats Cards. What a great season, I'm so proud. I love that we won it all but almost sad that I can't watch you play for another 6 months. GO CARDS!


Emily (Louisville): I knew after the the final 4 from last year that you were going to be National Champions 2013! I never doubted you all. You all deserve it! #wonforware

Ben (Canada): Congrats to the Louisville Cardinals, one of the greatest championship game ever! You were really the best team in the Nation.

Gillian (Orlando): Born and raised a UL fan even growing up in Florida. So excited to finally experience a championship. You guys have showed the meaning of teamwork,heart,and dedication to the game. Glad to be apart of Card nation!

Albany NY.: I have waited 27 years for U of L to take home another championship. This team was the best both on, and off the court. Cherish this time for the rest of your life. Great job!

louisville: GIVE 'EM HELL, U OF L!!!!!!!!!

Donna (London, KY): Good for you guys! Good for Louisville and the state of Kentucky!! GO CARDS! We will miss you Peyton

30+year fan: I have been a Cardinal fan since I was a kid. Artis Gilmore was the guy who made me a Cardinal fan for life. I love you guys and cried when I saw Crumm and Pitino's face when the seconds ticked off the clock. You made me the happiest guy in the world. I have been waiting 27 years as well for this. This is by far the best group of Cardinal players I have ever seen play. Cannot wait to wear the Championship gear.

Ikecia (Louisville): From the first year that I came to this city I have been a true cardinal fan! All year long I stood strong and defended my team against insults and did not insult any other team...I simply stood strong and supported my team and swore that this is our year! Thanks so much for having my back you all are truly an excellent group of guys and a #1 award winning team and coach!!!L1C4 GO CARDS!!!!

GMUFAN: Great Job Luke!!!! Good Choice to leave Mason. Hewitt should of worked harder to keep you!! Loved watching you at Mason and loved watching you last night.CONGRATS!!

Rich A.: I love the program as awhole and always will.You guys are a special group,Good luck on everything you do and remember this great time of your life Thanks for a very great run. C-A-R-D-S GO CARDS!

Travis (Northern Kentucky): Thanks for all the memories! Congrats to the Cards! National Champions!

Cory (Gulf Breeze, FL): Such an amazing all around gut renching season. I just love coming to work surrounded by Gator Fans lol. Go CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol: Awesome champs...the Bird is the word!

Ashley H. (Louisville): So proud to be a cards fan! This team plays with so much heart and has proven to the nation what we fans have know all along that they are Champions! GO CARDS!

Angie Louisville: You represent the University and the city of Louisville well! Great job!

Kevin (Garrett, KY): Congratulations to the team, the coach, and the school on a wonderful season. This was a TEAM effort, and this team has made me so proud to be a Cardinal fan. From Eastern Kentucky with love, congrats Cards!!!

Carrollton: Love your team spirit...all for one, one for all!

Jeremiah (campbellsville) ky: Great game guys i am a HUGE fan c u next year in the final

Cathy, Louisville: Way to go Cards! So proud of ALL of you....true team effort! Such a great season!!!

Louisville: The HEART of a champion!!! Can't wait to see Peyton at our Jtown Kroger to give him a big high five! :) GO CARDS!!!

Rebecca (Portland, ME): Yahoo! I've been waiting for 27 years! I was 11, met that championship team. I have never enjoyed watching a team so much--you guys define "team"! No one deserved it more than you! Way to go Cards!

Mattoon Illinois: Congratulations on a job well done.You won because of good coaching, hard work, and a love for each other that transends all other things. It has been a joy to watch you this year. May God Bless each of you. Roger and Stephany Rives

Brittany (Louisville): SO proud to be a CARDS fan! What a great year and great win! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! <--there's no better sound! :)

Brad (Eagle River, Alaska): Outstanding!!! You played with heart, grit, determination -- true champions. Congrats to Coach P and the gang!

Johnnie (jacksonville,Fla): congrats fellas. Played great ball and have brought the meaning back to team and brother hood. Proud to have been apart of the university 04-08.

Tonya Asher KY: Congrats Cardinals!

Russell Springs KY: Way to go cards. Awesome win.

Melanie Powell, Yosemite, KY: I have enjoyed this season better than any season than I can ever remember. I have not taken off my cardinal necklace since the big east tournament began and I guess it was my good luck charm. Thanks for the great ending to a great year!

Ed & Sharon E.: CONGRATULATIONS CARDS!!!! You're simply amazing. You deserved this win; you worked so hard to get it!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!

Randy Butler (Seymour IN): What a great season, I've been a lifelong fan on UofL and this team is so truly special. You guys are brothers and I'm so proud of your accomplishment. Thank you for such a great memory that I will never forget.

Charlie (Hawesville, Ky.): Die hard Card...You guys were awesome enjoy it, you deserve it. God bless.....GO CARDS!!!

Holly (Louisville): WAY TO GO CARDS!!!! So proud of you on and off the floor!!! CONGRATS!!! #L1C4

Dwayne (Louisville): Thank you for the joy you have brought our community, the best to all of you in your future endeavors!

D's (Dallas): Way to go Cards!! Great make us proud!

WRW Louisville: Amazing!!! Awesome! Congrats!

Kenneth Stark---Louisville: Felt all season that you guys had the best team and would win it all. Proud of you guys for all that you have given us fans! Cardnation!!!

Pastor Mike (Roanoke): You guys were amazing and played with a quality that a lot of kids can learn from. Hats off to you all and a special shout out to the Star City native Luke Hancock you made us all proud. Great job Coach and congratulations 2013 Champs.

City of Paducah DwF: Thank you Cardinals for a memorable Championship Season! We admire your concept of "TEAM", no egos, no selfish motives- it's all about TEAM. No one deserves the title more than you. There's no I in Team and theres no UK in Champion! GO CARDS!!!!!

Ray Gahafer Jacksonville Fl.: What a great year.It was fun watching you guys all year.Thanks

Josh - Richmond: Nobody deserves it more than you. I'm so proud to be a Cardinal. Love this team! Go Cards!

Mick Simmons: Awesome! Great to be a Card fan. Love you all!

Blake (Floyds Knobs): Defense does win championships. Put your L's up Card Nation!! The Ville is #1!!!!

Amanda- Louisville: Way to go CARDS!!!!! You all had one amazing season, loved watching every minute of it. I've waited my entire life for this and I've been celebrating all day!!! GO CARDS!!!!! Proud CARDS fan here!!

Rebecca (Louisville): Congrats to the women's team for an outstanding season, an amazing run through the tournament and being all around fantastic. You were a pleasure to watch this season and amazing in the tournament. Thank you for getting me hooked on basketball. You should all be very proud of what you accomplished.

Rapid City SD: i am som proud of you guys, I have been waiting so long for this.You all showed the heart and will to play as a team through adversity, i thank you and the whole city thanks you for representing the Ville.THROW UP YOUR L'S FOR THE CARDS!

Ted (Conway Arkansas): You guys are the tops!!!! As a displaced cardinal fan I'm so proud to wear my colors wherever I go. Great job and let's repeat next year!!!

John (Louisville): You guys personified team! You provided my entire family with great memories and lots of happiness. Thank you and congratulations.

Schenectady, NY: Congratulations on a great season capped off with the championship. It's great to see UofL Basketball back on the top again.

Mike Prenn (Eminence, Ky): It's been a joy watching you guys. Siva, Dieng, and Russ will be missed. Thanks for the memories. L1C4!

Alumni in Albuquerque: What a ride you gave all of us in 2012/2013. This win was a well-deserved way to cap of an incredible season.

Romeoville: congrats go cards!!!!!

Holly rome georgia: grew up across river from louisville. went to game last night and cheered outside dome...didn't have ticket. sooo proud to be a CARDINAL fan forever. you are all a class act!

Atlanta: So proud of you guys, you are very much deserving.

Foley Family (Louisville): Congratulations to Coach Pitino and the team! What an amazing season, you all desire it. Get well soon, Kevin. Can't wait for next season.

Louisville: Sooooo proud of all of you! This team exemplifies what college basketball should be all about. Congratulations! GO CARDS! L1C4


John Hofmann Doylestown PA: What a ride, you guys are the Best!!

Ed Bibb: Great job team!!! You guys couldn't have represented Louisville any better!! L1C4

Deborah from Louisville(Atlanta): Go CARDS...We are so proud of you! Atlanta didn't know how GREAT you they do and so does the WORLD! What a Band of Brothers! CONGRATS!!

Derek - Boston: Thank you for winning with character. You are men of distinction!

big o letcher co. ky: great job guys. this makes living in the heart of the uk fanbase wonderful. very proud to be a card fan and even prouder of all of you guys!!NAIONAL CHAMPS!!!

Debbie- Cave City, Ky: Congratulations Coach Pitino and guys, such a great season, such a great run in the Big East tourney and the NCAA Tourney ! I am a die hard Cards fan and am always pulling for you all, and always showing my Cardinal Pride !! Good Luck to you guys that are leaving and pursuing your dreams and purpose in life, for those of you staying, see you next year in the Final Four !! Go Cards !!!!

Adam (Cincinnati): What a fantastic ride! LOVE this team & their tenacity! GO CARDS!!

Laura Stengel , Louisville: Just want to say this has been an awesome year for Louisville and it has been a pleasure to watch the team along the way. Love being on the side lines cheering on a great group of guys. Go Cards...

Rose - Louisville: Congrats Cardinals on winning our third national championship! Go Cards! L1C4

Tim (Louisville Class of BA '92 & M'96): L1C4--Love the never give up attitude...outstanding young men!!!

Katrina (Detroit): Screaming "Louisville" you guys were outstanding. Enjoyed every moment.Wish I were home to celebrate with you. GOD BLESS each of you.

Karen (Louisville): Awesome game and season. So proud to be a CARDINAL!!!

Victor (Tucson, AZ): Congratulations Cards! You made everyone proud. You overcame a lot of obstacles yet dug down and found the determination to gut it out.

Sam (Atlanta, GA): So happy to have seen the CARDS win their 3rd National Championship in person! You all deserved it, Go CARDS!!

Sam (Atlanta, GA): So happy to have seen the CARDS win their 3rd National Championship in person! You all deserved it, Go CARDS!!

Grace B (hoops): awesome job1!!!! Lets go get them next year aswell!!!

Amanda McCane: So proud to be a Cardinal fan! Thanks for bringing the trophy home to Louisville! #1 GO CARDS!!!

james (columbus ne): we are u of l. go cards

Sonia (NY): Yay for Louisville!!!

Sonia (New York): Yes!!! Congratulations!!!

Paducah: To the team who played with so much heart that even UK fans couldn't help but love you! Thank you!!! Russ Smith, stay!!!

Josh (Louisville): I'm a rabid, lifelong member of Card Nation who cannot even recall our last championship game (I was too young). But like all of our fans, I'v e never lost hope, as the years and then decades rolled by, that we would be back at the top of the college basketball world. We've had great players and great chances, and we've had a lot of hopes dashed. I can't think of a Cardinal team (or other team) that deserves it more than this one. Way to put us back on top, guys - you deserve, the city deserves, and Card Nation certainly deserves it...I can't wait to wear my championship gear proudly!

Dwayne (Island Ky): Great season and great follow up from last season Best of luck next year

James (Bardstown): I'm so proud of you guys!!! Thanks for an amazing season!!! I'm only 18 but I never thought I would witness a national title. I'm so proud of you guys and so proud to be a cards fan. Thanks for everything!

santa monica: it's all about team are the best!

David (Leeds, England): Congratulations on a magnificent achievement - from Leeds, your sister city in England (I won't mention UK !). Go Cards !!

Darren Dodson: You guys are truly an amazing team. Such good chemistry and poise. Congrats to each and every one of you and your top knotch coach !!!

Maddie B (Jacksonville, FL): Congrats Cards! You guys did AHHMAZING During that final play and throughout the season. Lousiville is definately my number one. By the way, all of you are very attractive...Anyways KEEP UP THE HARD WORK BOYS!

Long Beach, Ca.: Congratulations CARDS from a diehard fan in Long Beach, Ca. Do it again next year. Happy to see Denny Crum is still, and always will be, a Louisville Cardinal.

Joe Bump (Burke, Virginia): Congratulations Cards! Thanks for the truly awesome memories this season. I remember the 1980 and 1986 Championship teams and they were incredibly talented with Darrell Griffith and Pervis Ellison leading the way. However, this 2013 Championship team gave me goosebumps. The last 16 games were a total team effort in which each player consistently demonstrated outstanding conditioning, a unique cohesiveness, an 'I got your back' attitude and tremendous heart. Kudos to the players, Coach Pitino, the assistant coaches, the trainers and everyone in the program. I'm proud to be a Louisville Cardinal!

bonita springs,fla. Roy Caple,sr.: Really proud of this team. shows what team effort does.the ladies tonite.

Mary (Louisville): You guys what showed what true heart is and pulled off a killer win. Congratulations to the whole team! L1C4

Chicago: Congratulations Louisville Cardinals on an outstanding season. Your dedication, commitment and overall sportsmanship is very impressive. You Championship game against Michigan will go down in history as one of the best NCAA championship games! GO CARDS!!!

Jarrod Haskins: My girlfriend & I didn't miss a single home game this year or last in the student section. It was awesome watching you all grow as a team. Coach P really has matured you all. You all are a team that will NEVER be forgotten. Glad to see a championship in my life time that I can relate to. You all would have LOVED campus that night. Thanks for the great memories. Go Cards!

David Hayden: Thanks for a great run and great year this year.Great games last nite?I'am proud to be a Cards fan. Thanks Peyton Siva, Russ Smith, Luke Hancock, Coach Pitino

Hamilton Neill Hickory, NC: Thank You Louisville ! You Did it you are a very special team with very special players like siva, russdicuolus, my man behanan ,gorgui, blackshear,hancock, henderson, thank you best wishes, Hamilton Neill

Chicago: What an incredible ride it has been. I couldn't be happier to be a Cards fan. One of the best teams I have ever seen.

Jay/ Syracuse NY: Phenomenal year/ phenomenal team/ phenomenal coach........U of L National Champions......congratulations

Ruth Louisville: I thought we would never see another team with more heart than the 2005 team. I was wrong!! So proud of our Champs! Siva you will always be a son of Louisville! Congrats to the team!! We Love You!!! You made us proud!!!!

Michael - Tampa Florida: Not a team but brothers! Love these Cards!!!!

Paula: What a year, thank you for the wonderful lifetime memories and bringing home the "Gold" so to speak. You guys are the BEST in the world. Go Cards!!

Becky (Louisville): You are one of the best teams I've had the pleasure of watching!! You know the true meaning of "team". You have shown toughness, heart and class. From how players were happy the starters would be when their teammates were able to go in and shine even if they were on the bench, to how much they loved Kevin Ware and were not afraid to let the world see their pain to how they all showed love for their families and Coach P. This was a TRUE team of college athletes!!

Cardflyhigh: You guys have no idea how much you've influenced the people currently living in and from Louisville. Thanks so much for fighting for our great city! Congratulations!!

Dave CANADA: Clearly the best team in America!! Great job Cards!!

Gerald Young, Louisville: My birthday was 04/08 - best birthday present I have ever had-congrats & thanks guys and I am so very proud of you both on and off the court-L1C4!!!!!

Donnita Rogers -Ruston, LA: Congratulations Cardinals! That was one of the best championship games ever!

Louisville💗: I'm a big fan!! I'm a 11 year old girl and I just wanted to say thank u!!! I have a uofl purse just from u guys! Thank u lord!

Dave CANADA: Clearly the best team in America!! Great job Cards!!

Courtney (Pikeville, KY): You guys defined what it is to be a team. Someone always stepped up. You put the team before yourself and worked hard- that's what wins championships. Also, big congratulations to Coach Pitino for being the first coach to ever win the NCAA Tournament at two schools!

Courtney (Pikeville, KY): Congratulations, boys! I knew you guys had it in you! It's been a good season, and you are- by far- my favorite Louisville team ever. I'm so proud of you guys! You really are such great people and amazing players!

Chris Ballard, THE VILLE: This was truly a team effort. I appreciate these players for their unselfishness and dedication to each other and the sport. Each player, manager, trainer, and all of the coaches earned this one the right way. Thank you and may each one of you have a blessed life.

Mike Louisville: Guy's thank you for a great year. It was awesome

Susan (Wilmington, DE): Congrat, Cards!! You guys show the true meaning of the word team. You have truly been an inspiration to the entire country. What a great year!

Shute Leota (Am. Samoa): best game ever! give props to Siva and the rest of the team! malo lava

Brennan Coulston (Louisville): GO CARDS!!! So happy to be a cards fan. Way to go guys. You all played with everything you had and you did wiw while keeping a cool head. Congrats to Coach P for having the best week ever! Want nothing more then to meet you all and say this face to face. Thank you!

Jeanine (Louisville): Congratulations CARDS!!!!!!!!! Noone deserved this more than you all. You all have made the city of Louisville very PROUD!!!! *L1C4*

Curtis in Ohio: Hey Guys,Congrats on a super Year,I knew you could do it and I cheered you on from start to finish all year.From your Biggest Fan in Southwest Ohio,CUT THE NETS! GO cards and go for the Back to Back next year.Cheers to Pitino for a Wonderful Season...

Chris Greenwell (Shepherdsville KY): Congrads Cards im a die hard cards fan and been waiting 27 years to see the ville back on top!

Brent Hottell (Brandenburg, KY): Congratulations guys! You have no idea the impact and inspiration that you guys have been to the city and me personally. My wife and I are huge fans. Unfortunately when she passed away in a car accident early this year it was extremely difficult and sometimes watching you play was the only thing that I could get excited about that would take my mind off of things. I would like to thank you for allowing myself and the rest of the Cardinal Faithful to share this incredible journey with you. You are an incredible group of young men and will always be remembered. Go Cards!!

Les: Way to go boys

Laura New Richmond, Ohio: I have had so much fun cheering you on these past two years with my family and my high school basketball team mates. Thank you for so many great memories and great examples of sportsmanship. You have made us all proud. Gooooo CARDS!

Maria Alba (Los Angeles): Congrats to the 2013 Champions!!!!! Representing the Card nation! thank you for always playing to the best of your abilities and I enjoyed watching you guys this year! looking forward to the next seasons, and we'll miss the players leaving this year! just remember we'll always be here to support you guys! Card nation stand up!!! so proud!

Chino: For Real BIG SCHIZELL!!! LOUISVILLE CARDS 2013 CHAMPIONS!!! Thanks for the incredible ride this year. WEST COAST!

Nick (Lebanon Junction, KY): Congratulations on the National Championship! I could not be more proud of all of you guys! No one deserved the championship more than you. Your toughness, drive, heart, and brotherhood is an inspiration to me and countless others around the world. I was so glad to be in Atlanta to see you guys cut down the nets and bring the trophy home! April 8, 2013 will always be one of the greatest days of my life, and I owe it all to you guys! I have never been more proud to be a Louisville Cardinal. Thank you for everything you have done for the school, the city, and your fans. GO CARDS!!!

Eric & Debbie Harris, Manitou, KY: Congratulations to the players, coaches, and staff! We are diehard UofL fans and have been since the 70's. The heart, unity, and love for each other is an inspiration to all fans. The 1980 team has always been our favorite, but I believe you all have taken the top spot away due to how you have conducted yourselves and the love you have shown for each other. Congratulations!

Sharita Louisville: I NEVER doubted coach Pitino! I always knew he could do it and it was worth the wait!! The players? Hands down the best group of guys a University/City could ask for!! I'm so proud of you all!!!

Gary Bulik (Holland, PA): Congrads for winning the national championship as you guys played with so much heart.

Jeremiah Bailey (Alumni 2010): Congrats guys I am so proud of you all. This means a lot to the city, your hard work and perseverance paid off. #L1C4!!!

Pam Martin Louisville, KY: Congratulations on a phenomenal season! Thanks for bringing me excitement, drama and joy and for making me feel like a kid again. Wishing all of you continued personal success throughout your lives.

CYNTHIANA,KY: wow, what an exciting year! congradulations and thanks for all your hard work. you are the best team ever!

Memphis: Way to go BIG RED, I've been a LOUISVILLE fan since 1986. I love LOUISVILLE basketball because they Always have great athletes, & a great Coach!

Pixy Jones (Louisville): Thank you for allowing my youngest son to have the best birthday ever! He is a freshman at U of L and on Monday he celebrated his 19th birthday at the game. He sat in seat 19, which was a good omen. To watch him achieve a dream was so surreal. Our oldest son is a sophomore at U of L, and our daughter graduated from UK but remained a U of L fan. We will bleed red forever! Kudos for a job well done!

Tim, Oak Hill,VA: Luke was my boy at GMU, happy to see him do so well @ Louisville

Mt. Sterling: Congratulations! I LOVE you guys! You were Great!! I'm so proud of you. I will miss you Siva. Good Luck in whatever you do. Russ keep shooting! Chane,you were Great! Kevin,get well. Luke, unbelievably Awesome. Vantrese, Tim,Gieng, Blackshear,All of you were wonderful as a Team. See you Cardinals in the Fall. Donna

Daniel Keeling ( Kansas City, MO): Congrats to Coach Pitino! You guys deserved it. I was inspired by Kevin's injury to root for the Cards, and I could not be happier for you guys. Hell of a game on Monday!

emeka [nigeria]: way to go guys

Trela Georgia: My hometown team did their thing, congrats. Always hold you down in ga

goshen: We love you guys! We were praying for you here. Congrats!

Ondraus Cissell: I will always be a Louisville Cardinal!!!! Born and raised in Louisville... 1963. A fan since 1973. A sudent from 1981-1987, and now I am now blessed to have seen two National Championships in person in 1986 with the U of L pep band and 2013 with a great friend and alum Mike Miller. Hey, Cardinal Fans lets not forget our Championship heritage from the 1948 NAIB team and the 1956 NIT team. I will always love Louisville and I will always love the University of Louisville Cardinals! Go CARDS and for those who remember ear x tacy... AXYERCAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Farris Louisville, KY: Im a louisville native i want to congradulate the team on winning the third National Championship, and a even bigger congradulations to Peyton Siva to stepping up ant getting a big 18pts, 6rebs, 5asts, and 4stls so thanks for stepping up.

Atlanta: Congrats on National Championship!!!!!

Brett-Westfield, Indiana: You guys never stopped believing in each other, overcame tons of adversity, never quit and always rose to the ocassion. So happy for the City of Louisville, UofL, fans everywhere. Louisville first-Cardinals forever-You made me proud to be a UoL alum, just a awesome and magical season!!!!

Columbia, MD: Love you U of L. Congratulations to all fans. I am a UK fan obviously because I graduated from there, I was also at U of L for a semester, Denny Crum & Eddie Sutton days (enough about my age). Always been an Rick Pitino fan even though he left us, but now a fan of Luke hancock and Peyton Siva, what hustle, and what a heart. Will continue to support you unless you are playing against my Cats!

Laurie G, Louisville,: I'm so proud of you guys! Awesome job, thank you for a wonderful, unforgettable season!

Laurie G, Louisville,: I'm so proud of you guys! Awesome job, thank you for a wonderful, unforgettable season!

Louisville: Man ol Man! What a heck of a season! I've waited my whole life for that CHAMPIONSHIP WIN:-) HELL YA! T H A N K S!!!! HELL OF A JOB

DH, Lexington KY: From the heart of Big Blue Nation, thanks for championship. This die hard Card Fan will proudly wear the Red & Black around town with a smile, thanks so much.

Jack Grossman (LOUISVILLE): Thank you for all of your amazing memories. You will always be my favorite team.

Fayetteville, AR: Great job to the entire team! So proud of my school! GO CARDS!!!

Melissa Nethery, Louisville, KY: I am so honored to be a Cardinal fan. You boys worked so hard and played your hearts out. Congratulations on bringing the National Championship home. It will be so sad to see Peyton Siva leave, along with the players who decide to enter the NBA draft. I wish all of you the very best in all you do. Looking forward to another great season with Luke Hancock as captain!!

MB Jax: Thanks! Been a long time. My son now knows what it feels like rooting for a Champion!!

Jeremy Woosley (Shepherdsville,Ky): Congrats Cards on your National Championship I'm so proud of you guys. Good Luck Siva, Smith and Gorgui on your future and get better Ware

Joy W. (Crittenden): Congrats to every one of you! You represented the University of Louisville very well and we couldn't be prouder!!! Go Cards!

Billy Worth (Louisville, KY): Born and raised in Louisville, KY I want to congradulate the 2013 Louisville Cardinals for winning the third National Championship! I have been waiting for what seems my whole life for this moment. I was only 8 in 1986. Living in such a biased city (UofL/UofK) it seems that UofL fans always get a hard way to go from the other side. I've been a proud fan all of my life and have never given up on the Cards... my dream has finally come true! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

vine grove ,ky: Way to go Cards !!!

Trevor Louisville: L1C4, GO CARDS, Chane Behanan was a absolutely BEAST, so was cool hand Luke in the title game. Love you cardinals. Hopefully we do the same next year. #KWare5

Everett Tallwhiteman (Colstrip, MT): Congratulations! I've been waiting 27 yrs for this. Please don't make me wait another it again next year!!

Andre Leath (Orange Park, Fl): I have been saying that Louisville will win this years Championship, since the beginning of the season.Congratulations to Coach Pitino, and The Team on a Great season!. Hard work pays off,you earned to cut the nets!

Carson (Lexington,KY): Im a Lexington guy but a Louisville DIE HARD FAN. Go Cards!!!!!! I ALSO GOT TO BRAG TO ALL MY FRIENDS :):):):

Scott Jaggers (Longmont, CO): (From a Louisville native)So proud of this team. You never showed any quit and always kept the goal on cutting down those nets and bringing one home for the city, the fans, and Kevin. Siva, way to give glory to one who makes all things possible! Go Cards!!!

T.A. Gipson (Louisville): I'm Louisville born and Cardinal raised. As a lifelong card fan, it's been a long 27 years coming. I'm so proud to call myself a fan and a graduate, you men played your heart out and represented your city well. When the final seconds ticked away on the clock, I cried, I was so proud that I could say MY CARDS BEAT THEM ALL. L1C4 all day, every day!

John Paul Rice (Los Angeles): My mother and I moved to Louisville in August of 1986 and I attended school with Darrell Griffith Jr. at Hawthorne Elementary and later met his father. I had no idea who he was except that he seemed important. At the same time, we had a neighbor move in across the street who treated me like a son. He sat me down one afternoon and we watched the 1986 NCAA Championship game then started taking me to cardinal basketball and football games. I fell in love with this team. I am so proud of Pitino, these young men and the city. I know how much they willed themselves to make this happen for Louisville, the school and each other. Tradition exists because of those who pave the way. Thank you for an awesome season and championship game.

Peggy Crockett- Washington, DC: I have been watching you for two years. I work at a consulting company and have a few here from Sengal- so they have been cheering for Gorgui. Attended the 1983 ACC Championship and Peyton & Russ have reminded me of Whittenberg & Lowe from that team- Had NO doubt you would win! Fantastic display of a real TEAM effort- Congratulations!

Louisville, KY: Thank you Cards for making this the best sports season of my life. I love the Cards and will cheer you guys on until the day I die. GO CARDS!!! L1C4!!!

Ted Independence, KY: 27 years was a long time to wait, but this team made it worth the wait! Congratulations to the team and coaches. L1C4.

Claire (Lexington): Thank you for the best season ever!I am even prouder wearing my red while living amongst the blue.

Jenny D (Louisville): Good things happen to good people and this UL team and coaching staff is loaded with GREAT people! Thanks for all your hard work to bring another trophy back to The 'Ville! #L1C4 GO CARDS!

Heather Johnston Frankfort KY: Congrats! It has been so much fun to watch this team this year. Luke Hancock you are awesome. We are so proud of the entire team. Thank you for the memory's it has been a fun ride. L1C4 - Card Nation the best team!!!

Roy Williams (Campbellsville, KY): Thank you Cards for a very exciting season. Thank you guys for your hard work & dedication to Cards Nation. Congrats to the entire team & staff. All you guys will go down in Cardinals lore & will stay in the minds of Cards fans forever! L1C4

Tony (Louisville): Congrats guys! Proudest I've ever been to be an Alumn and Cards fan. LLLUUUUUUUKKKKKEEEEE!!!!!

Jan McKinley: brothers with a common goal who love each other and elevated each other for a awesome championship season. Thanks guys!!!!!

Donna VA: Thank you all for the greatest season ever!!I know all the hard work,sacrifices,and difficult situations that you all have been through now seem worth it. Congratulations to you all. You are the best example of the meaning of the word TEAM. Thanks once again for the most exciting and special season for all the fans and Louisville.

John (Louisville): I have witnessed all 3 NC's and this was the best of all. I am soooo happy for this group of guys - they deserved it based on charater alone but they earned it through their grit and determination. Go CARDS!

J9: THANKS for taking all of us along with you on this FANTASTIC journey! Not only did we get to watch each of you grow in skills but also in HEART. And, LUKE, I want to personally apologize for not trusting in your skills at the beginning of the year. Boy did you prove me wrong! Way to go guys!

Karen, Louisville: Congrats!! Don't know when I've enjoyed watching basketball more!! Just goes to show you that when a team respects each other and pulls together - anything can come true!!

Stacey, Louisville, KY: You guys are the BEST!!!I could write a book on how much you all are loved in our household but I will just say thank you and congratulations on your national title. You wanted it more, you deserved it more and you wear it better than any other team! My husband and I are very proud of our alumni, and will always be your biggest fans!!! Thanks for a fantastic year! We have enjoyed watching each of you make names for yourselves and will be following those who go to the pros. Can't wait until next year and hope to see Kevin back on the court sooner than later. Until then, we love you guys!! GO CARDS! #L1C4

Debra Parsons Louisville: What a great season, it was a lot of fun, congratulations on the championship. GO CARDS!!!

jim in berea: just a handful of cards fans here but we are so grateful for the teams' closeness and accomplishments. Fellas, U DID IT!

Lisa Johnson (Henderson, Ky.): Congratulations CARDINALS on your NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! See you next year!

Joe Moran Glen Ridge: Congratulations Coach Pitino. I'm not really a Louisville fan, but I am a Minardi fan -- Billy was my roommate senior year at BC and I knew his dad from his rounds as a Guinness rep in NYC. Great guy, great family, and it is nice to see all of you celebrating! Regards.

Joseph Frech - Louisville: Thanks to everyone for your contribution to the success of the team. Best wishes to the guys who move forward to the NBA, you will always be remembered. See everybody else next year, and let's do it again..... :)

Trina (Knoxville, TN): Celebrating in Knoxville, TN. Great job CARDS! Love ya!

Steph Louisville, Ky: Congrats! Can we get one more year Russ & Gorgui???????

sheldon: You guys won it for #5 Kevin ware

John (Rabbit Hash): How refreshing to see a group that understands the meaning of TEAM, instead of a group of one and dones just trying to get to the next level.

Elaine B: Way to go all were winners in my book even before the Championship...

Sam Allen (Louisville, KY): Thank you so much for finally bringing home our third NCAA title. You are all so deserving. As true STUDENT-athletes you are an inspiration to us all of what the college game itself really should represent. Even if I weren't a Louisville Cardinal, I would've really been pulling hard for this team; you all have so much character and class. This really couldn't have happened to a better group of players. CONGRATULATIONS from a 2x alumnus! GO CARDS! L1C4!

Sam Alibrahim, (Washington, DC): Congratulations Cards, very proud of the great effort and the level of growth you showed. Best of luck next season, Card nation is behind you all the way. GO CARDS!

Louisville: Way to HUSTLouisvillE! Extremely Proud of the Men's Cardinal Team! Such zeal and character during the whole tournment. I enjoyed watching you'all play in ACTION! Congrats Coach Pitino and your crew!

Maria (Pittsburgh): You guys are the best. As a longtime fan (30+) years who no longer lives in Louisville, I have cheered and cried with the Cards over the years. Thanks for bringing it home and being a truly "special" bunch of guys.

Alexandria, VA: To UL men's basketball team, you are the best. Wish I was still living in Louisville to cherish this time with this great team and city. Been a huge fan since days of Wes Unseld! A Card fan forever! So proud all of you chose the University of Louisville. Your fan base if amazing. Best wishes to all of you. Looking forward to another great year. GO CARDS!!!!

Kenny Blair Vine Grove, KY: Way to bring it home, To Louisville!

N (Louisville): GO CARDS! So happy this team got to take home the title, no one deserves it more than you guys.

Dredoh(Louisville): Nice win....go champs!!!!!celebration at the yum center great today...go cards L1C4...

Larry Gibson (UL 1980) Rochester, MN: What a ride!! Congratulations and thanks for a great season!! Reminds me of 1980! Best wishes to all of you and hope the good momentum keeps the Cards rolling on into the next season!!

hardinsburg: Great season I support all 3 our division 1 teams I'm glad its in ky again very fun to watch you guys

tom (nashville): You guys were such a joy to cheer for! LOVED watching the TEAM grow into a band of brothers over the last two years. THANK YOU so much for all your hard work and effort--an example to us all! Card fan for more than 30 years and you guys are my all-time favorite. Best of luck in all you do. God Bless.

hamilton(ohio): been a louisville cardinals fan 4 most of my life,sense my early teens,i'm 43 now,fan 4life,can,t wait 2 see u guys play again,great job national champs U of L !!!!!!!!!!!!!

JLS - Louisville: great run, and thank you for doing it with humility and class. It is about the name on the front, it always will be. As alumni, these types of accomplishments make us all extremely proud. Congrats and thanks for giving us a great season. It truly is wonderful to be a Louisville Cardinal.......not just a fan.

Smoke (White Plains, NY): A Cardinal fan ever since Scooter then Rodney(McCray)stepped on campus to represent the NY area. Congratulations and thanks for providing me with more bragging rights !!! Go Cards

Louisville, KY: So proud of our Louisville Cardinals! Congratulations 2013 National Champions!!! It feels so good being in this city! By the way...we have the best orthopedic/sports drs, ever! Thank you Ellis/Price for being there for Ware! Best dr for me...and him! Awesome job, Cards!!

Matthew (Morehead, KY): I have waited my entire 26 years of life for my beloved Louisville Cardinals to win a Championship. I have been a Louisville fan since the day I was born and I was so proud you guys bringing home a National Championship. I enjoyed watching all of you play. Thank you for a outstanding season!!!!

Matthew (Morehead, KY): I have waited my entire 26 years of life for my beloved Louisville Cardinals to win a Championship. I have been a Louisville fan since the day I was born and I was so proud you guys bringing home a National Championship. I enjoyed watching all of you play. Thank you for a outstanding season!!!!

Tom (Green Bay, WI): A week to reflect on the accomplishment by the team and coaches; SO PROUD OF EVERYONE'S ACHIEVEMENT.

Earnest (Norfolk, Va.): Gooooooo CARDS. I knew this day would come and I'm happy as heck. Congratulations Mens on your Championship and Ladys on getting to the Finals.

DeborahJP(Louisville): WOW>>> WHAT A GREAT YEAR! FABULOUS RUN! I have watched and love UofL Cards for 45 years (SINCE I was 10) I walked around outside my house during those moments we were behiond... I was actually praying, Lord let them play to the best of their abilities, keep all players save, and let Us (UofL) win, because I KNOW SIVA will Thank you when it's done! My heart was so Blssed when I watched Siva DO JUST THAT!!!! This is the greatest team we have ever had at UofL! (I loved them all in the past though)! What a way to do it!!!!

Patrice H. Macon GA: So proud of you all and your loving spirit. It has been truly wonderful to watch. You are a special group of young men who make me proud to say I am a U ofL alum.

Sandra K Watson (Madill, OK): It was a long 16 hour drive but well worth the trip. I could not be more proud of this team. It was a once in lifetime experience for us all. All you players did your part and it could not have been more interesting. I am also proud to be a Rick Pitino fan. What a game! Congratulations, now to purchase clothes from the University of Lousiville page proclaiming my support today & always!!! Forever a Cardinal fan.

Marion Michael, KODT, Bethelridge, KY: Man oh Man, what a battle of the faith to behold in you guys! My heart was with you the whole way, a mere cardbeat. Before you guys had even played the final four last year against Kentucky, it was revealed, then, that this year was yours, and the battle began then, to arrive where you guys stand, Victorious now, in this place, in the time, in this day. Keep humble and of humility before God's throne, for Man oh Man, He is so amazing that there are no words available to use describe His Grace. I have witnessed His Angels come and go from Heaven, and work in this Earth. God Bless you Brothers and Sisters!!! That's what is in the water in The Ville, The Faith of The Truth and The Truth of The Faith, that all should know it!

Ann- Lexington: So proud to be a member of the Card Nation


Kyrsten (Jennerstown): I am a huge basketball cardinals fan!! Get better soon, Kevin!! S'go cards! Great job winning the championship!!

Austin (Orlando, FL): Congratulations guys, you are not only National Champions but my favorite UofL team of all time! You truly embodied the team spirit. Lets do it again next year and win another National Title! Go Cards!

ninjamedic: Fo as long as i can remember my dad always spoke of watching the cards win the 86 championship....ive waiting my whole life to experience it and i couldnt be more proud of how you guys did it!!!! L1C4!!!

Bobby Mason(PKY): Have always been a CARDS fan since the Darryl Griffith years. Home boy Alvin Sims played with them. Was very hurt when Kevin went down. Have known him since AAU in GA. Coach Pitino is and has always been my favorite coach. He took very good and solid players that people slept on and made them into a championship team. Because he's legendary, he'll do it again. "Come back next year Russ and lead this team to another championship. The money will be waiting for you when you finish your college career."

Paige - Louisville: Thanks for an incredible and inspiring season!! & to Siva, thanks for the BEST four years. We will miss you next year. You've been the heart and soul of this team for four years. Not to mention, a positive role model for all to look up to. Your faith in God is inspiring!! I know God will lead you on an amazing journey throughout life!! To all the other guys, I can't wait to see you suited up next season!!

Neal (The Ville): You have done us all proud! L1C4 Baby!!

Charlotte, NC: What a year...I was there in Atlanta to witness the games with my son who currently attends UofL. Great job and we both have memories that will last a lifetime. Go Cards!

Chris Augur (Covington): Man Im a die hard Cards fan and always will be. but watching my team win the National title brought tears to my eyes. #GreatestExperienceOfMyLife #NationalChampions2013 #CardsNation

Troy Madison: You guys are a great example of a championship team!!! WAY TO GO CARDS!!!!

Louisville: Thanks for a great year, this is every Louisville Fan's dream come true. We will never forget this team.

Lexington, KY: Guys, I was a high school junior and not really paying attention to sports when UofL won in '86 and so barely remember it. I just wanted to thank you for giving me a memory I can hold on to the rest of my life and it means even more since I live in Lexington and it's not always easy being a Cardinal fan here. Congratulations and thanks again. #L1C4!

Susan (Lousiville): Congratulation! Thank you for a memorable year! UofL basketball teams have such spirit and team unity! Louisville First! So proud of you all!

The Ville: Tom Jurich for president !!!I have been a UofL fan all my life, and I've never been so proud to be a Cardinal fan.I cannot find the words to describe what Tom Jurich has done for the university and the city !!!

Drew Conn (Louisville): 27 years was worth the wait! Thank each and every one of you for putting on a show every night and giving us a reason to believe!!!! Enjoy this moment cause you deserve it!!!

Aquessa (Anderson, SC): Congratulations, so proud of you guys. You all came together as a team, and more importantly as brothers. Way to bring it hoe for Kevin! Love you guys

aron mills: great job... shut all the uk fans up at work.... lets do it again!.. dynasty in the making!

Sandy(Louisville): What an amazing display of faith,class, and character. The Cards are blessed indeed!

Clarksville, IN: Go Cards! What a great year! My family is just so excited to be a part of this championship! Thank you and let's win it again next year!

Jeff (Florence): You make me proud to be a Cardinal here in Wildcat country. GO CARDS!

Shepherdsville, KY: You GUYS never let us down!! My son and I are at EVERY home game. He is 6 years old and a DIE HARD RUSS SMITH FAN!! Everytime you fall down during a shot he runs to the TV until he makes sure "YOU" are OK!!! We love you GUYS!!! Thanks for making us PROUD to be a UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE FAN!!! WE love you GUYS!!! Much Love!!

ethan, louisville: ya gao cards kevin ware get better soon #L1C4

Louisville: I was born a CARD fan, Louisville basketball has been a huge part of my life, my mom and I have watched games together for 20 years,it means so much to us that you all got the recognition you deserved,awesome group of guys, love you all! Go CARDS NATIONAL CHAMPS 2013!

Jerry (Salem, OR): Been a fan of "The Ville" since the Doctors of Dunk (actually a lot of U of L fans out here). You did it with class guys,congratulations. And thanks Mr. Siva for going east to "Louavul" and not being a Husky!!

Vest, Kentucky: Congratulations! I am so so proud of you! Not only did you show the world what a great team you are, you showed what great guys you are! Lots of love and well wishes from your #1 fan! :) Go Cards!

Denise: Never been more proud to be a Cardinals fan! L1C4

San Diego: Congratulation to the home team! I am from Louisville and I have been waiting to celebrate another championship. I am another proud and excited alum

DBM - NASHVILLE: What a great season. Born & raised in Louisville, but graduated UK. Was screaming for you guys all season. Cards are a true team, it took everyone on the team. One of the best games ever!!! Just floating around since Monday night. Be proud of one another and ROLL CARDS ROLL.

S. Allen Louisville: I waited 27 years for that Championship win! Thank you so much! You guys have HEART!!!

Raymond Hunt (Camp Lejeune, NC): Congratulations on a well-deserved and earned championship! You guys personafied the term TEAM and I cannot be prouder as a life-long fan. As a 20 year Marine, I always walk around with my Cardinals gear on representing and was honored to be at the Final Four and Championship games. By far, my favorite team ever and not just because of the championship, but the way you all conducting yourselves and represented the University and city. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the tremendous memories.

Roger Belter (Paducah, KY): How do ya CUT THE NET? UofL style!!! Been a CARDS fan since 1958. Pitino's formula: PRESSURE DEFENSE, ALL-AROUND SHOTS from STARTERS and BENCH, and HEART. SWOOOSSSHHH. Blow the horn: 2013 NCAA CHAMPS. 2 FINGERS AND A THUMB UP!!! The DVD will be priceless.

Virginia Logsdon (Louisville): You guys are the best! I am so proud of you and what you've done. You truly are a family and you will live on in the hearts of Cardinal fans forever! Thank you for a fantastic year - looking forward to the next! Best of luck to the guys moving on - wish you all the best in your future.

Beau Zack fan - Loisville: 2013 now chiseled in the Louiville basketball archives! The best year in Cardinal sports yet! C-A-R-D-S! CARDS!

Walton Ky: Congratulations on a great season and winning the Final Four Championship. You guys were unbelievable this year. Thanks Coach Pitino four bringing a great bunch of guys together to win it all you are the best coach in college basketball.

william...da ville: been a fan since before the 80 champs and i told everyone since the beginning of this season,that this was the most complete ever,CONGRATS CARDS!!!! ps. don't leave russ,need you at point to deal with ky's new class

Sharon & Charlie (Hawesville, Ky.): Put your L's up and celebrate, you deserve it. Props to Siva for givin' God the glory. Let's repeat in 2014.

tuscaloosa, alabama: hey from roll tide country... congratulations.... GO CARDS!

Eric (San Antonio, TX): Thank You Cards for bringing another title to Louisville. Each one of you will be treasured forever as Cardinal Champions.. The Siva lob and Montrezl dunk was awesome !!! I jumped up out of my chair as Montrezl skied for the lob and slammed it home.. Way to go LUKE !!!

David - San Francisco: Well done. Flew in from Cali - wouldn't have missed this. Go Cards - y'all will always be remembered and loved.

Vine Grove, KY: Congratulations to Our UofL Cardinals a true team. Thank You for a wonderful season of basketball and NCAA Championship. Cannot wait till next yr. L1C4!!

Lynn (Raleigh, NC): Congratulations on the great season and National Championship! BTW, thank you for beating Duke in the process as I am tired of listening to those guys crowing.

Chris V (Cincinnati): I've loved watching you guys, from being in the stands at Atlantis to Atlanta (the crazy hair guy screaming 'Guard the line with your life!' Montrezl thought I was crazy). You guys are a true team, a band of brothers, and we will remember you forever. For those heading on, good luck and much love. For those coming back, let's have some more fun next year!

Mary Jane - Louisville, KY: CONGRATULATIONS CARDS!!! You did it with class. I'm so proud to be a CARD fan!

James - Va (formerly Louisville): Guttiest performance I can remember - Pitino is correct about the toughness this season by the whole team. The bench was key.

Shannon Woodrick Bardstown KY: I am so proud of what you all have accomplished this year. A win is phenomenal but the teamwork you showed was exceptional. The resilience of you guys is awesome.. 'never give up'.. Great job guys. Looking forward to another great year next year for the returning class. Siva, good luck with your future endeavors. Or.. You could stay another year and do grad school! Congrats guys!

Klare - London; UK: CONGRATS guys well played and well deserved. looking froward to next season and more wins to come no doubt. what a great season though, highs & heartbreaking lows. edge of seat stuff and been following it all here in the UK...... Go Cards, you did us proud.

Bob Wilbert: I was Cardinal born and Cardinal bred and when I die, I'll be Cardinal dead! GO CARDS!!

Jessi, Otisco, IN: GO CARDS!!!! Thanks for the memories Peyton!!! So glad we got to see you crowned a champion!! Looking forward to future runs, I will be there cheering my CARDS ON!!!

Belinda Meads- Charlotte, NC: I am so proud of the Louisville Cardinals. I am a diehard Cardinal fan and a former student.Congratulations and I can't wait for next years season!!!! I'm already having withdrawals from not seeing the Cardinals play. I will also miss Gorgi and Peyton and wish Ware a speedy recovery.

Christi Ulmer (Durham, NC): Thanks SO much for a great year of basketball - both the Men and the Women. I was a senior the last time we won it all, and you guys brought back all the fun of a National Championship for me. There's a small contingent of UL fans here, and Durham witnessed our FANaticism on Monday night!! Props to the CARDS.

Floyds Knobs, IN: Thanks for all of your heard work and dedication. It is very much appreciated and admired. You guys will be heroes in this area for the rest of your lives. No matter where this world takes you, you'll always have a home in 'The Ville'. Congrats, Champs!

Tiusville, Fl.: Congrats Cards on an awesome season, 2nd str8 Big East champs, Final Four appearances and winning the National Championship!! And Coach P, Big ups for your whole career, knew when you was hired at UofL, good times were on the way. Hall of Famer!!Congrats.. you deserve it!! You guys has shown what college basketball should be all about, the college experience.. staying and playing for your city, fans, University long enough to become truly part of "Da Ville", not a flash in the pan so to speak.( like the university of one and done down the road) Was so much fun to watch each of you grow and get better every year and make it to this point. As a native Louivillian, i very proud of you and trust me... I'll down her reping Da Ville, all day!!

Jo (Sacramento, CA): Congratulations to Coach Pitino and to the best Cardinal team ever! You had the courage to persevere through adversity and stick together like a true band of brothers. This team had more heart than any team I've watched in 45 years as a basketball fan! GO CARDS!!

Kevin (Chicago): Wow!!! It was truly an amazing season! To see the team win the national championship was such a dream come true. Coack Pitino is the ultimate basketball coach especially after keeping the guys focused after Kevin's injury. Oh...KWARE thanks for inspiring the nation by showing strength & love...amazing! Kevin T. Wayne's dad

Todd New Jersey: I'm your biggest fan in NJ ....Go Cards. Thank you.

Pitino Discipline: Congrats!!! Let's do it again next year!

Karen N. (Louisville): So happy to have been there to cheer the CARDS to victory! A dream come true! Congrats to each and every one of you. I can take this off my bucket list, but if you want to win again next year that would be fine with me!!! L1C4
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